Parkview Medical Center (Pueblo)

Type Emergency Room (ER)
City Pueblo CO
State Colorado
Address 400 W 16th St
Phone number +1 719-584-4000
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Where is the Parkview Medical Center – Emergency Room?

Parkview Medical Center ER Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
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Although this is the hours, please feel free to call the Parkview Medical Center phone number to confirm.

Parkview Medical Center Reviews

Before you go to Parkview Medical Center, you may want to know what the people who have already gone to this Pueblo emergency room think.

Rebecca Montez If there was a lower rating it would be given,There has to be a better system in place for the ER room , My daughter was in extreme pain and we never got seen I left and decided a appointment with her doctor would serve us better if we were just going to sit in waiting room all night long id rather have her in her own bed resting up then in a cold waiting room on a hard chair watching drug addicts get help before my child! Also the young lady at the front desk who i believe is medical redords was very rude i felt rushed to sign the tablet as she prematurely held out her hand in clear inpatient to retrieve it backTera Mitchell⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedUnfortunately I was there because I lost my baby while I was pregnant. However the care that I received helped me heal greatly before I even left and my doctor Queenie and my RN Nicole truly made my experience Unforgettable in a good way. Thank you for all your kind words and everything you helped me with over this hard time. May God bless you both!Leah Sutton If you are a working person or anyone has and pays for private insurance I highly suggest avoiding this place at all costs. I was charged $1500 (negotiated down to $652 by insurance as an in network contract rate) for a single X-ray. I could have gotten this X-ray done for around $70 at many clinics around Pueblo. I will go literally anywhere but Parkview for care. Based on the other reviews they obviously have major issues in many aspects.Brandon Lara⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Please, forgive my reviews. We found the real problems it’s my infected teeth and dentist lying about my infection and they stuffed me with 6 antibiotic treatments in a span of 4 of months; plus the last one, I took for nothing they didn’t pull it. REAL DENTISTS found a lot of infections. What happened was my the worst dentist told me it’s my health, that is why went to yous but the reality is it was my teeth. That is why had a rapid heart beat, mental health decline, puking, the chills, and delirious.Jon Mcleod I was at the emergency room for severe back pain I had to be taken by ambulance because I couldn’t walk. I was in the most severe pain I’ve ever been in my life and I went to the ER 3 days in a row all they did was send me home. They treat every patient as if they are a heroin junkie and they explained to me that there’s an opioid problem in Pueblo and I’m say what what that got to do with me? I don’t take opioids or other drugs. I’m 50 years old and I go to the gym everyday. They referred me to a neurosurgeon who was on vacation and they told me that he was the only good one in Pueblo. I never even saw the doctor but I got a nasty letter from the doctor office highlighting a paragraph and said they do not treat pain. I was also referred to pain management to a doctor Chapman who’s Secretary called me and did everything she could to discourage me from making the appointment because she said that this doctor wants everyone to know that he does not believe in pain medicine. I thought that was crazy so I called her boss to ask if it was true and the office manager said yes dr. Chapman does indeed have his staff Call all the patients and discourage them from making an appointment because if you’re expecting pain management you will not get it because he believes in alternative Therapies. He needs to have his license revoked. After a month of having this back problem and 3 days in a row in the ER I finally gave up on Pueblo and Parkview and I drove to Parker Adventist Hospital and went to their ER. Within two hours I was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a synovial cyst in my lumbar spine and scheduled for emergency surgery. I’ll be having the surgery tomorrow and as soon as I recover I’m going straight to a lawyer and I’m going to sue the hell out of Parkview for medical negligence. I have documentation how they misdiagnosed me with gout and sent me home with a compressed nerve in my spine that could have left me paralyzed. It’s disgusting an appalling hospital and it should be shut down.jimi Davinchi Parkview Medical centre,, You Check in But u Dont Check out.. Have your funeral arraingements in order before you go get that splinter taken out by these Modern Day Butchers.. [[RIP Chris Consorte]]Tiffany⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedMy dad has been in and out of Parkview in ICU, the OR, and on the Cardiac floor and has received excellent service and friendly faces in each spot. I can’t say enough about the care he received from Jeff, Tawny, Dalton, the nursing students, the wound care nurse, and a lot of other names I didn’t catch. I worked at Parkview over 20 years ago and I’m glad to see that exceptional patient care hasn’t changed!Matthew Mascarenas⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedMy girlfriend got the best care possible.. She got mad ( just rolled her eyes ) when they let a PCC student try to draw blood.. But understands they have to learn some how even if he missed twice… from the CNA to the Nurses … Doctors and Specialist.. They all gave her the best care possible !!!!!!Brianna I went yesterday for stomach pain. Some of the worst pain I have ever felt and i have had 3 kids and kidney stones so… They did blood work and CT scan.. Told me nothing was wrong. Wasted 5 hours of my day. Less than An hour after I got home my primary dr called me and told me my CT showed i have colitis and needed to get into a GI specialist right away. They sent the referral for me, provided me with anti nausea meds and pain pills because the emergency room suggested ibuprofen, which I told them I can not take because i had gastric bypass 3 years ago. They also questioned me heavily about me having to have a hyserectomy at 25, then proceeded to do a pregnancy test on me anyway… I was given Tylenol and zofran in the E.R. which provided me no relief and i told the nurse that multiple times. This hospital doesnt want to treat they just want to take your money. They also treat everyone like drug addicts and wont provide those who those who need pain medication what they need. The only good experience ive had thru parkview is Dr. Hug at childrens clinic and Dr. hunt as our OB. Their specialists are great but everything else.. Lacking.. Also it should NOT take FOUR times to start an IV line..Steven Duncan⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedThis is for the Labor and delivery unit. Can’t say enough how pleased I was with the skill and service. Our last child was born in a hospital rated in the top 10 for L&D. Between that experience and Parkview, I would say Parkview was just as good and in some areas better!!! Very impressed and thankful.Aileen Nelson⭐️⭐️Service eventually received was adequate, not outstanding bit decent. The wait in the er was approximately 3 hours and upon discharge at 11:45pm, I was shuffled out of the facility with no transportation option unless you have enough money for cab fare. Unfortunately my initial ride cancelled due to the extended wait time and I was $5 of cab fare (with less than 5% cell phone battery)! However, security wouldn’t even allow me to stay in the waiting room and chagec my phone while establishing another ride. Apparently they rather a young woman walk alone at midnight to the east side in the dark for 3 miles….Aaron Vialpando This hospital has poor customer service especially in the ER. One of the staff members named Jeff needs to learn how to treat customers with respect and dignity, it is no excuse to yell at customers and treat them as if they do not matter. You have clients in there that deal with several illnesses, what gives you the right to yell at them and tell them they don’t matter oh, what gives you the right to tell them they have to wait longer just so you could walk around and claim you’re doing your job. Jeff what gives you the right to tell customers that other people are waiting just as long as they are, what gives you the right to tell all the customers in there that they need to wait longer when theie life can be on the line? In addition your other male co-worker needs to learn how to speak to customers, it is no excuse to tell customers that you are short-staffed that everybody’s way long and that they want to see other emergencies first you guys need to learn how to do your job or find a new job, Walmart is hiring quit the hospital your CEO will be here in about this expect to be called into his office within a week. this hospital needs to have a thorough review by the American medical association and any other organization that oversees the hospitals funding and practices. The CEO needs to deal with his staff and these problems. This hospital is a joke. for anyone reading the positive reviews understand that those of reviews may have been created by the staff and relative of the staff themselves. Mr. CEO why does your orderly staff allow their relatives to go into the hospital areas that have been closed and why do these staff members direct everyone else to the ER; however, not their actual relative isn’t that a form of favoritism for a family member?Claire A-T This is not Emergency care!! If you are NOT bleeding, you could DIE waiting!! sometimes hours. This is scary life threatening disregard and misrepresentation of true emergency care. Go to Colorado Springs I promise you, you have time.Amanda S Rude ER staff that laugh and joke in the halls about patient ailments. If you want to be disgraced for needing medical attention, by all means this is the place.Mike Aragon Cant believe some of the Dr’s just want you out of there not really concerned about what is really wrong with a person. Security more concerned with flirting with the nurses than doing there job.Fran Pinto Travel from Walsenburg just to wait 4 hrs no call from doctors or nursesDebra P⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedWhen I had my procedures in the Outpatient surgery center, everyone was very professional. Everything went very smoothly from the admissions clerk to calling my ride after my procedures and getting me in the car. It was a wonderful experience. Even the nurse that started the IV was great. Absolutely no pain! I give this facility a five star!!Dezz wheeler PLEASE FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES HEALTH GO ANYWHERE ELSE!!! The most cruel hospital I have ever been to! Lazy, rude, and inhumane treatment. Not mention how dirty it is!! Doctors and Nurses lie to your face or have absolutely no idea what is going on. Under and over worked staff! ! They do not communicate with one another about patients. They let you sit in your own filth and let you suffer. Complete over haul or staff needed!!Kris Dawson Helpful tip. If you’ve been waiting more than 2 hours to even be called back to a room, LEAVE. They are INTENTIONALLY pushing you hoping that you will leave because they dont think you’re emergent enough to warrant the er. They intentionally leave infectious people sitting with others and laugh when you complain about anything. The narcissistic moron at the desk had one line “you’re 2nd or 3rd on my list” and he said it to every single person as they were checking in and checking on why they had been waiting 6 hours. Adam B spent the whole time watching movies on the screen he specifically turned toward the desk and away from the waiting room overflowing with patients. Instead of cleaning CONDOMS off the floor in the waiting room he insulted patients to the other workers. Absolutely disgusted by the attitudes of every staff member we encountered and the absolute incompetence. I’d rather let myself die than ever let anyone I care about ever step foot into this facility again.thomas scoot⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI received very good care in the same day surgery unit. Everyone there made my experience very niceAmy Ridiculous billing, if you can’t make their payments on their time they immediately send you to collections. No negotions. The hospital is then charged a fee by the collection agency to try and obtain money that just isn’t there. So the hospital still doesn’t get the money but has to pay the collection agency. Oh, and they cannot refuse medical services so they can just keep piling that debt and collection notices deeper and deeper. This is why the hospital is going bankrupt. Whoever is in charge of the finance department is an idiot. Oh, but they’ll give you a 10 percent discount for payment in full. Let me just go win the lottery for you so I can get that 10 percent discount!Jeffery Buchan I thought the VA was bad, if I ever get sent back to this emergency room again, I will be sure to bring a social worker or other representative with me and I mean that. I told them I had allergies, they gave me Iodine dye any way to do a CT scan of my belly. As soon as they injected the dye, I got instant rash and itching. So they gave me Benadryl and doubled my I V, then they admitted me to the hospital after being there 8 hrs and them saying they was gonna send me home. All of a sudden after making me have a allergic reaction I had to be admitted, the night mare did not end there. The parkview hospital is worse. The bad thing is they said they admitted me for keto acidosis, using my high blood sugar as the cover for their giving me a dye I clearly said the VA does not use for me because I am known to be allergic. I have allergies to medicines and dyes like that, so the VA uses a more expensive dye that is hypo allergenic. I told the tech that several times and they insisted on using the Iodine dye Parkview had there in the ER. they did the CT after 8hrs, so why was it so important all of a sudden? I will insist on a social worker or patiant representative there at all times of treatment.Laura Martin⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedMy father was flown here for a STEMI post v-fib arrest on June 9th. This entire hospital was wonderful- from the ER, to the cath lab, to the ICU, and floor. Im an ER nurse and know what they have to deal with daily. Everyone was very professional and experienced. I could not have asked for better care!Lori Garner⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedJessica has got to be the best nurse I enjoyed our experience with her! She will be getting a friendly visit from us again with big burger world in tote!!!Chris Spino Do not use unless you want to be abused. Expecialy if you have a mental health condition.LXG There should be a program straight up exposing this place. Check out reviews of people who’ve been here maybe 2-7 Years ago and it wasn’t…this, if you need reference to how sad this place is, then come in here and scope out how the ER is handled, how careless the staff (or at least the majority) are. Oh and the biggest joke is how poor the “help” you receive is. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone thinking about this place and how the experience I had went down, same as the people I shared the ER waiting room with. Ask people you know personally, talk to locals if you’re new to the area or just visiting. Either way you’ll quickly learn that Parkview is a joke. DO NOT DEPEND ON THESE PEOPLE TO HELP YOU. “Will you die in the ER before some robot calls your name?” Come play at Parkview Medical Center!Rae Ann Gonzales Brought my 83 year old mom in with shortness of breath, leg pain, and drowsiness after sleeping all day. 5.5 hours and counting. i understand that patients with severe symptoms are taken with priority, but that’s not what’s driving my wait time. Something here is severely broken…processes, manpower…who knows. This has been an incredibly awful experience.David Lucero Use to be a great Hospital, hospital has really went down hill. Penrose St. Francis is my choice if a serious medical issue arrises!!!Joe Grille This place has gone down the tubes like never before. It was a really nice place to.come to when you needed emergency services several years ago .But now it seems like no one knows what’s going on, the place is very disorganized, and the care and attention you get is not worth it. I couldn’t believe how fast this place had gone down in service since I was last here two years ago. like others have said the bathroom was smelling of urine. I hate to say this but Pueblo no longer has a good hospital worth going to for services. I used to think Parkview was the best alternative to the other Hospital here in Pueblo but it seems that is no longer the case. Next time I need to go to a hospital for services I may have to go to a Colorado Springs Hospital. Common Parkview, Get your act together again and be the place we puebloans used to be glad we had to come to for services.Kim Mccollum Have friends working in the OR suites. Management has directed the staff to concentrate on the cleaning of surgical instruments after the case so the sterile processing department won’t have to work so hard at THEIR job. Instead of caring for the patient when the surgeon is closing, or when the patient is waking up from anesthesia, surgical technologists are told to make sure the instruments are cleaned. When patient safety is brought up, management and director said they don’t care about that. Most of OR staff are travelers, no wonder, honorable, ethical employees won’t work there! Think twice before going for care at Parkview hospital.CW Watson This place can’t even schedule an x-ray. Dr Chapman with pain management waved his finger in my wife’s face. He placed a spinal cord stimulator in my back not knowing it is NOT MRI compatible. He never knew it was not mri-compatible until I did the due diligence for him. I have to do all the due diligence for all the office staff at the doctor’s office and the hospital. I’m moving out of state because of this ridiculous situation with Healthcare in Colorado. I will also be turning them in to the Colorado State Board.Cindy Koen We have a couple of issues with Parkview. First, my husband was in the hospital last year and we set up a payment plan with Parkview. However, every 2 months (sometimes every month) they turn us over to collections and when we call the collection agency, they show that NOTHING has been paid on it (which is completely false). Most of the nurses were great when he was there and even most of the doctors. But the doctor that was there on his last day didn’t even come see him and we only got him discharged because of our persistence. Worst hospital ever.nati hobo Horrible hospitality and employee’s there are super rude avoid going there if you can worse hospital I have ever been to if you end up being there I pray for youPatricia Munsch Allows abusive parents to see their children without contacting CP’s while cutting off other family members.Kale – Mercy Main BTW Went in for an SI, and it took 3 hours for them to tell me to discuss breathing techniques with my therapist and send me home. But not before one of the nurses verbally harassed me into giving a urine sample (DURING a suicidal breakdown) and was extremely rude to me the entire visit.Amber Cook Receptionists do not even know how to be receptionists. It is their one job! Canceled my appointment, if their staff is this unintelligent I can only imagine how incompent their doctors are.Brandon Lara I was put down for leaving early and I heard put down even in the cafeBlaise Wilson⭐️⭐️Apathetic. Irresponsible. 1 in 10 people that work here may be decent caring people. They have decent working equipment and medication supplies. That is how they earned any stars at all. My partner is currently receiving care at parkview and the first thing I’d say to someone considering going here is: if you have the time to go to Colorado Springs (I’ve been cared for at their hospital) or perhaps another hospital with decent reviews, go there. At parkview they somehow allowed THREE LITERS OF BILE to leak into his body. Despite the fact that he had equivalent to more than a full 2L soda bottle of bile bloating of his stomach like a balloon (which is obvious enough of a problem in plain sight even if you have no medical experience), and he told them, repeatedly that he was experiencing 10/10 on a pain scale. What did they do? Have him continue drinking water and taking stool softener for several days before they finally began the process of fixing this serious issue. Which, to be clear, STILL HAS NOT BEEN SOLVED. He has been sedated and waiting for surgery SINCE YESTERDAY. I called and demanded to know why they have let this problem go on for so long only to be met with the answer “I dont know I have only been seeing him since yesterday” The leak began most likely before he moved from ICU and they even have documented photos of the leak beginning, yet, at that time, it “wasn’t leaking enough for surgery” Would you let a plumber inspect a leak at your house and tell you that if it wasn’t totally flooded he wouldn’t fix it?? If not, and if you value your body more than your house, dont go here! Now he has to wait for surgery basically just because they are completely understaffed. With both 2 patients in ICU they still cannot take care of him?? And it’s even worse once you leave ICU. Which is where they let his leak become more or less a flood. I’m more than dissatisfied, I’m concerned for the lives of the patients who receive care here.Barbara Walters I can’t even begin to explain how bad this place is now. Last time I was here was 7 years ago and it is not the hospital I remember. This time they took 5 vials of blood. When asked what they checked the nurse stated my blood sugar. When I asked the doctor if a blood pressure of 116/100 was high. He stated it wasn’t. When I told him it was high. He stated it was inaccurate anyways. The entire reason I went in was to check my pregnancy, but he was satisfied with just taking my blood sugar. And he wait was ridiculous. When I finally got back I was asked if I reported a blood sugar of 30. I explained to them that I would be in a coma or dead if my sugar was that low. I went to st Mary Corwin and was treated with respectLouise Martinez⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The doctors and nurses who work in the ICU are all Stars they are wonderful they really treat the patients with kindness and dignity. The minute they move the patients to regular rooms however its over. The staff on the second floor are not professional they just lack the Star Quality that the People in Icu have. They do not go out of the way for the patient the way they did in the ICU. The CNA’s did not even want to help my mom with her hair. They left her all a mess. In Icu two of the CNA’s made my mom the most beautiful braids you have ever seen. She washed my moms hair with a bucket while she was in a coma. They kept her so clean. The whole hospital should give care like this. Not sure what changes to make the staff suddenly not as friendly and its like another planet really.angelic gardunio 6 hours in ER waiting room still not seen.Cindy Valenzuela I’m very frustrated with the service we received been waiting in the ER room nurses been waiting for 5 hours and have yet been taken back. This is such a frustrating situation . I’m aware that we have only 1 hospital in this city but when you are waiting for over 5 hours to be seen that’s ridiculous. The problem is that people are using the er as a primary Dr visit. Come people who are supossed to be making our city better 1 HOSPITAL FOR THIS MANY PEOPLE IN OUR CITY THIS IS RIDICULOUS. GET TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING. People are going to die because of your lack of ability to fix the enormously wrong situation. UPDATE: SO after waiting almost 6 hours to just get in. The very nice concerned Dr Becker did an amazing job with taking care of my son. I would like to give a great huge thank you to Dr Becker for saving my son’s toe. Also the Dr gets a 10 rating and the waiting still receives a 1 star..Ashley A⭐️⭐️⭐️Layout of the hospital is kind of confusing and I got lost trying to find the L&D ER. The room I was placed in was large and clean. The nurses were very nice, friendly, and explained everything to me. However, I wasn’t allowed to deliver here because I was only 27 weeks along and Parkview is not equipped to handle micropreemies. Step it up, Parkview! You’re the only place to deliver a baby for miles! Time for a NICU upgrade!Jill ludy⭐️⭐️The staff were very nice and doing their best but, the overall cleanliness was very disappointing given we are in the United States of America. The hospitals in poor countries like Mexico are extremely clean compared to this place. It didn’t used to be this bad but since everyone and their brother got Medicaid with the new healthcare law the place is over run with non-urgent visits. While some are very ill and it shows, others are going around chatting on phones, laughing, in and out smoking, drinking soda: all this while sporting a blood pressure cuff on their arms. This is for the seriously ill, not for routine checkups and substitution for running out of pain pills. Bathrooms smelled of urine, floors were dirty, chair arms sticky. The cafeteria at entrance had trashed do full they were spilling over. This was over 5 hours that I was in there, same trash. Again staff was great as was the care but the cleanliness of the place makes you feel as is you’re not safe from an infection control stand pointKelsey White⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI had a hysterectomy in this hospital and there is a particular nurse named Melissa who helped me tremendously after my sugery. She listened and made sure I was comfortable at any time. Nurses do not get enough credit these days they do the hardest part. Thank You Melissa God bless youVicki Valdez Went to Parkview ER last night as I was having severe abdominal and back pain. I thought it was another pancreatic attack, as I’ve had two previous episodes of this and know it can be fatal. (No, I don’t drink.)I waited only about 30 minutes before being triaged. Blood was drawn and an EKG was done. I was told to go back to the waiting room and I would get the results in about half an hour. So after about 45 minutes I asked the ER receptionist if my results were in. She said she couldn’t tell me and that I would have to wait to get them from the ER doctor. While waiting, I spoke to another patient who said she had been waiting 6 hours already to see the doctor. After waiting another hour, I decided to leave, as my pain was decreasing and I didn’t want to be there all night. Before I left I asked another ER staff member why patients had to wait so long. He explained there were only 30 beds in the ER, and they were full. But I realized that the real problem was that there are not enough providers (Doctors, PA’s, NP’s) to care for so many patients, which is really the cause of slow turn-around. I would hope that Parkview would hire additional providers to handle the number of patients before someone dies while waiting for care. Next time I have an emergency, I’ll drive to Colorado Springs.Teresa Nival⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI have been having stomach pain and intermittent vomiting etc. This progressed to one final bout that made it necessary to call an ambulance. The staff was completely overworked and the census was completely full. However the staff Dr on duty gave me the same wonderful attention that I’ve come to expect from Parkview. The team that attended me and the expertise of Dr ordering an emergency Cat Scan with contrast showed that I needed surgery. I had very large gallstones and bile and sludge with a stone lodged in a duct of my liver. I don’t think another Dr would have found the problem because I HAVE NO GALLBLADDER! THEY HAVE EVEN FOUND A MASS THAT THEY ARE INVESTIGATING IN CASE IT’S CANCEROUS. ALL OF THIS WITH AN ADMISSION OF VOMITING! I am totally in awe of the fact that I was in a life or death situation and any other Dr probably would have given me pain meds, stopped my vomiting and sent me home. The hospital was so full I had to go from the emergency Dept to surgery because the hospital was full! I thank the staff so much for the professionlism and time they obviously give the most common of complaints. I take issue with the negative comments I’ve read because my experience with all of my attending Dr.s, nurses, etc. was completely opposite. Because of them I had much needed surgery and am being treated vigorously to make sure that my liver isn’t cancerous. Thank you to all of the wonderfully professional staff of Parkview Medical . Respectfully, Teresa Nival

FAQ: Frequent Questions

Here you can find information and answers to frequently asked questions about the Parkview Medical Center Emergency Room in Pueblo.

◼️ Open 24 hours this emergency room of Pueblo?

Yes, of course. The Parkview Medical Center is open 24 hours a day for any emergency.

◼️ Is it also open on Sundays and holidays?

Yes, of course. The Parkview Medical Center is open on holidays and also on Sundays.

◼️ What’s the address of the Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo

The full address is 400 W 16th St, Pueblo, CO 81003, United States.

◼️ What’s Parkview Medical Center phone number?

The phone number of Parkview Medical Center is +1 719-584-4000. You can click here to call now from your phone.

◼️ What are the GPS coordinates to get there?

If you use a GPS coordinate system to get to the emergency room, you must enter the following; a latitude of 38.2813603 and a longitude of -104.6122945.

◼️ How much is it to go to the Parkview Medical Center?

The cost of visiting the emergency room of Parkview Medical Center may vary depending on the type of emergency you have and also the type of insurance you are with. Feel free to ask or call the center before you go.

◼️ How long should you wait in an emergency room?

The waiting time will always depend on the type of emergency at that very moment. You can contact the medical center before to ensure that you can be attended to as quickly as possible.

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