Albert Einstein College of Medicine (The Bronx)

Type Emergency Room (ER)
City The Bronx NY
State New York
Address 1825 Eastchester Rd
Phone number +1 718-904-2000
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Where is the Albert Einstein College of Medicine – Emergency Room?

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Albert Einstein College of Medicine Reviews

Before you go to Albert Einstein College of Medicine, you may want to know what the people who have already gone to this The Bronx emergency room think.

Mildred Kuilan I have been waiting in this emergency room with my mother since Wednesday at 5pm. In an hour it’s going to be Friday. They keep saying they are waiting for a bed. I would think twice before ever coming back here. I mean the doctors are knowledgeable but be prepared to wait forever if you get admitted. Under staffed!!!!Joe Calandriello Aside from a lifetime of this place being horrible, tonight my mother who was 6 days removed from heart surgery came I an ambulance because she was having chest pain. They did an EKG and took her blood pressure upon arrival, after that she was ignored for 4 hours. The place was disgusting, people packed in like sardines and everyone being ignored. We literally walked out having never seen a doctor, no one even stopped us, technically the hospital is still responsible for her because no one ever signed her out. Do yourself a favor and drive 30 Moms north into Westchester to a better hospital, this place is a JOKEZera Mustafa Brought in auntie with a stroke @2:00am Sunday which is Monday it’s now 2:47am Tuesday it’s been hours I asked for her vitals to be checked and no one has come it has been over 3 hours and this is a patient with a stroke and after all tests done still no results or anyone to come and check on her. This used to be one of the great the best hospital when it was just Albert Einstein now doesn’t even deserve one star this includes myself experience here.Nyssa Jay Been here for 2 days. Going on 3. Yes in the emergency room. The nurses don’t assess you at all. They pretty much ignore everyone. They leave the blood they draw with the patient. Someone comes around to pick it up. I had my blood for 45 minutes. I shook it so it didn’t clot. Another lady had hers for 4 hours. Pain management is an afterthought. It was until I threaten to file a formal complaint that I got a little piece of Tylenol. It’s like they don’t have supervision at all. Never met a group of ppl who care LESS than these ppl. Don’t comeHayley N. Clarke I wish I could give this ER 0 stars! They are TERRIBLE! I’ve been sitting here for 3hrs. Not one doctor has come to check-in on me. The ER barely has any seats. They just point you in a direction to the waiting room instead of actually placing you at a seat. No one pays you any kind. I came bc my chest was hurting me, no one, not a nurse, Lpn, pa, or doctor has checked in! It’s disgusting! Place looks like a room in a closet!Ericka Astudillo⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI came here on Thanksgiving day and I’m so blessed to have gotten such amazing service that day. I brought in my 5month old to the emergency room because he had a 103 degree fever. I told the front desk person and They immediately checked him in and sent us to the nurse to check his vitals. When the nurse checked his temperature, it said 105, and again they immediately took us in and placed us in a nice clean room where doctors and another nurse immediately came in asking how long ago did it start, have we given him any medicine, etc. Then the doctor swabbed his nose to test his mucus, while a nurse tried to get his temperature down with cold compresses. Afterwards they checked his ears for ear infection. Everyone was very nice, attentive, and helpful. After about 20 they confirmed it’s the flu, they gave him Tylenol, and then 2 hours later gave him prescription tamiflu which immediately helped. His temp went down to 101 before they discharged us. They instructed us to alternate between Motrin and Tylenol every 3 hours starting 4 hours after they gave him the tamiflu. They also instructed us that tamiflu must be given every 12 hours, and immediately sent the prescription to our pharmacist. They also told us what to look out for in case we need to bring him back. However this hospital doesn’t have emergency pediatrics, so they gave us directions to the closest one. I had such a great experience. It saddens me to see all the negative reviews. My son has since been really well. Didn’t need to take him back to the hospital after this visit and his fever didn’t come back. I wish I could remember the doctors and nurses names, they were all very kind and helpful while I was a crying worried mess as this is my first child. I will definitely recommend this emergency room to others.Victor Torres Terrible experience at this hospital, I won’t want to bring a pet here if they treated animals. It is in need of major reforms. I was told I had to wait on another floor due to hippa law I’m the labor and delivery department. I am trained annually in regards to HIPPA law, and there are major breaches in the Labor and delivery department. From individuals names being spread across from room to room by staff to paper work being left on desk tops of individuals names. Both parents aren’t treated equally, and staff members are in need of a major annually customer service training. The day time staff are very humble and sweet, & the over night staff are very rude and disrespectful. As I have children I’m different hospitals such as Saint Luke’s & Roosevelt hospital. There customer service is amazing the father and mother is treated equally. As per HIPPA the mother is asked if dad could be part of the comverstation at other hospitals, so that both parties could be put on the same page. Albert Einstein Hospital is is need of major reforms. I will forward this to the Bronx presidents office, the districts Councilman , and the Mayors office where the CEO sits in the Mayors panel for NYC.Pablo Maldonado⭐️⭐️⭐️So Overcrowded!!! Doctors & staff a Nice and try to accommodate you but….Jenfrey Santana The worst place ever, i took my wife to the ER because she has a headache and streptroat and they let her sitting there like for 5 hours without check in her, just one of the nurse came and asked her from 1 to 10 how much pain you feel “ my wife said 10” and then after 2 more hours of waiting nobody shows up, we just left the ER to the closes hospital in that area.Tiara Nicole Young⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI went in for bladder & kidney pain. Within 18mins my information was taken. About 10mins later I was registered. All in all I was in and out of the ER in an hour and 40mins. Doctor Sowdhamani Bellapu was amazing knew what it was and I received my medications.Ermes Bertuzzi⭐️⭐️I’ve been here for 12 hours with my dad and still waiting for results of cat scan. The staff is less then stellar…the nurse who introduced herself to us 12hrs ago has gone missing.. I use to live in this neighborhood when this was a good hospital. This hospital is subpar in every aspect. I’m truly sorry I ever came here.James Reece i was just at the hospital yesterday 9/30/19 at 9am for heart attack and i couldn’t walk or breathe so security told me he couldn’t let me in to see the Dr. because i have the car parked in a space in the emergency that is so sad so i drove myself all the way to manhattan hospital and now i’m getting the best of care and live to see another day and they took care of my car with no expense. they could look on the cameras and see security telling me couldn’t let me in you have to move the car and i couldn’t walk or talk 9/30/19 at 9am thank god for manhattan best hospital in the world.Wilda Jiminian Very bad service more than 12 hours in this emergency room The nurses and Doctors get pay just to walk aroud, instead of taking care of the patients. Wasting time in nothing! This is a 0 ratingrosmeri cepeda This is a terrible hospital, some nurses and doctors are very irresponsible and talk like animals to patients and the families too, this was my worst experience in a hospital, you try to ask something and they don’t let you talk, and you try asking again and they talk with attitude.Crystal OBlines They take for ever to respond to a patients needs..They to busy talking what are they are going to do on the off…while a patients in pain….I am disgusted with this hostipal…How they treat people.bey vega I really do not want to give any stars. My experience with the hospital staff was amazing, very expected. On the other hand; security, security security. My wife was pregnant and because of the measles, I was not able to go up because of policy states only one visitor for patients. So I allowed my mother in law to take lead. While I was waiting, a pregnant women and 2 men went upstairs(they was together)and not one security stop one of them from going up. When the head doctor found out I was downstairs he summons for me to go up. Security stops me told me I couldn’t go up. So I mention to them about the 2 males that went up with the pregnant female. One of the male security said because he knows them it was ok and once I quoted the policy he stood shut. The other security employees send him upstairs, so he could mind his business because they knew he was wrong for saying that. The older Hispanic security try to say that the doctor didn’t approve but I was on FaceTime when the doctor told me to go up I try to explain but of course the security guards were not trying to hear it. I feel like I was discriminated. I would love to hear from whom/ if there is someone in charge I will give the names of those security guards if I have to and would like this issue to be dealt with. I’ll be here for the next couple of days and would like not to be harassed or discriminated until my wife leaves the hospital. Also, have a video of the security guard saying he let them up because he knows them.jasmina danovic⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedWaiting in the emergency room for 6 hours for a CT scan, I can’t swallow water my throat is very swollen I was given an IV and pain killers and something for the swelling but it’s not working, the nurse and doc came to se me twice now I feel like I’m forgetting. I’m in a chair in a half room closed by curtains service has gone down hill this use to be a good hospital way back 10-15 years agoHedy Taranto I wouldn’t bring my worst enemy there. The ER was packed and the two people attending were less than helpful or courteous. We took her there in the first place because her doctors were affiliated, but believe you me that will be the last place I ever bring anyone. On top of that, they couldn’t wait to throw my sister out of the hospital. According to them, she wasn’t sick enough. Are you kidding me!!!! Go anywhere but Einstein.Artistic Touch If I could I would give this place negative stars, but this place does not even deserve that. I don’t understand why this place is called ED when it takes even longer than regular appointments and most of the times you are not even sick when you have appointments. I have to take a moment to laugh at this irony. ED should mean fast treatment, it should not take the life out of the patients. It’s not just this place every ED in New York that I have been to so far is like that, where “please wait a few minutes” means “more than few hours.” Everytime I go to the ED with a sick family member to help them I feel so exhausted afterwards, so imagine how the sick patient must feel. Even if there are only few patients, if you come here in the morning you can say with 200% confidence that when you walk out the door you will not meet the sun until the next day. So why does it take so long, when there are only few patients? I see the staffs chatting, lauging, taking their slow time. Yes, I understand that it’s their job and they have to do this everyday, but when they decided to do this job they knew this. I blame the system, I mean it just does not make any sense. There are so many staffs, so the process should be pretty fast and smooth. This needs to change. The wait time needs to change along with whole lot of other things, like taking that noisy and annoying TV out of the waiting area. It only has one function and that is to annoy the people to death. All in all, very disappointing. One would expect a lot more from a hospital in the US “the country of Greatness!”DONATE SANTIAGO⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedTODAY AT THE 11 FLOOR WHERE MY MOM FROM 6AM IS WAITING FOR A ROOM 11 NORTH-CAME ACROSS NURSE NAME ALEX -HE HAS BEEN VERY HELPFULL TRANSLATING THE INFORMATION IN SPANISH TO US-GOOD ACCEST TO YOUR FACILITY-THANKS—TODAY THE 11 JULY GOING THANKS TO DANIEL ALSO–GOOD EMPLOYES AT 11 NORTH–GOING BACK TO PUERTO RICO ON THE 21 JULY HAPPY ABOUT THE SERVICE GIVEN THERE 11NORTH ✈Swift Community 5 beds in a cramped room. That’s if you’re lucky.chantal Rodriguez Worst hospital ever !! Doctors and nurses are rude they do not help at all and have faces that they dont like to be here. I should have just went to jacobi hospitalAriel Guzman My girlfriend had to wait over 6 hours just to receive a urine result. They do not change the bed sheets before letting you lay on them and you will see garbage of what they use on patients all over the place.Victoria Waring⭐️⭐️I was not given a room but placed in the hall by the nurses station. The nurses had problems doing an additional blood sugar on me even though they forgot to test me and my sugar went over 350. Not one person remembered my information. I was given a cot and no where to put my things. I asked for a glass of water and that was a problem. The nurse didn’t know I was a type one diabetic even though I came in saying I have the insulin pump. This was the worst experience and they will not let me know what is going on but spoke to my dad who is a physician and told him.Brianna Wong Even Though I believe this is already an issue in the every healthcare system, I believe this hospital does not think that testing people of color adequately is necessary. From 2018 to 2019 I have been to the ER of this hospital a total of 3 times. (mind you I’m in my early 20s) To eventually find out I had a issue that could of been detected a time before I went the last time. They practically gave me the same exact test and found something now but not before. Now I have to have a procedure .they did not want to pay close attention until I had to come with extreme waves of pain and the symptoms got worse. If you or your love one want to really find out about something important. I suggest do not come here. Do not be afraid of not having no insurance or good insurance. Do not think or believe that your life has no purpose. You are important you are from god do not let this world believe that your health is not important. People are dying from hospital and healthcare negligence. I won’t stand for that. God bless you all. LoveErwin Alemany How is this place still operating? The nurses are rude, the doctors seem to have absolutely no desire to help anyone. Food was withheld from my already-frail grandmother for a day in order to run tests. The next day we waited hours for the test only to be told that it wasn’t going to be performed – this information was provided only after we asked when to expect the test. Even after the test was cancelled, nobody thought to bring food. There has to have been lawsuits brought against this place for negligence. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are battling several right now.Gloria Marchesse Worst hospital ever! Don’t bring your elderly here or any loved one for that matter. They are secretly a butcher shop! My grandmother was in the ER for over 24 hours. One of the nurses there was extremely rude. He came over to us with 3 students and with the most rude and nasty attitude said to my grandma, “Get up, get up! Come on sit up”. An elderly who had no strength and difficulty breathing. So, I tell him “don’t you see that’s an elderly woman? Help her sit up, kindly” and the nurse says “No! she needs to sit up”. After he roughly sits her up, he begins to clean her arm to draw blood and looks at the students, smiles and says “You see? Thats how it’s done”. This is what the new “nurses” are learning. We then ask to speak to the supervisor and tell her what had happened. You know what she said? “I am very sorry, but please don’t tell anyone as this is a prestigious hospital”. I couldn’t believe my ears. She was worried about the hospitals reputation, but what about the life and the care of my grandmother and every other patient that has been treated by this awful staff? They don’t matter? But moving forward, they gave her medication without explaining to her proxy what was being administered. We witnessed as all the medication made her worse. They cut her open in the ER TWICE. They had a guessing game going on. So many procedures were done that her body could not tolerate, ultimately leading to her death. We are talking about an elderly here. Her PCP was very careful with any medication she prescribed my grandmother and avoided any types of invasive procedures because she knew that because of her age she wouldn’t be able to tolerate it. These people killed our loved one! You go in for help and instead you are treated like a lab rat.jean ragsdale⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedThanks to all the Doctors and nurses and staff . You have been doing your best to keep my dear sweet friend well, he is 94 and is in admission,still, but is being tend to very well, and people need to understand that this is a hospital not a hotel,when one is admitted, it is for one’s well being, thanks again for taking care of Devito,he is a gem.Out Spoken If you want to feel like trash…this is the place to go for medical care. If you are also looking for an opportunity for identity theft, HIPAA, does not exist here. I showed up dehydrated, vomiting and defacating and the attending physician, Christopher Walker, dismissed me based off my occupation. “oh you work with kids…you have a virus”. Mind you..i paid 500$ copayment to be seen at the ER and who knows how much more it cost to just to be seen in triage. All they did was draw blood and ran no other tests, because the omnipotent Dr. Walker concluded my symptoms were based on my occupation, as he merrily discussed his future plans for Happy Hour. Club Monte! For the win…Skylar Alex The lack of knowledge and disregard was very present from the moment I spoke to the first “Doctor” in the E.R, who kept trying to dismiss my claims of chest pain. He told me maybe if I just took a deep breath it will go away, and other gestures as if he wanted me to go home. When it was proven that it was something potentially serious another male doctor asked me if I wanted to take a blood thinner shot and go home From the E.R and come back tomorrow, why suggest that as a first option, when a potential pulmonary embolism isn’t something to take lightly, ofcourse I would want to stay overnight for monitoring if my CAT scan showed abnormalities. Fast forward to the next morning in the hospital a new “Nurse” comes over without reading my chart and kept asking me if I fell even when I said No the 1st time, Falling wouldn’t cause a nodule to suddenly appear on the right side of my lung. I had to keep explaining the same story and symptoms to atleast 9 different “doctors” and “Nurses”. They put an IV needle in my arm and never gave me any actual fluids through an IV bag, no monitoring vitals, no nothing. I could of died in my sleep and they would of never knew until 8:30am the 2nd day. I was starving, when I finally got some food it was chicken and I couldn’t eat it because I am a pescatarian, she gave me vegetable soup, half way through drinking it I found a quarter size piece of chicken in it. My overall experience wasn’t welcoming, I felt like they purposely kept me 3 days unnecessarily in a bed in the hallway, and 1 male nurse told me I signed a paper saying that I chose to stay in the hallway and that I didnt have priority to a room, when in the E.R they said there was no rooms available but soon as space opened up that they would put me in one. I waited 10 hours for a CT scan. There was numerous times a staff member said they would bring me something like pain meds, a breath monitor to help with my breathing, or just to get back to me, and they never came back. I felt like an invisible bum living in the hallway. On day 3 I asked if I could just go home, and just come in for more testing on an appointment (outpatient) basis, cause it honestly made no sense for me to stay any longer, each day I felt like I lost a bit of my dignity looking unkept with little privacy. staff and visitors just walking pass as I layed in the hallway, it was real hard to believe that there was no beds available when noone else had a bed in the hallway. I was wallowing in the same pain I came in with. It’s all about the insurance, and for these medical students to briefly go over my situation then move on to the next, like patients on a shelf. 1 nurse was totally clueless she kept missing things in my chart, she couldnt find my ekg and was unaware I even did one. Then I asked her about another test result and she said she didn’t know what I was talking bout and had to double look at my file again, where she seen the results. Like why send me for all these test just to not remember, incompetent isn’t even the word for some of the staff members here. It was also little things like not being offered a pillow, toothbrush n paste, I had to ask for these things, which I didn’t think I would have to ask for these necessities that every hospital should provide for overnight patients, its basic human rights, people come here feeling like sh*t, they shouldn’t have to walk/lay around smelling and looking like it. They started giving me blood thinner shots for a suspected condition, after that condition was ruled out they still tried to give me more shots, this place just makes no sense. I encountered about 1 caring nurse Ms Stewart, but most of the staff just seem cold and their sincerity seemed manufactured. Came in 3 days with severe pain that fluctuated between mild and really bad, and I will be discharged with the same pain. No way am I letting them do another procedure on me when they cant get their possible diagnosis straight. I was on the 9th fl, deep regrets.Jennifer Kitsonidis This hospital killed my mother – discharged her on a Saturday saying to follow up with her doctor on Monday. She didn’t have a chance to do that – she died on Sunday in her home. They should have discharged her on Monday. My 80 year old aunt went to the ER and was there for almost 48 hours before being transferred to a room. I have a feeling she will die because of the treatment at that hospital. Stay away!!!Bri K This is a terrible place to take a loved one. They are very lax and unorganized. One doctor will tell you one thing and another doctor says something different. The 9th floor especially 9 north is the WORST. Staff are LOUSY. If you ask for nurse mgr to call you she NEVER does; she serves no purpose. Also the social worker for that unit. She’ll call and speak with you and turn around and give contradicting. Statements. My mum developed a ulcer on this unit because the staff when I visit are just always standing around. Few times I visited my mum was sitting with food and no one feeding her. Terrible, terrible place. I wouldn’t recommend this hospital.Toni Ann Albanese The ER is a disgrace. They wouldn’t even come out to help with an elderly sick person because it was too cold out. They were actually fighting with us. We left and went to another hospital only to have to be transported back several days later because our primary doctor was affiliated with this hospital. The nurses, social worker and doctor were very rude, impatient and insensitive. DON’T go here. If I could give it zero stars, I would.STEPHANIE CASTILLO If you can go to another hospital… I would… im still cant believe that my 2 month old who had 101 fever & increase slightly when I got to hospital .. Waited for the doctor to give him tylenol and discharged. They didnt even check if the tylenol lowered it .. Would not return.Fancy Tansy⭐️⭐️This has to be one of the most unorganized emergency room I have ever visited. They have no idea where any patient is. They go from section to section calling names everytime. I sat with my urin for an hour had I not complained lord knows how much longer it would have been. This place is so dirty as well. I waited 3 hours for an ex ray of my spine because of back pains. I saw only one compationet person here so far. I would never come here again. I only gave two stars because the check in process was pretty fast other than that don’t expect to be seen as a patient only as a $ sign.CL NEWROCK Worst ER EVER! Nurse Gladys is excellent and Nurse Morgan is good as well as the covering physician’s assistant over 12/22/18 however the Rheumatologist, the only one on staff this weekend and also a caucasian female decided to yell my diagnosis out in the hallway while the nurse, yes, actual RN, that took over for Nurse Morgan was from HELL. Do not go to this ER. You will be ignored, missed treated and likely abused. I arrived at this ER at approximately 9:45 am, 12/22/2018 unable to breathe, in severe pain and with a chronic illness but only after my physician demanded and even though I lost 14 pounds in only 8 days, not once did this hospital offer me a single drop of food or water. As previously stated, Nurse Gladys, Nurse Morgan and the exemplary Charge Nurse, a beautiful Black woman, that I had the pleasure of interacting with were wonderful however that RN took over for Nurse Morgan on 12/23/18 LITERALLY left an I.V. in my arm without correcting it even AFTER I told her that there were air bubbles in it. When the I.V. began to cause serious pain I disconnected it and I complained to the nurse’s station about the situation. I was left there for an additional thirty minutes as all of the staff on duty continued to gossip, eat and get paid for doing absolutely nothing. After I went back to complain again, the inefficient and careless RN appeared and stated that the situation with the I.V. was my fault and she is going to be running back and forth to me every two minutes. That was the absolute last straw. She got a tongue lashing and rightfully so, as well as the lazy, big mouthed, nosey, bottled blonde who decided to put her two cents into everything although she didn’t have of a work ethic to do her job or assist any patients in addition to the weak and overly submissive gay Hispanic guy that was so overwhelmed with angst and disgust because I had the nerve to stand up for myself and my life. Without question or doubt, I demanded my discharged effective immediately. That hospital has a sprinkle of good doctor’s and nurses however 95% are horrific, nasty, individuals who don’t care about the patient at all. You could be dying and they would be nasty, ill mannered and disrespectful. Please take yourself or your family somewhere that cares.J R⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I’ve been going to this ER for the past 5 years, I like it. In flu season they wait is long like everywhere you go to be seen. People just aren’t patient. It takes time to get better from the flu. The staff is kind and Doctors are awesome. I went hungry one time cause I couldn’t eat it 2 days due to tight chest n breathing. After the doctor saw me, I was given medication, felt better to breath after 2 hours. Then I received a hot plate of food, and extra blanket. It all comes down to your character and patience. Most patients have horrible characters and no patience, sad this world.miosotis Peraltansmfn⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedIm not sure about the ER , however my review is based on the labor and delivery department. I gave birth dec.13th, i am very pleased with my stay at this hospital. They took very good care of me. Every staff that i came across was decent, acknowledgeable and friendly. I had a C-section and i cannot complain, they made sure they did everything possible in order for me not to get an infecation and go home when expected with no further complications. My room was clean, on point with any supplies that i needed and food was actually good lol. My baby and I were treated awesome. I do want to acknowledge the kindness and professionalism of 2 of my nurses. Iris Guzman, and unfortunately i cant remember the name of the other one. She is a tall , dark skin female with long curly hair, not sure if they were contacts with light eyes. They took very good care of me and made me feel that they cared. My babygirl and I want to say Thank you to everyone that helped us and specially those 2 nurses. Keep up the good job.Trac I the worst ER. How the city has not shut it down. I was seen there and incorrectly diagnosed. A NIGHTMARE. DO NOT GO. JACOBI would be better or a witch doctor in the back of a bodega.D MM HORRIBLE!!!!!!! The emergency room is a disaster. Specially on the waiting time. They have you here for hours and hours to come so then come check the vitals and tell you the same thing over and over. Next having to wait for an actual room is a decade. They tell you theres 24 hour waiting and the room is not even for sure. Came in at 8:00 pm and is almost 7:00 am the next day and im standing in the same place as I walked in. No hospital should make you wait so long to be actually treat it and change you into an actual room. If there was a choice for no star thats what I would’ve given them.Aimee Duprey This hospital is the worst well the ER . I registered around 11:30am it is currently 257am and no one has called me to see what zone are should go I hear everyone’s name except for mine. I may need to cut ties to Monti will update

FAQ: Frequent Questions

Here you can find information and answers to frequently asked questions about the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Emergency Room in The Bronx.

◼️ Open 24 hours this emergency room of The Bronx?

Yes, of course. The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is open 24 hours a day for any emergency.

◼️ Is it also open on Sundays and holidays?

Yes, of course. The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is open on holidays and also on Sundays.

◼️ What’s the address of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in The Bronx

The full address is 1825 Eastchester Rd, The Bronx, NY 10461, United States.

◼️ What’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine phone number?

The phone number of Albert Einstein College of Medicine is +1 718-904-2000. You can click here to call now from your phone.

◼️ What are the GPS coordinates to get there?

If you use a GPS coordinate system to get to the emergency room, you must enter the following; a latitude of 40.8486869 and a longitude of -73.8460728.

◼️ How much is it to go to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine?

The cost of visiting the emergency room of Albert Einstein College of Medicine may vary depending on the type of emergency you have and also the type of insurance you are with. Feel free to ask or call the center before you go.

◼️ How long should you wait in an emergency room?

The waiting time will always depend on the type of emergency at that very moment. You can contact the medical center before to ensure that you can be attended to as quickly as possible.

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