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Type Emergency Room (ER)
City Fort Wayne IN
State Indiana
Address 7950 W Jefferson Blvd
Phone number +1 260-435-7001
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Where is the Lutheran Hospital – Emergency Room?

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Lutheran Hospital Reviews

Before you go to Lutheran Hospital, you may want to know what the people who have already gone to this Fort Wayne emergency room think.

Brenda Buchmeier I’m writing this because of my experience with Lutheran when my 33 year old nonverbal, autistic son spent 6 days at Lutheran. I received an email from a Lutheran survey company and couldn’t do it because they had my son’s birthdate wrong. Shortly after my son was admitted, I asked a nurse if there was a milk substitute because he has milk allergy. I was told that there was a Kroger just down the road that I could go and get his milk. When I called down I found out they did have soy milk. I was also told that I could not get a food tray brought up for me. My son loves salad and twice his tray had salad dressing on it but no salad. One time his tray had a carton of regular milk instead of soy milk. PT showed up as we were getting ready to leave. Nurses walked him twice. He was a fall risk so I had to call anytime I needed to move him. I had to ask for towels, wash cloths, so I could shower. Had to ask for shower supplies for my son to shower. I only brought some for me. Since my son is nonverbal, fall risk, and has seizures, he could not be left alone. I survived on donuts, pop tarts, a salad and sandwich that I got at Walmart when my son came to watch his brother, a sandwich my husband brought and a meal a friend brought to me. Not a lot to eat for six days. I could not trust the nurses to watch him so I could eat. Most of the time I could find a nurse even though the station was right outside his door. He had a seizure when my husband was there one time I left and he called for a nurse and no one came. He told the nurse about the seizure when she came in for vitals. Nursing staff was cut during nights and weekends. Even though there was a sign on the wall that said to ask how to get health information online, no one knew how I could do that. Finally they directed me to admissions. After he got released, I still couldn’t get access because my email wasn’t in his account. I had to call the admissions and get it added. As we were waiting for release, I had to go ask nurse about his noon medication, it was 2p! Never again will he be admitted Lutheran !Cathy Hill⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This was my first time ever being admitted to Lutheran and I must say EVERYONE from house keeping, dietary, nurses assistance, nurses and doctor’s were great. I got excellent care the whole time I was there and although they might not be as fancy as Parkview they do out shine them when it comes to how they take care of there patients. I would like to let the whole team on the 4th floor know you guys are Awesome and I thank you so much.G Duane Brown⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedThe emergency room and weekend help…not that great. The doctors and nurses we had listened and put 2 and 2 together quickly. Our doctors were constantly checking with each other and on him. It seems like confusion at 1st but when I look back they were thoroughly checking every possibility. We had some frustration, but looking back they were on it and still listened to us babble without being arrogant. I give you 5 stars for the great doctors and nurses but maybe have a better or fully staffed weekend help. Thanks for taking care of my dad!Elizabeth Halsey⭐️⭐️⭐️My daughter is 2 months old, she was throwing up like crazy and got severely dehydrated. We had already went to parkview THREE times and they failed to care for my daughter. We went to Lutheran and now hear me out, we stood at the emergency room line for about 35 minutes because the lady at the desk was new and nobody was helping her she had no idea what to do. When we finally got up to our room the doctor came in and talked to us, all of the doctors were great! The nurses on the other hand VERY slow. We had two nurses who we LOVED but the rest were not in a hurry to do anything. 98% of the time you couldn’t even find a nurse it’s like they all left. Would push the call button to get a bottle or a new swaddle or because my daughters machine was going off and every time it took them like 15 minutes to even come to the room. HOWEVER the doctors and pediatric surgeon was great, they took charge and found out what was wrong with my daughter and performed pyloric stenosis surgery and she’s doing amazing. There is good and there is bad.Dirk Johnson I was extremely disappointed in Lutheran Hospital’s care and lack of professionalism. I had a relative admitted to Lutheran, and I did not appreciate the quality of care and lack of professionalism. For example, my relative would use the call button to receive help to use the restroom. My relative would be waiting on average of 20-25 minutes. My relative would be pressing the call button multiple upon multiple times, and still no answer. I took it upon myself to help my relative use the restroom after waiting 25 minutes to only to get scolded by the nursing staff for doing so (even though I have a 4 year degree in the medical field and am fully qualified to take a patient to the restroom). It was irritating to watch the nursing staff laughing and talking at their stations while there was work to be done. Also, I did not appreciate the ER doctor’s bedside manner. We had to wait about 23 hours to see an ER doctor. After I complained about how long we have waited, a doctor finally came and commented “I would have come sooner if I knew the family was present.” Seriously? I could tell the doctor had an attitude. He made sarcastic and patronizing remarks to us. He was not helpful in giving us direction on what to do. He would just say “Well I am just an ER doctor?” We will never go back to Lutheran after this experience. They have forgotten the basics of medical care. It is truly sad.Andrea Miller Never been to this place and dont live in the area but my doctor sent me here for an injection. I’ve already been waiting for over 3 hours and then get stuck in a back room when the nurse said she would go to pharmacy herself and get the medication well that was 45 minutes ago and still nothing. Had to take the day off work and loose out on 4 hours of pay just to waste my day here for no reason. Left and didnt even try anything done.Martin Sacks⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedEven though I am over 70 yrs old this was the first time I have been in an emergency room for myself. The staff was very helpful and got me in fast. the doctor on staff for the weekend who was a pulmonary doctor actually listened to my son’s opinion! My son’s life was saved by Lutheran when they removed a major brain tumor that had misdiagnosed for 12 yrs by others. He told the doctor that my horrible cough and general weakness was probably neurological in nature due to a swallow reflex issue and to CT or MRI my brain. The pulmonary doctor did so and returned in less than an hour to tell us that I had 2 brain tumors! no misdiagnosis here! We drove past two other hospitals to come here because of his past experience having exceptional care during multiple visits. The food is great and the staff listen to suggestions. All hospitals have staff overload and government beaurocracy issues and patients need to be patient and remember to post good reviews, everyone remembers to post a bad one!Melissa Cuellar When I first arrived at Lutheran my nurse was amazing. Helped me made me feel comfortable and was there within 5mins of needing her. I was in a great deal of pain at the time. The next shift came in every time I pressed my call button it would like 10-15mins. The read on I am writing this review is because when I needed my medication I pressed the call button no one came to my room first 45mins.Young Buck My insurance paid 85% of my bill. I filed for financial assistance for the rest, which they agreed to, then turned around and sued me for the rest of it. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this hospital.engle lease bad sat in er for 8 hours they did nothing but lie to me!Crystal Karn⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedExcellent care and expedient response rate while in the er.darin hubble Don’t go here go to Parkview Lutheran had it today and it seems to be over they have limited people on shift throughout the night and are unwilling to make their patient comfortable regardless of how easy it may be to do so they act like getting an order from the doctor is like getting a provision from GodJennifer Tilden They deserve no stars, but have to give them one to even leave a rating. What happened to this facility?! This use to be the best. My Dad just had the worse care EVER!! Goes in with pneumonia, finds out he has liver cancer, a spot on his kidney and blockage to his heart. After 12 days of pitiful care, he is home with hospice care coming in. As you can read he is a very ill man. Pressing the nurse button we always waited up to 25-30 minutes for anyone to come in. The meals, if they came, were pathetic and usually missing the one thing he would eat. If I was there I would call the kitchen because he was unable but it would take until the next meal to get them. And then the next tray would be missing something else. He would have told the nurse but if they don’t come in how can he tell them? The whole hospital in general sucks! And when we were to bring him home we had the discharge papers ready in the morning. We arrived at 3:15 and at 5:00 I had to harshly explain to the nurse that hospice was waiting for us to get there because we should have already been there. Ended up, I had to go get the wheelchair and take him out myself. This is very uncalled for!! I could go on and on…………..this is just a portion of the terrible things that happened in 12 days. I guess if the patient is on Medicare they keep them as long as they can but require no medical services in a hospital facility. Mind boggling, isn’t it?William RTP⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI work with alot of hospitals. The providers here seem to be the top 15%. They are pretty focused and patient, but they can’t be speedy when necessary. It must be a well managed hospital. I have had many positive interactions with their staff.Pamela Harrington⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedNever had to use the emergency room!!! I use the cancer center, chemo center and cafeteria!!! Plus Susan Berghoff is a great friend of mineJacqueline Conley Had surgery very disrespectful rude nurses while in recovery never again will I go to this hospital neither will any of my family members if I can help it …..kate coonan Terrible service. Terrible doctors. They just want your money and will fail to properly run your insurance cards or tell you your insurance is not contracted with them after services. General Surgen Mary Ann Mayo was probably the rudest doctor I’ve ever met. Snapped at me for putting the gown on incorrectly when her nurse & PA assistant told me to that way, I am still having issues now and give up on finding the cause after doctors treating me like I am a hypochondriac or something. Couldn’t have my blood drawn correctly on a Saturday because no one working knew how to do that specific test. Waited over two hours for an ultrasound (at least that tech was nice and apologetic for the delay). Received bills for testing without actually getting the call to let me know I had mono. Gave them sooo many chances to show me they can provide better care and they proved they do not care about their patients at all. Oh & to top off everything they refused to run my insurance even though I don’t have a closed network so now they are charging me over 2 grand for bad services. When I originally asked last year they would only say they weren’t contacted with my insurance which literally means nothing they just did biot submit the claims by mail like I asked.Alex Haire My son and I went here for when we had bronchitis and when I handed them my insurance card they ran it without telling my insurance wasn’t accepted till after I was charged. Now im paying $4000 in debt because they didn’t want to warn me. My own fault for not checking into that. This place is more about your money then they are about youMichael Watkins Not the same hospital I remember when I was a kid. Always have heard how bad Lutheran was and I could never understand it. However, my recent visits have shown me exactly what that means. Wait time was terrible, not at all related to their board posted on the roadways. CT scan cost me almost 50x less than bloodwork, urine sample, and 2 fluid bags. Health insurance and hospitals already make a doctors visit dreadful, and Lutheran doesn’t make it any better.Kimberly Denee⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedHaving lived in the area for nearly two decades, I understand the negative reviews for Lutheran. However, our family’s recent experiences have been a 180 degree turn from negative ones. Our grandbaby was turned away at another large area hospital told “nothing was wrong.” (She had pneumonia.) The second time, the same previously-mentioned hospital refused to run tests for lung issues, and she had RSV and bronchitis. She turned blue that night and was taken to Lutheran. They admitted her immediately. The pediatric staff was kind, attentive, and just generally amazing. An extended family member has had a great experience in another department as well. The hospital, yeah, is generally outdated. The cafeteria needs a little work, etc. But we received great care in December of 2018, and I’ll take that over a cutting-edge hospital that won’t listen to genuine concerns.DD FriscoTX⭐️⭐️It is unethical and maddening that Lutheran cannot provide aftercare to heart transplant patients. While they use the excuse that they haven’t been able to find the right doctor to run the program, the doctors affiliated with the program know it is because they are not paying a competitive wage and loading up the understaffed transplant team with too many cases which impacts patient care. They can expand their hospital, but cannot provide aftercare to these 200+ patients that have gone through hell to stay alive. This not only impacts patients, but their families. These patients now have to drive 2+ hours to Indianapolis for basic care. That’s a tough drive for someone with a transplant who has multiple other health issues like cancer, diabetes or any other plethora of issues. Shame on you Lutheran! Perhaps you should take Lutheran out of your name, because what you have done to these patients is NOT Christian! This is about money and greed!Risa Romes My daughter was sent there for severe stomach and back pain, by Redimed. The doctor seemed rude and not wanting to explain her condition throughly. They sent my daughter home even though she was still vomiting profusely and in severe pain. Only thing that helped was the IV for her dehydration. They said to come back if she’s not feeling better. The symptoms persisted the next day, but she refused to go back to Lutheran. She ended up going to Parkview North, and she was treated so much better there. I am very disappointed and disheartened by this Lutheran Hospital experience.Danielle Tubbs My family member was sent to this hospital after being hit buy a car. The pain medicine that they gave her made her hallucinate and she was not trusting of the nurses. After the medicine got out of her system there was one nurse in particular that was mean to her. Leaving her wet for hours. Being rough when needing to adjust her position. Very unprofessional, my family member was terrified that the nurse would have done much worse had we said something while she was there.Stan the Pizza Man My Grandmother went there after a back surgery. At 6:00 PM they change shifts the 3rd shift person shut off her compression cuffs on her feet and took away her pain management button and here oxygen after being out of surgery for 3 hours. They left the lights on and the door open till 3 AM. They brought in a menu for breakfast at 6 AM then they shut the doors and lights off and even if they did leave the lights on the put it across the room and mind you she can’t get up. No one checked on her all night against the doctors orders for blood clots. Surgery date was 12/11/18. She said “NEVER AGAIN.”Allana Coulter⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedThey helped admit a family member quickly when neededAshley Yvonne Here now with my sister. I usually recommend this hospital to family and friends. Have never seen a doctor treat a patient so ridiculously for being in pain. The room is disgustingly dirty. They have her in a chair and have already looked at and treated her mouth.. They have left her in a chair to sleep. They have not even offered her a blanket or anything to help her remain comfortable.katrina cooper⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️My family went through so much loosing my father. The doctors would barely talk to us. The nurses wouldn’t answer any of our questions. I couldn’t believe how we were getting treated. I encountered a security staff member at the msic booth who was extremely helpful. Not only did she make sure I spoke with the head nurse about my fathers care but she would always ask if we needed anything and just asked how we were feeling. Its just little things like that we appreciated. The nurses did get better about speaking with us regarding our father until he passed. Thank you nigeria for caring and nurses for caring for our fatherJoshua Straw Use to be the hospital if something happens to me I would want to go to. Went there today to see a family member and the elevators we’re discusting. The corners of the floors had debri build up and one elivator looked like it had dried up puke on the wall. Very discussed and deffinatly won’t have my family going there till they clean it up. Use to be a great place. Gone down hill.Joan Mercer The E.R.’s are short handed and are not able to take care of patients. You’re wasting your money!Bridgit Moore Staff is not friendly. Doctors are not professional and Hospital is dirty up in patient rooms. This hospital perform surgery on their patience without inform family knowing the patience under the influence of medication.Denzlo Hagerty They are more interested in your money rather than your health. They also charge much more for treatment than other hospitals in the area.Weston Awful ER, treated my Grandmother horrible. Pulled an IV from her arm and let it bleed, she was cold so they brought her a folded heated blanket and left it at the foot of her bed for my mother to take care of. They didn’t even bother offering her a wheelchair when she left, though she came in because of back pain. Lutheran Hospital is a disgrace to medical care.Amanda Mccullough⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I read quite a bit of reviews and had I of had a great experience all the way around I would’ve gave a 5. I had a lumbar spinal fusion on Wednesday March 13th and was discharged Friday the 15th without pain controlled. So I ended up being admitted on my son’s birthday on Sunday March 17th. Heartbreaking for sure. My 1st day right after surgery was horrible and I was told many times that they were understaffed repeatedly and I get it, but there’s no reason a person undergoing a major life changing back surgery should have to suffer or anyone for that matter. The next day I had a wonderful nurse named DEB that completely clicked with me and made my visit so much better. Just the compassion she showed was better than any medicine I could’ve ever got. Some people fail to realize compassion and alittle sympathy goes along way and makes a person that is going through what may seem the hardest thing they’ve ever been through can make a huge difference. So kudos to her. She was an angel in disguise for sure. My 2nd time of being admitted on Sunday was terrible… my nerves and emotions were all over the place because my son is my heart and missing his birthday was just heartbreaking. But after spending over 7 hours in the ER with very little done with me… they finally took me to a room where I had 2 younger nurses not sure of their names because they were not very nice. They didn’t take the time to understand my frustration or my pain level and it seemed like they may have just got out of nursing school and how they passed that I’m really unsure. But I was in my room with no IV fluids, nothing for pain, or anything for that matter from about 530pm until 10pm. Anyone that has had a spinal fusion should understand that my pain level was on 100. There was no scale of 1 to 10. And they were just showing that I was irritating them and I heard over and over that they were understaffed. Once again this is no excuse!!!! Noone should suffer. I’ve had my 4 boys at Lutheran and my youngest is 5 and I have zero complaints for any of those stays. Up until the week of March 13th through March 19th. On March 18th, I was so thankful that my nurse was changed in the morning to MANDY. I woke up still upset from the night before, but once I spoke with MANDY she was true sweetheart. She helped me so much and was honest with me. She really seemed to care. She made my stay a lot better or more comfortable. Later that evening during shift change honestly I’m not sure what my nurses name was because I saw her when she first got there and when she left, because her assistant HANNAH was a doll and really just took over for her because of the understaffing issue. But HANNAH was amazing in every way. She made me laugh, smile and feel at home. She’s a young girl, but has a very sweet heart and should be recognized. She is going to make a fabulous nurse! And last, but definitely not least DONALD, I did not catch his last name. He is in housekeeping I seen his hard work my first day of being my 2nd time of being admitted and I noticed he took pride.. I made sure to give a small thank you and he actually came on my very last day before being discharged. I know that he probably doesn’t get recognized as much and many patients probably dont take the time to just say thank you, but I made sure to tell him that he did a great job and I’m sorry if his hard work hasn’t been recognized frequently. We shared small talk and he is a very kind older man with a good heart. He took the time to listen to me while he was working and I learned alittle about him. He was very kind and He mentioned he’s been with Lutheran for about 8 years. So I just wanted to say thank you to him for being so kind and keeping my room clean during my 2 days of stay, as well as carrying on the small talk we shared. So huge thanks to DEB, MANDY, HANNAH and DONALD! YOU WERE GREAT AND HELPED MY BAD EXPERIENCES DISAPPEAR! 🙂 please recognize them!!!They sure deserve it! -Amanda McCulloughKenny Hereford Absolutely ridiculous……everyones rude…..ask u questions instead of proper diagnoses. Makes a statement and stares whating for u to say something. Over a poor hospital….i see them goin out of buisness very soon!!!!!Angela Tharp My mom got to the er this afternoon around 3:30, shes been sick since Thursday but put off going to the er. We finally talked her into going and they are going to keep her because the test they ran on her came back as something is possibly wrong with her kidneys. Well they have had her in the hallway in the er since taking her back, the Dr talked to her in the hallway and everything…well guess where my mom is still laying. In the hallway of the er. They claim they dont have any rooms open right now, but my sister is there with her and the er had cleared out enough that rooms were open and they could of put her in one of them. No, they leave her out in the hallway. I am totally disgusted right now with this hospital. They said her condition does not warrant a room right now, but it does require her to be admitted into the hospital. Please explain this to meJustin Eikenberry Horrible experience. Waited in ER for 6.5 hours with my father complaining of chest pain with 2 previous heart attacks. Finallly got a room and then they neglected him for hours again. Scheduled a heart catheter for the following morning at 10am. The time came and they said it might be 3pm. Then the time came and they said it would be 6pm. Considering calling an ambulance from another hospital to take us elsewhere. Ridiculous and incompetent.Cinder Linh I had a friend who was in a serious car accident. After a month of recovery she was experiencing serious pain in her left arm, couldn’t hardly move. Went to their ER, never once seen a doctor or nurse so we eventually left and she went to her regular doctor the following Monday. They had the audacity to bill her just short of a thousand dollars. For what, suffering tears in her left shoulder as it turned out that they never treated? Terrible service and would not recommend it for real care. Unsanitary as well.Ebony Acre⭐️⭐️Drive pass this location if needed to take children. Did nothing but observe my child and sent home.Ceirno De Bunsiac Lutheran Hospital is probably the worst experience that I’ve ever had with patient care and emergency medical care. My husband had to call an ambulance after his mother slipped and fell this week. She was in a lot of pain and couldn’t be moved so the EMS was called and she chose to loyally go to Lutheran. She was in the ambulance and off to the hospital by the time he had to leave for work around 1:30. They sent her for X-rays and said she’d broken her patella in half. Wrapped her up, and left her in the hallway hooked to IVs for pain meds etc. My husband recieved a call around 6:30 that the doctors had missed some internal bleeding at the knee; where her knee cap had fragmented; they were worried about blood clots, and she’d have to have emergency surgery in the morning. Her leg had swollen to 3 times it’s regular size. My husband took off of work early so he could go get the entire story from the doctors and find exactly what was going on. When he arrived after 7 o clock he went to the Orthopedic section of the hospital only to be told his mother wasn’t there. His mother was still sitting in the hallway of the ER hooked to her IVs after having been there for at least 6 hours. There were at least 5 empty rooms that he had walked past before he found her in the hallway. Only after my husband stated he was going to file a complaint did they move her into a room. They still not have followed up with him regarding his complaint. Two days after having her emergency surgery; where her knee cap was screwed back together, the doctors said she was fine to be sent home and could take care of herself and put weight on the leg. Despite her saying that she had no support bar in the bathroom or shower and would not have someone readily available to care for her the doctors said she would be fine. So here we are at my 65 yr old mother in laws; staying the night because she cannot get herself in or out of bed, take off her own socks, put on her shoes, sit on the toilet, or dress herself. My husband and I both have to work Monday. I am pregnant. She will be here by herself with no one to help her. Thanks Lutheran for finally getting her to promise a switch to Parkview.Dan Leonard Don’t go here my step son in auto accident had abrasions to arm had to tell them to cover wound no they did treat it just put gauze on it Then they were demanding his auto insurance info said it was required no it isn’t he had health insurance all they would done is over bill it those medical liability it is there to cover your med payments ie ambulances etc asking why no doctor has seen him oh they said he is busyNi Va Radiology put me through the ringer. Went in with intense rib pain and sent home and told X-ray was normal. Due to misdiagnosis I went through multiple more doctor visits and tests. Got a second opinion on X-ray finally and learned that my rib was indeed damaged.Yolanda Robinson I can’t belive what me and my family have been put thru in last 2 days since my loved one was admitted. This (use) to be considered the best hospital in Fort Wayne that I knew of. There’s a huge lack of communication between nurses for shift changes as far as information on their patients obviously. Patients are only checked on every two hours on the dept on the 5th floor, this ridiculous. My loved one has been found soaked in their own urine 3x’s by a family member and they had only been there 2 days. On the second day the family member was found hanging off the bed ready to fall by a family member, the bed alarm wasn’t even working, and the family member is a fall risk, not to mention also soaked in their own urine once again. I wish I would have sent them to Parkview because they seem to be putting this hospital to shame for sure. So much for you mission statement !!!!!Dj Brown My mom is sitting in the ER and the nurse wouldn’t tell her what medicine she gave her till after it was given. Then proceeds to tell her she gave her one med then said it was another. Then when another nurse questioned what was given she told her a completely different one that she told us. They let her nurse call light go off for at least 15 minutes and then took it away from her and put it on the counter so she couldn’t use it. This hospital will try to KILL you. FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY DO NOT GO HERE!phasetransfercatalyst Nothing positive to say. Avoid. Go to Parkview instead.

FAQ: Frequent Questions

Here you can find information and answers to frequently asked questions about the Lutheran Hospital Emergency Room in Fort Wayne.

◼️ Open 24 hours this emergency room of Fort Wayne?

Yes, of course. The Lutheran Hospital is open 24 hours a day for any emergency.

◼️ Is it also open on Sundays and holidays?

Yes, of course. The Lutheran Hospital is open on holidays and also on Sundays.

◼️ What’s the address of the Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne

The full address is 7950 W Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46804, United States.

◼️ What’s Lutheran Hospital phone number?

The phone number of Lutheran Hospital is +1 260-435-7001. You can click here to call now from your phone.

◼️ What are the GPS coordinates to get there?

If you use a GPS coordinate system to get to the emergency room, you must enter the following; a latitude of 41.0389032 and a longitude of -85.249408.

◼️ How much is it to go to the Lutheran Hospital?

The cost of visiting the emergency room of Lutheran Hospital may vary depending on the type of emergency you have and also the type of insurance you are with. Feel free to ask or call the center before you go.

◼️ How long should you wait in an emergency room?

The waiting time will always depend on the type of emergency at that very moment. You can contact the medical center before to ensure that you can be attended to as quickly as possible.

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