Mercy (Springfield)

Type Emergency Room (ER)
City Springfield MO
State Missouri
Address 1235 E Cherokee St
Phone number +1 417-820-2115
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Where is the Mercy – Emergency Room?

Mercy ER Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours
Although this is the hours, please feel free to call the Mercy phone number to confirm.

Mercy Reviews

Before you go to Mercy, you may want to know what the people who have already gone to this Springfield emergency room think.

Elayni Points⭐️⭐️⭐️The ER doctor I saw was very snappy and cold. It was 7 am on a Friday. Not busy at all. while my issue turned out to not be a serious health condition I didn’t know this and was in pain so bad I had tears streaming down my face I thought my eardrum was ruptured. Its been over 3 years since I’ve been to ER/ urgent care for anything. In other words I am not what you would call a hypochondriac. I get that it wasn’t serious but I wouldn’t have been in the ER if I wasn’t scared/ in excruciating pain. if you can’t show compassion/ empathy you probably shouldn’t be in the medical field. Dr. Beard in the ER. The saving grace was my ER nurse Erin. He was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Cared that I was in pain and did everything he could to help. Didn’t treat me like an inconvenience or a baby. Genuine compassion towards me and my family. Awesome guy hope he gets shown the proper appreciation.joe camel Sliced down to the bone. Been sitting in the waiting room for seven hours with no hopes of getting in. Extreme pain and not offered pain pills. I would highly recommend anywhere else than Mercy on national and Cherokee. This is by far the worst hospital experience I’ve seen in my entire lifeJuanita Hyde Where is the Zero stars button? Been here since 1130am its now 6pm i asked and was told there was others who where priority. In some cases yes I agree with that statement. But in other cases I know they couldn’t be no worse off then me. Staff is rude and lack empathy. I will NEVER be back here again.Rebecka Murphy I wish it was possible to leave 0 stars. After waiting there for 5 hours only having given them urine and blood samples, my symptoms intensified and I was in severe pain. There were patients being seen that got there hours after I did. It’s like they forgot about me. Sure, the three staff members I interacted with were super kind, but after seeing these other reviews, I’m glad I left before being called back.Casy Askins worst customer service. absolutely rude. wait is absolutely terrible. would give a 0 star if I couldMax Head Waited for 6 hours before even getting back to the actual room and then another hour in there before anyone even came and talked to us. The doctor didn’t seem to care anything about what I was saying and made fun of me before we left. Awful experience..Michelle Brown Worst hospital experience ever. I am a female disabled veteran rated at 90%. They had me sitting in my urine soaked gown and underwear for over three hours. My husband asked them multiple times to help me to the bathroom because I couldn’t walk due to multiple issues like muscle spasms and weakness which were never checked for along with other issues. I was told by a nurse just to pee in the bed because they were busy and also that others do it. I could not hold it any longer and peed multiple times in those three hours. Each time we asked for assistance they would tell my husband they were busy and would be there when they could. More than three hours later after sitting soaked in urine they decided to change everything and forced me to use a catheter. A nurse came in and scolded me by asking why I urinated on the bed and if I had incontinence. This is what I served my country for? Wow…. the health care all over the world needs to change and have more people in who actually want to help and have empathy. I have truly met some of the most cold hearted inconsiderate people in my life at Mercy Er. I am just glad I did not have to go number two. I was also yelled at by a nurse who threatened to cut my shirt off if I did not sit up to put my gown on. I was too weak and stiff. My muscles would not let me. My husband and daughter helped get my gown on. By the way Mercy, I have two honorable discharges from the Navy and college background so quit treating people like rats. All people should be treated with some form of dignity. Shame on your disrespectful hopspital. Far from Godly.Tiffany palmer They obviously sont consider being a high risk pregnancy with early complications a sever case.Kimberly Pfeffer Worst hospital and STAFF! My 4 year old is dying of septic and her put of town dr told me to get her there and we waited for 5 hrs and just left and we are finding another hospital now@@!@Patrick Heinen Horrible experience. Better to try Cox or anywhere else in Springfield. Very disappointed in seeing how my sister treatment was handled after her car wreck.Shiloh Leighon 8 hours. Brought in by ambulance because of my symptoms. I get stuck behind other people who are not in critical condition or even possibly. Good to know that unless you’re dying right there because of internal bleeding or blood clot in the brain, they’d give you the same spiel of “not much we can do”. I kept telling them I have an infant at home. The nurses dillydallied and chit chatted after forgetting me once I was taken back. My doctor never called me with my test results. All he did was dismiss every one of my symptoms. Even the triage nurse was skeptical even though another clinic brought me in and everyone witnessed what I was going through. There is a reason healthcare does not work in this country. Here’s how it goes: They come up with standards and guidelines in order to treat you based off precautions (and charge an arm and a leg gladly) – you have a right to be charged for whatever they test you for and do BUT only after you explain everything 5 times and they ignore 75% of what you tell them just to tell you IT’S NOTHING – all the while not taking precautions for the symptoms you came in for. They never answer any questions here! I just spent 8 hours paying a babysitter a full day of work, and I still probably have something seriously wrong with me but God forbid I get taken back to either of these ER’s in Springfield! Message to the employees of the ER: just because you’re a nurse or doctor doesn’t mean you know my body better than me, nor are you psychic or all seeing – you give tests and you diagnose based off those tests . Stick to your job and allowed capabilities regardless of how insurance pays for stuff. and just because you see a lot of people who aren’t dying doesnt mean theres nothing wrong or unsettling going on with them and if you dont like being pumped dry for your skills then stand up against this system so that you dont have to burn out and treat everyone with the same unsympathetic, sadistic, holier than thou approach. That kills people!Andrew Hennager We will never return to Mercy ER. Still sitting in waiting room after 6 hours with my one year old daughter. She has a fever of 104.5 coughing, rapid heartbeat, low oxygen and shakes. People who were obviously playing it up for narcotics are getting in and out in an hour or less but because my little girl was quiet and not screaming her head off about her broken toe we have still not been seen. I realize that there has to be an order of things but obviously they need more skilled nurses working here. Who know common decency and dont talk to you like you are simply another name on a Hutchison I checked in at 430 sent from a Mercy urgent care after my EKG it’s 1121pm still haven’t seen a doctor and for the third time have been told it’ll be 2 more hours. I’m surprised someone hasn’t died waiting on these fools. This place is a joke.T AC Wait times are ridiculously long for a hospital this size! Staff is rude! If it is an absolute emergency you would be better to go to another health system.Alan Cazares After 5 hours waiting about how much more time are we going to have to wait?donnie white My girlfriend has been here since 2 this afternoon and did I mention was brought in by ambulance as well . She was having serious chest pains , blue fingers and very uncomfortable as well , potential life threatening her people and all they have done is take her blood and ignore her. I am out of state and cannot do anything to help her which if I could I would take her to Cox which is known for being horrible as well. If there was someone I could speak to I would but no surprise no complaint line here .. Not acceptable Mercy !Josh Buffington Will wait over 6 hours and overnight if after 9 pm. 3 babies a person with surgergy complications were waiting over 3 hours when I gave. Better to go Cox were they see patients.Linza Legrand I told my son to go and get a knot on his spine in the neck checked out last night 1/14/19. The female Dr. Said she didn’t think nothing was wrong without a x-ray or test. He doesn’t like going to Dr. Now I’d be lucky to get him to go again. He felt hewas treated like a drug addict.Brandylynn⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedMy boy broke his arm at school, playing on the swings. From the moment we walked in, to the moment we left, the staff and Dr. were AMAZING. We had Dr. Cameron, nurse Christy, and nurse Christa. They had to reset his bone. Christa sat with my boy, until he recovered. They all were amazing. It was a very scary experience and they made is easier for my boy. I’m very thankful for them.Marne Sayre Long wait, front desk doesn’t care. Worst triage I’ve ever seen.Joy Medcalf I came up with my infant who was premi and has a heart defect. She was dehydrated and had a severe rash. So of course I was crying and the nurse was making fun of me for crying when they blew 2 of her little veins. Once we got to the PEDS unit couldn’t have asked for better nurses but the E.R. nurses are the worst no compassion. The exact comment was the mom cries wores then the baby. Nick the young male nurse was super nice my baby really liked him.tammy Humble⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedFantastic caring staff! Very pleased with the urgency from start to finish. Would give 10 stars if possible.Adrienne v⭐️⭐️⭐️Once you get in they do a great job, can’t always say you will get a dr. or nurse that is all knowing, be prepared to be living in the waiting room so bring something to drink and eat( doesn’t matter how hurt you are)CMN R My 18 yr old daughter, was in the Mercy ER in Springfield MO on 10-09-18 (from approximately 4pm to 11pm) and seen Dr. Jennifer L Kolodchak. She explained to this doctor that she had not kept food or water down for nearly a week and it had been 3 days since she had been to the ER for fluids. She wanted fluids given to her again and hoped to be able to attend school the following day. Dr. Kolodchak refused to look through her chart to confirm that she had a diagnosis of gastroparesis and instead treated her for cyclic vomiting which is not an accurate diagnosis and has since been decided against. Her discharge papers say her diagnosis is cyclic vomiting, even though my daughter told her otherwise. They sent her home with discharge instructions for treating CVS, even though that isn’t even her diagnosis. Dr. Kolodchak then told her that she just needed to “try harder” (her exact words). Try harder to do what? Not vomit? Try harder to not miss events she wants to attend or spend time with her friends? Try harder to not miss school so she won’t be homeless someday? Try harder to not spend 7 hours in the ER because of how fun it is? This is the same as saying you’re not drinking enough water or your cancer would be gone, and if you just pray harder God will heal you. I am livid. I told my daughter to ask them to test for low magnesium w a blood test because she has had problems w that in the past when she went several days w/o holding down food. It causes her to have severe muscle spasm/convulsions, (her whole body draws up, almost like a seizure, it is very painful for her). The doctor said “no, no, no” (again her exact words). She said her blood tests from 3 days ago when she was last in the ER for fluids did not show low levels of magnesium and so she refused to do any blood work whatsoever. She did not even let her explain why she wanted it. It is my understanding that magnesium is not easily stored by the body and you need a daily intake. So why would a test 3 days old be useful in determining that? Refused to give my daughter any fluids, saying she ‘didn’t look dehydrated’. At what point in the process do you look at a grape and say, oh, now it’s a raisin!? Sent her home w a shot of benadryl and haldol (a sedative). I’m at a loss as to how she thought an antihistamine and some sleepy drug would fix her chronic vomiting. I told my daughter to request a different doctor, I said you have the right to ask for another dr/opinion, just get her away from you, she’s nuts. She said she was told that there was no other doctors available and they refused to allow her to see anyone else. Lies, that ER is large and I have been in there w her myself several times, there is more than one doctor on duty. In the discharge papers the dr noted that she needed to take her meds regularly to control her symptoms, insinuating that she doesn’t take her meds on a regular basis. Well, how would she know, she doesn’t see what my daughter swallows everyday, and she sure won’t believe anything you tell her, and you can’t tell her anything because she is ‘right’ and won’t listen to anything you have to say. How would she know what my daughter had in her system anyway, she didn’t do any bloodwork. My daughter is staying home from school tomorrow because she is so weak and tired. She ate some applesauce in the ER and kept that down. She just keeps down small bits here and there. This is discouraging enough to deal with, without having some pea brained doctor tell her she just isn’t trying hard enough. I would have liked to give her a piece of my mind I was so angry. I can’t believe people are forced to pay thousand of dollars to be treated this way. ****UPDATE**** I took her to the ER the next day and she was admitted ( different doctor that finally listened!) she had 2 types of intestinal bacterial infections, and having convulsions and had to be treated for that as well. She was at hospital for 2 days and her specialist referred her a hospital in St. Louis because they have exhausted all options here.Adri Hughes⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️As a child I have been here a few times. Twice for a split chin(don’t ask), once for pneumonia and once after breaking my ankle/foot in 6th grade. The nurses and doctors were very nice and knowledgeable. They got me in quickly and took care of me. The waiting room is about what you would expect, gloomy and full of sick people. The staff are helpful though and it has never been too bad. Except, you know, the split chins, pneumonia and broken foot/ankle.thomas j kelly esq⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI recently suffered a near fatal emergency and was brought here by ambulance. The team of dedicated professionals turned to the task of saving my life. In the ER, the doctors performed a rather complicated surgical procedure that would ultimately ensure my survival. I awoke two days later in the ICU to find that I had lost three units of blood from a torn esophagus. ( You only have five. ) After receiving two units of blood, six days later I was released from the hospital. Needless to say, this episode has had a significant impact on the way that I view life. Indeed. I wish to express my gratitude to all of the personnel that had a hand in saving my life, but there are no words that can possibly convey the feeling that I have of just being alive. And I thank you very kindly, indeed.Jennifer Would give no star if I could. Horribily slow. Expect to sit in the waiting room for hours regardless your ailment. Worst “ER” I’ve ever had the displeasure of coming to. The best thing about the visit was the security guard. He was pretty great. Mark Young I would give it – 5 stars if I could. The icu is the rudest people I have ever seen. Family members are treated like something lower than dirt and they don’t take into consideration the distance people travel to get help.Carla Scroggs ABSOLUTELY the WORST ER I have had to go to. 45 minutes sitting in the waiting room with chest pains before I even got an EKG .Thank God it was a false call I would have died in the waiting room with all the other bodies stacked on top of each other .And even tho I saw someone cleaning it was still FILTHY!Rakwinder Kaur My mother in ER since 3 am this morning doctor show up 4 hours go they don’t telling me what is the treatment plan to get rid of pain.keep calling to nurse no answer I have to go to nurse desk to bring him in room,I though Mercy is the best in town but this hospital is disgusting. Very poor service they don’t care about there patient .taelor Ingram One of the worst experiences ever! Staff were rude and showed how much they did not care about their patients. Dr. Shelby was extremely disrespectful and refused to give any helpful advice for the injury. The same injury she refused to provide care for was looked at by other doctors and prescribed medication. If you are seeking any type of medical advice GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!Robert Guillory My wife was rushed to this hospital by Ambulance after having bad chest pains at work. Arrived at 7:50 pm. An EKG wasn’t done until 2 hours after arriving. It is currently 2:28 am and we are still sitting in the waiting room lobby waiting to be seen by a Doctor. I don’t know what this place considers an emergency but in my opinion they have failed to provide care in a timely manner to a potentially life threatening situation. Do yourself a favor and go to a different emergency room.ladell heryford HORRIBLE experience today. I know ERs are busy but they were patronizing and rude left after 3 hours. We were only there because we had a situation we could not be sure wasn’t life threatening. Mercy has always been our first choice. So sad.Chris Head Waited in the e.r for hours while my wife constantly cried and puked. Worst service ever. We are stuck going here because of our insurance.Olivia Sullentrup Worst costumer service ever. Called 911 because my boyfriend collapsed and was UNRESPONSIVE. Followed the ambulance to the hospital (going under/doing the speed limit) WITHOUT THIER LIGHTS ON. Then, proceed to put him in a wheel chair after I told them continuously to leave him on his back because he had been complaining about back pain all day. Not only that, the staff was rude and inconsiderate. They then proceeded to tell me it would be a 3-6 hour wait. HE COULD BARLY SAY HIS NAME. Ended up leaving this facilty and will never be returning to this “emergency room”.Ayres Ryder⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI have been through the Mercy system several times and have always received top-notch care. My body is whole because of them. I thank god and I thank Mercy medical care.Chey Schaefer NEVER going here again!! Everyone is rude and couldn’t answer any of my questions! I already going into the hospital knew I had an 8cm cyst on my ovary, which could cause torsion. That means my ovary would twist and cut off blood flow and I could lose that ovary. I had been to cox, and my obgyn they both told me this info and said if I was hurting to go to the er right away. After I told the nurse who I had to tell 3times because she wasn’t listening! I waited for 3 and a half hours!! Then once I got back, they couldn’t answer my questions and took a urine sample….. no iv no blood sample no saying they would do an ultrasound…. nothing. It took them an hour after receiving my urine, idk when they came back though because I left! Only reason I even went to mercy is because my obgyn is AMAZING!!!! And works for mercy. But after tonight I will NEVER go here. If it was torsion my ovary would be lost. Cox’s is the best by far!!Karen M Contacted Dr. at the end of he day because my 78 yr old mother had limited use of her right arm and leg after a fall the previous day. When he didnt respond immediately because I later found out he was out of the office and on vacation. I contacted the ER and asked if it could be a stroke. They said yes, bring her in immediately. I did, her oxygen level was 82. They put her on oxygen. Dr got back with me and told me I’d done the right thing to take her to the ER. We sat in the waiting room for LITERALLY 7 hours and went through 2 oxygen tanks. As soon as I talked to the ER Dr. She said Mom was having ministrokes and immediately admitted her for tests. We saw people go before who came in 2 hrs after us, I’m not exaggerating, with hurt pinky fingers and a cough. I saw a man on an oxygen tank walk out of the ER because he had waited so long. Another with blurred vision, loss of hearing and disorientation walked out too. What a sham!!!!! I not a rocket scientist, if they are that overloaded, why not extend the hours of urgent care clinics.Henry Yantz The wait is absolutely unacceptable. Went because S/O was blacking out and having seizures. She was doubled over, crying her eyes out because of the severe pain she’s ever had in her head. Nurses told me to be patient because they had 45 people to tend to. 45. We watched people come in, go to triage immediately, and then wait for around 10 minutes before heading in to get treated. However, we also saw people with bleeding head injuries wait for longer than our previous 9 hour trip that told us nothing. In short, not a good experience using the ER here. Night shift is pretty abrasive and we’ve waited an entire work shift and still haven’t been seen.Amy Zacek Smith Too bad there is not an option to choose negative stars. The treatment of a law enforcement officer with a head injury was absolutely pathetic! Good job, as usual, Mercy.Karina Thompson Sat in waiting room for 4 and a half hours with a quarter size piece of glass in foot and bleeding. Waiting room was disgustingly dirty and bathrooms were worse. Once taken to the back my room was a bed pushed up against the wall in the middle of the hallway. Nurses and triage were all impatient and snippy. Don’t waste your time here. Go to Cox.Danielle Farnsworth 7/18/2017. We have been here since 5:30 this morning (due to a kidney stone blocking the ability to urinate since yesterday afternoon around 5 p.m.)it is now 8:05 am. Initially walked in to E.R taken to a room nurse came in about 10 minutes later, Doctor came in about 20 minutes after that. After he was told the pain in her lower back was unbearable and feeling like her bladder was going to explode he says I’ll have C.T come down and check you out, that was at 6 a.m. Two hours and 2 call lights later after saying the pain was killing her C.T finally brings his ass down to get her. Call me crazy but when someone says they haven’t Urinated in almost 24 hours and no one gets off of their ass to check into that it shows how crappy this “Hospital ” is. This is why I will be going threw Cox from now on. I have been standing at this nurses station for 20 minutes with nurses, doctors and techs looking at me and walking by without even a word, these people have no compassion for the patients they are here to help. I feel horrible for the people that they “help” in the future. This is not how I ever treated my Patients. I think we need to look into our hiring methods a little longer!KEVIN⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER Recommendedthe ER department is very efficient, a) they accept everyone and have no control whatsoever if you are wearing a $5000 suit and tie, or taddered clothing and you smell like piss. They have no control over you spreading our over three chairs and lying down or if you choose the floor. I reecommend you try and sit next to someone with civility. The ER department is run by an incredible software application that over the course of the 2 hours or 12 hours you may sit there, the software is aware when you were registered, takes into account of all your vital signs after triage, sndis aware of the patient who came in with a wrapped up cut finger that will require 2 stitches and the farmer whos arm in laying in a cooler of ice because a piece of farm equipment dismemeber his arm. GUESS WHO GOES FIRST? You may have sat there 12 hours, But the farmer goes first. Same goes for the walk-in with chest pains, or someone who has the symptoms of a storke. Then you must also take into account the incoming helicopters. Listen for them, if there are a lot of loud landings? Thats an indicator of people so badly injuryed, probably in a horrible car accident, that during the on-site evaluation. It was determined by professional educated medical personel, that the probability of thier survival was dependant on a much faster helicopter transport and would likely DIE If they if they took the ambulance that is sitting right there at the scene. This facility is an EMERGENCY TRAMA Center. They are properly staffed with licenced and certified medical equipment personel that are capable of running the equipmnent AND the hospital is REQUIRED to staff every Doctor in every field, so they will be ready for ANYTHING that arrives by flight, ambulance, or walks in the door. Its not a shelter for homeless. Everyone who enters has to be registered and triaged. If not three ER security guard are required to remove you if you are not there to recieve ER services. So, be “PATIENT” you are one, and ITS NOT A McDONALDS DRIVE THRU. WHAT YOU FOCUS ON DURING YOUR WAIT CAN DETERMINE YOUR LEVEL OF STRESS. Sit there for 12 hours ane dwell on how long you have waited and “its my turn”,and you will be one misreable “PATIENT”. Focus on a TV program, or do some people watching, read, or think about happier times and… NO its still going to be the same 12 hours, but you will find yourself in a more understaning position to TOLERATE YOURSELF andyour lack of “PATIENTS”. PS: I am not affiliated to the Mercy Hospital in any way Imjust a frequent “PATIENT”. KEVIN COVINGTON – SpringfieldAndrea Suchey My daughter is 3 momths old and is in the ER with my husbamd with a temp that wont go down….i would think that would ne priority! But i guess ill have to talk to a lawyer if anything happends to my baby girl!!Amanda Chance⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI arrived at the Mercy Er three weeks post op , I was taken back to be cared for immiediately. First the dr thought with my symptoms that I had a pinched nerve and a uti. He said to follow up in my drs office for an mri . I started passing out and he ran more tests! He then saved my life , I was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism, dvt to my pelvis and thigh with a uti also. I was given meds to calm me down , imagine the panic. I spent six days at Mercy Hospital. Thankyou for saving my life !Tony Glassford Slowest ER in the world. Trash everywhere homeless hangout. If you plan on coming here make appointment a month in advance. Lazyest doctors nusres are all smoking pot in the back instead of doing their job.k vanSchalkwijk⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I have had a couple of visits, diverticulitis and an abscess. So far so good. The doctor does correctly warn when something is going to hurt.Douglas L. Hervey, Sr.⭐️⭐️⭐️Monday Lunchtime is not the time to go! Peak chaos for walk-ins and emergencies! Otherwise front staff is highly trained and procedures are well followed. I found the Nurses, PAs, and Doctors were quite knowledgeable and effective. Many tests were run and timely results were analysed to determine actual needs. Prescriptions were given; plus a referral to a needed specialist was given. The referred physician’s office contacted me the next AM. The Mercy Emergency Center is newer and clean. My disconcerting concerns were handled and after 8 and 1/2 hours, I left. I suggest, to take something productive to do while waiting!Mimi Ross Mercy Hospital is the Worst hospital!- in springfield,mo! And Marion center inpatient part A!- the horrible staff and crazy Dr kim- and juanita the psycho nurse are all racist!- to black patients! And will refuse to treat u! And will threaten u and force u out! Violating your patients rights without it! And will treat u like a criminal! And juanita this sick loser!-will want to call the corrupt cops on u! if u dont leave even without filing an appeal first! Which goes against their own patients rights policy rules!- they’re all a disgrace! And even the head nurse manager called kathryn taylor!- who takes complaints! Did nothing about this!-either,and thinks that discrimination against patients because of their race is ok! What a liar and a hypocrite! And don’t ever believe these no good liars! if u call to make a complaint against them! When they say we’ll call u back about it!- they never will! They are the worst hospital in the world! There is no mercy here!- if your black!- stay away! Beware!!!Cameron & Brittany Lincks Typical wait time is 4-5 hours. Staff is rude and non-understanding to SICK patients and their family members. Their system is disordly and borderline non-fuctional.

FAQ: Frequent Questions

Here you can find information and answers to frequently asked questions about the Mercy Emergency Room in Springfield.

◼️ Open 24 hours this emergency room of Springfield?

Yes, of course. The Mercy is open 24 hours a day for any emergency.

◼️ Is it also open on Sundays and holidays?

Yes, of course. The Mercy is open on holidays and also on Sundays.

◼️ What’s the address of the Mercy in Springfield

The full address is 1235 E Cherokee St, Springfield, MO 65804, United States.

◼️ What’s Mercy phone number?

The phone number of Mercy is +1 417-820-2115. You can click here to call now from your phone.

◼️ What are the GPS coordinates to get there?

If you use a GPS coordinate system to get to the emergency room, you must enter the following; a latitude of 37.1792234 and a longitude of -93.2740805.

◼️ How much is it to go to the Mercy?

The cost of visiting the emergency room of Mercy may vary depending on the type of emergency you have and also the type of insurance you are with. Feel free to ask or call the center before you go.

◼️ How long should you wait in an emergency room?

The waiting time will always depend on the type of emergency at that very moment. You can contact the medical center before to ensure that you can be attended to as quickly as possible.

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