New York Presbyterian Hospital (New York)

Type Emergency Room (ER)
City New York NY
State New York
Address 622 W 168th St
Phone number +1 212-305-2995
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Where is the New York Presbyterian Hospital – Emergency Room?

New York Presbyterian Hospital ER Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
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Although this is the hours, please feel free to call the New York Presbyterian Hospital phone number to confirm.

New York Presbyterian Hospital Reviews

Before you go to New York Presbyterian Hospital, you may want to know what the people who have already gone to this New York emergency room think.

Crystely Checo The rudest and nastiest staff I have ever come across. From the point of entry, they can see you in such discomfort and ignore your pain. I had been waiting for over an hour to get X-rays done, when I asked the nurse how much longer she admitted she had forgotten I was waiting for X-rays and walked me over to the X-ray department. Literally forgot about me after an hour of me sitting in plain view of her. While waiting once again to get the X-rays done, I had to interrupt two ladies who were busy eating and serving themselves food at their desk and carrying on. When I reminded them I was waiting for X-rays she quickly got up and got someone and I got my X-rays done. Not sure how much longer I would have had to wait if I didn’t remind them yet again what I was waiting for. After almost three hours later of waiting for my results, I couldn’t wait any longer and had to head home, a nurse assured me someone would call me with my results and even took down my number. When two hours later I hadn’t received a call, I called them only to get told off over the phone, literally she yelled at me where I had to hand up the phone on her when all I wanted to know were my results. I mean I cannot believe that a patient can go seeking help and get treated so poorly, forgotten about and with no compassion. I would never, ever enter foot in that ER again. Horrible, horrible people.teodora perez This is the worst experience I had with an emergency room, so many people recommended this hospital to me which was the main reason I picked this hospital to bring my diabetic mother that was in extreme pain. In the morning we took her to her primary physician and he recommended take her to the emergency room because they didn’t have the proper equipment; Moreover after careful consideration we took the decision to go to this hospital, we were there from 3:48pm – 1:06 am and we never saw a doctor only the nurse that takes your vitals at 5:00pm after that no other check up were done until (around) 11:30pm. I spend 9 hours waiting with my mother and we didn’t receive any help. I would never come back i can’t belive a hospital would take so lightly the wellbeing of a patient. (I apologize for any misspelling)Jay St James Malpractice and negligence of the lowest order. It’s a shame. Very unprofessional staff even ambulance workers. Enter at your own risk.divinity bishop One of the worst emergency rooms in the city…..wait almost 3 hours to get tylenol for my husband’s hip pain and everyone walked around as if they could care less. I was happy to get the heck out of there as soon as we got our xray……stay awayImzadde Came in with stroke symptoms. THREE HOURS LATER- they couldn’t even tell me when they might be able to get to me. Went home. If I am going to die, I would rather do it at home than COMPLETELY ignored in the ER. No nursing aids came by to check vitals, no lps or rns to start blood draws, no technicians to do CT Scans or MRIs which are necessary to detect small strokes or minor bleeds in the brain. And not one single doctor to even pop a head in and state their name and walk out. They provided exactly zero care for a possible life threatening condition.Courtney Speights⭐️⭐️My last visit I came in with a fever of 101 and after 3 hours and my fever increasing to 104 was I then treated. Upon my fever going down I requested discharge papers and left. When I was there I told them my fever may have been stemming from an infection but was ignored. I followed up with my Dr and him giving me antibiotics l was fine in 2 days. I’m never going back to this hospital.Richard Reyes this hospital is not a very welcoming place , the staff are very uncaring about your well being. (Physician assistant/ P.A. Matthew Wieland) was the worst , his attitude was basically , “An I really don’t care attitude with a smile on his face”. I literally sat in a chair for 3hrs before I was given pain medication for kidney stones. They also don’t believe in privacy when discussing your symptoms , (physician assistant / P.A. Matthew Wieland) talked about my condition in front of anyone and everyone with no regard. I felt very disrespected with that. Overall I wouldn’t recommend this hospital at all. Don’t believe the commercials you see television , it’s not the #1 caring hospital in NewYork. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOSPITAL !!!!Bruce Davis⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI personally think some people are inclined to write negative comments because its easier to hide behind a computer. I have been going to this ER since I was born (1967) I have NEVER experienced anything close to what any of the negative comments depict. I get that everyone’s experience is different but I think if you waited longer than you wanted why not get up and go somewhere else. I am on my way to the ER right this second. I will track my entire experience and post a followupTIJONA THOMPSON Terrible. I came in with stomach pain around 9pm on a Friday and is severely understaffed, people move slow and they mix up patients. It’s 1am and I still haven’t seen a doctor. It shocks me that this hospital is one of the top 5 in the world. I just walked out because this is just unacceptable so I went to Harlem hospital and saw a doctor in an hourshay KNIGHT Call to check to see what’s going on with my dad and these people kept on transfering my calls from area to area. Finally got a Josh in area C, he put me on hold twice then hang up. The FREAKING worse.Ana Maria Aburto⭐️⭐️I’ve been here eight hours. I had an ultrasound of my heart, an EKG, and a CT scan.SJYNYC I’ve had two heart attacks. The hospital is 10 blocks away so of course I head there whenever something doesn’t “feel right”. 50% of the time there is not a nurse at the check in desk and you have to wait for her to get back. They do an EKG… then I wait… 2 hours…. they finally take blood.. wait an hour.. a doc speaks to me for 2 minutes.. they want me to check me in and stay for more test. Wait. In cubicle. Old man coughing up a lung next to me. Wait. 4 hours. 5 hours. They tell me at 2 am.. they wont have a room until 7 am… I got there at 7 pm… that would make it 12 HOUR WAIT! A 12 hour wait on a gurney in a cubicle with a nasty tuna fish sandwich and sick people moaning and crying all around. I’ve left more than once.. each time I think it will be different.. never is.Patrick Murphy My friend has been in the emergency room since 1PM on Thursday, supposedly since they don’t have beds. It is now Friday evening at 6:30 PM. She had to beg for her medicine. She has only been fed once today. This is patient abuse, pure and simple. The staff and management are uncaring and nasty.Sabrina Greenfield BECOME A LIBERTARIAN. LOOK AT HOW YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE being spent. THE GOVERNMENT SHOULDN’T BE IN THIS FIELD. THEY DONT HAVE YOUR INTEREST IN MIND. SUPPORT PRIVATE HOSPITALS THAT ARE OWNED BY DOCTORS AND NOT BY THE GOVERNMENT.Nikki Fe The care Is horrible here right now. Got here at 2pm. Walt time in waiting area not to bad. Brought inside left sitting for 2 hours with no one acknowledging me. PA came asked some questions then manual abdominal exam. Sit again for 40 min until my nurse came and introduced herself to me. Then at 550 got blood drawn, given contrast tondrinkbfor ct scan. ER clerk rude af to patients that call for assistance. Very condescending woman. Complains about everything loudly. UnprofessionalMadelyn Javier By far I have had the worst experience with this hospital, first of all everything looks very nice and renovated in the area room great but wait that is all just a disguise because the waiting areas are horrific you have poor patients in hall and waiting in a line all along the halls they bring you I. Knowing that they have no rooms available, I came in today early no school not too busy and now is has been almost 5 hours in all for a single X-ray reading the most likely is nothing but it does not end there doctor still does not know when that reading would happen. More than upset i I’m furious nobody wants to be in the hospital more has time to just hangout I have been up since 6 am the last thing I want is to be here, this is unprofessional and un ethical and something should be done to addresses petty changes that should not even be a problem is ok to wait not for half a dayIndia Maisonet This place is truly everything that’s wrong with our healthcare system. They had us waiting on chairs in small little areas with other sick people so you can imagine how uncomfortable it was. I had been experiencing numbness and cramping in my arms and legs to the point of not being able to walk (this was my main complaint) and when they needed a urine sample the doctor told me “I’m not going to help you get the urine sample, you have to do it yourself”. After almost collapsing and holding onto a nearby garbage can the doctor came and when asking the nurse to help her get me to the bathroom she apologized,” sorry I know she’s not YOUR patient”. It’s so sad that she felt the need to apologize for asking the nurse to do her job…after this issue with the sample they sent us to the main ER because they didn’t have enough staff for someone so “needy” We were there for about 2 hours before anyone even saw us, I was ignored time and time again like everybody else there that wasn’t literally dying. They put an IV line in my arm for “fluids” and then disappeared for hours and the nurse came to give me fluids after the doctor said they were discharging me… This is not to say that I think this is the staffs fault— they were running around like crazy people so I assume they are understaffed (although their attitudes could definitely use an adjustment) which I’m sure makes everything more difficult. Honestly you are better off going downtown to an ER because we were in this one for entirely too long and not even comfortably and only got spoken to by a doctor maybe 2 times. It was kinda ridiculous so if possible I’d just stay away from this ER unless they miraculously become properly staffed overnight.Kelli Haase⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Been here twice this week, the nursing staff was very kind. Lucky enough to arrive when it was not busy, was seen with in an hour the first time. In and out in 30 minutes the 2nd.Amy Berger The emergency room is disorganized and understaffed which leads to poor care. My husband had to wait 3 hours for a compress ordered by the doctor. It took 3 requests and 2 hours to have an empty IV bag refilled. They brought the wrong medication and the ER doctor didn’t have the time to look at the charts to correct the mistake. It took 4 hours and four requests to have a wrist band alerting medical staff to an allergy put on.Ari 아리 Lee⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedStayed at the ER for more than 24 hours until my brother was admitted to the hospital. And that was our very first any kind of medical experience in US. Therefore, I was very scared and nervous not knowing what to do. However, the technicians and nurses were amazingly nice and helpful. (The nurse, Levis was particularly amazing. He was very caring, kind, and listened to my requests very well. Having him really put me at ease. Levis was the best. I wish there is a way to thank him directly! ) Also, the lady at the front was very very kind. I wish I can remember her name. She had a short hair and was wearing glasses. She made me feel like she was my grandma. So warm-hearted and nice. I do not understand why people left so many bas reviews…? His condition was very severe. Maybe that’s why we got the proper immediate attention.Danneris Contreras The attending MD and nurse were great. However, the medication was still sent to the wrong pharmacy after I told them this was incorrect numerous times. When I called the following day, it took about 2 hours before someone could actually help me. I kept getting transferred to different departments and everyone seemed clueless. By far the worst follow up with a medical facility.Deb O I was in the ER for EIGHT hours one time. The snot-nose brats who are forced to do a tour there treat the patients like guinea pigs! Very unpleasant and unproductive experience.A Smith i agree with all of the other reviews – if you have any choice in the matter, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. There is the real possibility that you will not actually see a doctor in person and forget any likelihood that your medical information will be kept private – you will be segregated into a communal “pod” with other patients and their families. They also misdiagnosed a serious medical condition (thankfully I ended up not having the heart damage they claimed I did, but still…). On a recent weekday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to wait just 10 minutes in the waiting area before seeing a physician’s assistant. Imagine my surprise when the PA said, “Wait to see the doctor” and tapped the nearby screen: the doctor was remote (apparently the system is called Telehealth?)! After 10 minutes of frozen screens and reconnections, I was shown through to a general waiting “pod” with 4-5 other patients, some of whom were sitting with plastic basins in their laps into which they would vomit periodically. I really just wanted a chest x-ray for suspected pneumonia, but I was told that the doctor – the one I did not actually complete one full sentence with during our failed remote access – had ordered an EKG. The first assistant who performed the EKG provided the same abysmal level of care that I would come to expect from the entire listless, patently uninterested and sometimes hostile support staff. I repeatedly told the assistant that I had pain when lying on my back (i.e. more than 5 times). I performed Lamaze-style breathing to get through the procedure and the assistant expressed surprise when I sat up immediately afterwards and I again explained (for the sixth time) that I could not lie down. BTW, this assistant refused to take my urine sample, so I was stuck carrying my urine sample for two hours before I met the nurse for the first time. When the nurse finally appeared, she inserted the IV line in front of everyone else in the pod (including another patient who had been there since 3:00 a.m. and who would not be released until 2:00 p.m.). It turns out that she did not fully insert the IV line and I was basically just sending fluid into my arm instead of becoming hydrated. Three hours later, the chest x-ray revealed pneumonia. However, I would not actually get any antibiotics or other meds until 5 hours later. The only true professional throughout this entire ordeal was Dr. Eugene Kim – he took a thorough history, explained what the tests were for, and, when it was going on 2 hours after he had placed an order for simple blood pressure and pulse test, he brought the machine over and did it himself. (I had just gone to the front desk to ask someone to do this, explaining that it was the only thing standing between me and discharge. The person at the front desk said, “What do you expect, this is an emergency room?” They see no problem with a 2-hour wait for simple vitals?) One hour – i.e., three hours after the order was placed – an assistant appeared to take these vitals. At every stage, my test results were explained to me in front of other patients. Forget any thought that you will be treated in private or that your medical information will be protected in any manner. There you go: 10 hours from initial admission to diagnose the pneumonia that was clear from the chest x-ray that was read less than three hours after I appeared in the waiting room. Never again! ETA: In front of the other patients in my pod, I was told that my EKG results showed prior heart damage (anteroseptal infart) – which is certainly unusual given my age – and I was urged to follow up immediately with a cardiologist. I did and the cardiologist could tell immediately that the EKG was erroneously administered and read. Thankfully, I did not have any prior heart damage. Thanks NewYork-Presbyterian, you made this entire experience as horrifying as possible.Jasmin HealthBlog Horrible. Im here cramping, back pain and they still haven’t say a thing. No nurse or doctor have seen me.. already 3 hours.Michelle X. This hospital sucks I had to call the hospital just to get a nurse and they didn’t pick up the phone the dentist nums me up just to tell me he thought in other words you made a mistake but your not gonna say that NO STARS !!!!!!!!!!.CATHERINE HERNANDEZ Terrible Terrible TERRIBLE SERVICE, Called me in 2hrs later and still waited inside 3hrs to see a doc. Told the nurse son has a fever and noone came to check his vitals. Dont call patients in if theres no space especially if ur gona have patients waitn on hard wooding chairs. The amount of money these hospitals make with very poor hygiene service, barely comfortable chairs etc….Mark Kabbash⭐️⭐️I checked in at 8:15 pm for an asthma related complication. I got pregnazon at 11:00 a breathing treatment at midnight and an x-ray soon there after. An hour later they gave me some over the counter cough syrup. At 4:00am they asked if I was ok. I scolded the so called Doctor. The service was horrible. My phone shows my saturation level went down to 92. They never checked after signing in, which was at 95. They only tended to those that were loud or complained. They are now giving me an additional breathing treatment and a more powerful cough syrup. If you come here you must be your own advocate and demand attention. Every time I go to the ER for asthma I normally get attention and breathing treatments within minutes. I hate asthma. But coming here not being able to breathe without coughing was a mistake. Come with someone to do demand attention. It is now 4:28 am.natalia pchelintseva Had to go to ER in the middle of the night in a pretty bad state. I needed an immediate attention of the doctor. Dr. Hill was assigned to me. He saw me after about an hour after I got there and performed an exam on me after an 1.5 h. I was in a lot of pain and they gave me painkillers after only 1h. Their response was slow and seemed like nobody really cared about you. Overall, the ER treatment I got there was pretty horrible. Would not advise people to come there!LucyAlia’s Closet I went to the emergency room because I could not see for about 15 mins. I am still having issues with my vision and this came out of nowhere. But when I started to explain the symptoms the resident in charge started laughing like if it was some joke I was stating. He looked really young and his reaction toward me and what I was saying was like a joke to him, after I called him out on why did he think that me seeing a bright light in my eye was funny, he very passively aggressively walked away and his interns were instructed to stop working with me. Because to him my symptoms were crazy. I found out the next day that my symptoms were serious that they indicate my cornea could be moving and I can go blind. I have lost all trust in Columbia Presbyterian on 168 st because he is suppose to be a Dr and that is beyond unprofessional conduct its reprehensible behavior coming from someone that is suppose to be helping people and Dangerous to the public, that they would have someone like this working in a emergency room. it is sad that I live near to this hospital and am looking for another hospital to go to. His name is Benjamin and they need to investigate him. This is by far the worse emergency room in the City of New YorkArielle Williams⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI had an amazing experience. I came in with a sprained ankle, was seen right away, and all the nurses and doctors were extremely kind. Not to mention the facility is clean and beautiful. This was the hands down the best emergency room experience I’ve ever had.Jill Tropea This ER needs a major wake-up call. We took my mom there after she had been feeling ill for over 6 weeks. They ran several tests and said she would need to be admitted. After 15 hours of waiting in the hallway they suddenly changed their tune and said she was completely fine. POOF! Just like magic. And showed her the exit door at 2am (with NO diagnosis whatsoever). We convinced her to go somewhere else and as it turns out she has a potentially life threatening blood infection that spread to her organs. This is a very busy ER (I get it) and they clearly can’t handle the volume unless you just overdosed or are homeless. So the net net is that if you are just a regular person in serious need you better think twice. Your life is worth more than the treatment you will receive at this ER.Josue Martinez⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedProfessional doctors with experienceedwina essuman Horrible service.Dont go there if u have an alternative. Period.Candice Wellman I am totally disabled and could not accompany my brother to ER. His cell phone died and I tried calling just to get some confirmation of his status. was told a flat out “not able to give any information.” I understand with privacy laws how staff has to be careful. However, there must some legal middle ground so that one’s family can at least know that their loved one is ok. So I continue to sit all night wringing my hands with anxiety!Jackeline Gonzalez I was waiting for 12 hrs, just for someone to tell me that can’t get a MRI of my head, after a night of painful headaches and tinitus. Don’t go here unless you have a really emergency.Maria Lopez Low staff, low patience, too many patients. Even though it looks nice it still in one of the worst emergency rooms.Efrain Mercado Honest review, went in with a horrible toothache, it is an exposed nerve. I’ve been waiting three hours to get my medication. During all this time I’m agonizing because of the pain. I get that it isn’t a broken bone or something major but anyone who had this pain knows how awfully painful it is. Still haven’t had my medication. I would NOT recommend this hospital to anyone with throbbing pain. Don’t do it!George Rozycki My son came in and needed a cat scan, that was done about 9:40PM. He told the nurse he was nauseous about 10:35. Just received medication at 11:20PM. He still hasn’t seen the doctor or any results. The doctor has passed by sveral times, with no communication what so ever but stopped in front of us to hug a nurse and talked to her. I see now why the ratings are so poor. We even had to tell the nurse his iv had been empty. The only reason we came here 40 minutes away is because his doctor is associated with this hospital. Signing off, he just passed by again, it’s 11:47PM.Cary Simpson Came at 5PM to get seen for a UTI/kidney problem, didn’t go home until almost ten hours later after being totally fine for four of those. This has got to be the SLOWEST ER in the city. The staff was not helpful and gave vague answers when questioned about discharge papers and the like. Avoid here if at all possible.Dinidu Wickramasinghe⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Emergency Unit: Nurses and the doctors are really friendly. And they traet patients in a kind way. But waiting is a bit concern here. And the front desk people missed to get some information from me. Overall its a positive place for me.J Riv⭐️⭐️One of the worse experiences being in this ER! I refuse to ever come back . The staff is extremely rude and does not aid to your needs . I understand that it’s a busy facility , but a smile would go a long way . Not one person was nice , not ONE! I suggest going to a smaller ER where they have more control of their patients. Waiting over 5 hours just for a test that takes 30 minutes is unacceptable ! I’ve never in my life met a group of nurses who are so un compassionate. Maybe you guys should set up group meeting on learning how to greet patients coming in and out .michelle gonzalez The worse E.R in NYC. I just got home from the hospital and I had to walk out I got there at 10pm and they took my blood pressure, temperature and check my heart rate. Then nothing else was done.I went to ask the nurse when was I going to be seen and she gave me attitude “the staff seriously sucks “ they got all this gossiping going on and not enough work is being done 85% of the patience that we’re there had not been treaded. Horrible, when you ask them a question all they say is “okay,yeah,did the doctor see you ?. I walked out, for not being treaded at all. Also a nurse complained about the emt bringing all patience to Columbia this lady really thinks we were there by Choice. There was also an older woman who had been there since 1pm in the afternoon and it was 2am and they were not paying her no attention no matter how much she complained, no matter in how much pain she was,they didn’t even want to help her get on or off the bed.Manny Polanco Dont come here. I understand there are tons of patients coming in and out but don’t come here. Horrible management, organization and shortage of staff. My dad almost had a stroke waiting for them to take vitals after reporting chest pain with blood pressure over 188/140. Go elsewhere! Horrible!April Showers This hospital deserves 0 stars. Came in via ambulance and still didn’t get triaged for 2 hours. All they were doing (the nurses) was walking around taking orders for dinner (who wants plantains/fries with their order). On their phones, using triage rooms to watch “how to” videos, and walk around looking busy. Once I saw the Dr all she did was ask some questions, listen to my chest, tapped on my face asking if it hurt. Came back after talking the the attending and said “you have an upper respiratory virus”. Discharged me, and said follow up with your primary doctor… I did, and after a chest x-ray found that I have pneumonia. Don’t waste a second of your time going to this worthless hospital!!!Taif Rady⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedWorld class hospitalJ L The doctors were fantastic. Some of the nurses (Natalya and Candace, I’m looking at you) were awesome. BUT the hospital left my 86 year old father in a stretcher for over 30 hours while he awaited a bed. He was there for cardiac and pulmonary problems, and on his second day not a single nurse or tech checked on him, checked his vitals, gave him breathing treatments, or helped him to the bathroom, for FIVE HOURS. And THEY LEFT HIM OFF THE CARDIAC MONITOR AND OFF OF OXYGEN while they gossiped at the nurses station and gave us evil looks while ignoring him and his even more ill neighbor. A tech even yelled at my 86 year old mother (I hope you get fired, Charima) and refused to help empty my father’s urinal. I have ten years of experience working in multiple EDs and this is not how patients or their families are treated in other places. Someone like Charima the lazy tech with attitude would be fired in five minutes. We would not leave an old man in the ED for 30 hours with no help, no nursing care, and no call button, all of which is probably a huge violation of about a million state and federal standards, not to mention totally inhumane. We would not hire “patient reps” and nurses who refuse to interact with patients. I get that it’s a chaotic place. I get that they are busy and that they deal with tough, and very ill, patients. But there is obviously some sort of deep problem with the culture of nursing care in the department which I hope can be fixed for the sake of both the physicians (who really seemed to care) and patients. Until then, I suggest you arrive armed with the phone number of every administrator and that you don’t leave your loved one alone for even five minutes.Anthony Loew⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI came in with a broken wrist, yuk! Friday night, they were fairly busy. Waited about 45 minutes till seen. Immediately the nurse practitioner offered me pain med, found me cubicle to relax. I had xrays and this was unusual, the xray technician showed me the digital images and explained the procedure that was going to be done by an orthopedic doctor in a few minutes. The doctor showed up in about 15 minutes, really warm and friendly and very professional. He completed the procedure to reset my broken bone. I left the er with a cast, in a total of about 3 hours. There was also another nurse that treated me like family. I hope you never have to go to the er, but if so, this is the place.Fany Santi October 1-2017 I’ve been here with my boyfriend since yesterday with a real emergency in his mouth. We have had to wait almost 4 hours for just a pain killer, since they don’t have a dentist in there. They never answered my questions and there was no supervisor whatsoever near by to speak with. The nurses were rude and saying “You just have to wait.” The doctor spent 45 minutes to just put in the prescription he talked about almost an hour ago. He was talking and laughing like a child hearing jokes with the rest of the nurses not even working. This hospital is really bad!Rita Mizrahi⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedNice gd bless

FAQ: Frequent Questions

Here you can find information and answers to frequently asked questions about the New York Presbyterian Hospital Emergency Room in New York.

◼️ Open 24 hours this emergency room of New York?

Yes, of course. The New York Presbyterian Hospital is open 24 hours a day for any emergency.

◼️ Is it also open on Sundays and holidays?

Yes, of course. The New York Presbyterian Hospital is open on holidays and also on Sundays.

◼️ What’s the address of the New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York

The full address is 622 W 168th St, New York, NY 10032, United States.

◼️ What’s New York Presbyterian Hospital phone number?

The phone number of New York Presbyterian Hospital is +1 212-305-2995. You can click here to call now from your phone.

◼️ What are the GPS coordinates to get there?

If you use a GPS coordinate system to get to the emergency room, you must enter the following; a latitude of 40.8407676 and a longitude of -73.9406965.

◼️ How much is it to go to the New York Presbyterian Hospital?

The cost of visiting the emergency room of New York Presbyterian Hospital may vary depending on the type of emergency you have and also the type of insurance you are with. Feel free to ask or call the center before you go.

◼️ How long should you wait in an emergency room?

The waiting time will always depend on the type of emergency at that very moment. You can contact the medical center before to ensure that you can be attended to as quickly as possible.

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