Sinai-Grace Hospital (Detroit)

Type Emergency Room (ER)
City Detroit MI
State Michigan
Address 6071 Outer Dr W
Phone number +1 313-966-3300
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Where is the Sinai-Grace Hospital – Emergency Room?

Sinai-Grace Hospital ER Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours
Although this is the hours, please feel free to call the Sinai-Grace Hospital phone number to confirm.

Sinai-Grace Hospital Reviews

Before you go to Sinai-Grace Hospital, you may want to know what the people who have already gone to this Detroit emergency room think.

insiya sukkurwala⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedBest experience ever! Just had a baby here and the whole staff of labor and delivery was just amazing. They not only respected my needs and plan but waited for a natural delivery for me and didn’t hurry me . Also the staff of post natal care was beyond expectation. They were always there with in seconds when I called them. Would check on us every 1-2 hours and just took very good care of me and baby. I don’t understand all the negative comments and I don’t know about all the other departments but for us giving birth here was the best experience and nurses and the whole staff are the nicest I have seen anywhere!Brittany Hall WORST EMERGENCY HOSPITAL IN THE WORLD They had a 3 hour wait in the emergency room. I explained to them that I’m pregnant and they still didn’t care. They act with no sense of urgency and give no reassurance that you will be taken care of. They are extremely unprofessional, lack empathy, unconcerned and just terrible. The emergency room was cold, I said something about that and they still didn’t care. They don’t care about anything but their paychecks. The only reason I gave them a 1 star (which was also because I couldn’t give them no stars) was because there was only one medical assistant that acted like she cared but unfortunately 1 can’t make up for all of them. Even if I’m dying and the closest hospital is Sinai I wouldn’t go, I’d take my chances trying to make it to ANY other ER because if I go there I’ll just die anyway. Need new staff up there ASAPLatoya Davis Went into the hospital at 11 with a blood sugar of 350 after coming down from 400, didn’t get to the desk until 11:44, then went to the back and was seated in a chair for over 2 hours. The first nurse came and gave me an mini exam (still seated in the hallway/chairs) and confirmed I looked dehydrated then left. The second nurse came to take my blood work and urine while still seated in the chair. They left for another hour, I had to check my own sugar in the hallway, it was still over 300. Went to see the issue on why I hadn’t seen anyone and was told I still had to wait. Ended up leaving by 1 and still didn’t see a doctor before I left.deana geluso⭐️⭐️⭐️They have redone parts of the hospital but they should have thought of the visitors that have to wait for their love ones during surgery. Surgery waiting room is very uncomfortable and really needs a make over, may i suggest vending machines, a few tables so family can eat when they are there 6 + hours, cards and maybe boards games, chairs that recline, tvs that work and not snowy, and WifiArcher Onyx This place is horrible. My father has been in emergency triage for 2 days because there is no rooms available. None of the family visiting have seen a doctor and the nurse comes in once or twice to administer meds according to their chart. No one has checked on him or gave any of the family an update or plan of action for treatment. I will never come to this hospital even if it meant dying where I currently am. This hospital does not care one bit about their patients.Erik spangler Went to have a baby with my fiance and the doctors were yelling at each other and at me. Told me I needed to hold my fiance’s legs when it’s the nurses job. Went to cut the umbilical cord and the doctor was yelling at me to cut the cord. Worst experience ever. They tried pushing the baby back up in her when he was crowning. Didnt take out the placenta until 40 minutes later. They are careless and unsanitized. PLEASE AND I DO MEAN PLEASE SAVE THE TROUBLE AND DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL. BIRTH OR NOT. I WOULD NOT EVEN RATE IT A ONE.Chianna Kirby I had an entire unprofessional doctor kept walking in my room without knocking ,and I was there for my chest and barely can breathe the doctor was not genuine listening and the staff laughy loud and playing outside my room door and the lady at the desk that give transportation with glasses is just as rude unconvience I caught a cab their to experience my health and had to call an ambulance to take me to another I wrote in my willso not ever let these ppl put my life in their hands I will be writing corporate .Michelle 777 Worse hospital in the world. Do not go here if you would like to live. They will keep you sick for as long as they can and milk your insurance company. The staff don’t listen they ignore your concerns and complaints. They can’t tell when a patient is in distress, they will misdiagnose you. You will likely get a blood infection and pneumonia which they won’t do anything about until it’s to late. This hospital is pure hell, brick and mortar of hell. You won’t leave this hospital alive or you might be in a worse condition than when you came in this place.Ashli Ruth Horrible experience, brought my toddler in for a gash on her cheek. Sat for 3 hrs before we were even seen. Wouldn’t bring an animal here.Ronald Bullock ER wait is terrible. If you come here, you’ll have to wait three times. First in the general lobby, second the patient lobby and finally in the patient room. You can expect 30 to 40 minutes per room wait. If you’re dying……game over!!!Talishia Crosby My daughter was involved in a horrible car accident and some of the nurses there were extremely rude and downright forceful. That was my child they were supposed to be caring for. She recieved bed sores while there. Please dont take or leave your love ones there! Be blessed people!Mohammed Safaa91 They are too slow and I got pain in my heart and they didn’t give anything just they told me u can go home I told them I still in my pain they didn’t care…. just one doctor came to me he even didn’t listen to me he just asked me 3 questions and he goApp Giggin There’s one word for this hospital: NIGHTMARE. From the rudely misinformed staff to the ambiguous rules and antiquated systems, this establishment mimics the expectations of a third world country. Truly despicable.Theresa Taylor I recently had a miscarriage & they sent me home while I was bleeding heavy & didn’t do anything to assist me & I kept going back & fourth complaining & finally the obgyn specialists perform a d&cHappy Face They would get zero stars, if that was possible. The staff at the visitor check in desk had this “I don’t care demeanor, like “I’m at work, but don’t bother me or ask me to do anything”. My mother was transferred there from a local NH at noon. When she got to the ED she was put in a room. No one hardly checked on her. She was sent there for bleeding. The nurse never check her brief. She drew blood and started an hep loc, but when I asked her about the bleeding she had not a clue. They gave her an antibiotic when they don’t even know she had an infection. It was like a ghost town. It was so disorganized. It was pathetic. No one could tell us anything. All I got was I don’t know. They have the nurses doing everything with no support staff. They have the RN leave the ED to transport patients to their room, but the tech starts the IVs. WHY!!! That is a waste of resources. The nurse we had was still finishing her work at 9 PM. My mother’s wet and bloody incontinence brief did not get changed for 6 hours, even though staff knew she needed to be changed. No one ever came back. We saw the tech once in the 11 hours we were there. They don’t make rounds. You would have thought that DTE cut off the heat. It was that.cold in the room. My mother had six blankets on her and she was still cold and so were we. I kept my winter coat on and my hands were stiff from being cold. Again no one could help. There was no one effectively moving patients out of the ED. There was a lot of chit-chat between the staff. Medical presence was a joke. It really seemed as though staff was left to figure things out on their own. I will try and change my mother’s doctor so she won’t have to come back there. I do not like their ED at all, at all. My mother was finally admitted. When we got to the room, the nurses were nice, attentive, efficient, and friendly to my mother. I was comforted in leaving her there by that. The team work was apparent, but NOT in that ED. It was horrible!!!Reginald James⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Clean but Drs need better experience at diagnosis.Zadie Reed Went to Sinia Grace on 6/20 with adomen pain I was brought in by the paramedic that did not help the case, upon arrival i sat in the wheel chair moaning while the hospital nurses and doctors played and had a good time finally they took me to a room when it took the doctor 30 minutes to come he did not seemed to care, when he left oit he assured me that Renita was coming with meds for the pain and something for nasuea we waited about anpther 30 min nooo Renita. By this time my daughter was down the hall begging for help.the nurses stated to her that this was not their floor and it was nothing that she could do so we had enough my daughters got a wheel chair and pushed me out of that horrible place and was taken to Providence where they were professional and I was seen as soon as 5 min by a doctor.Keenya Reeves The worst hospital ever very unprofessional, ghetto, lazy and careless. Wouldn’t go to this hospital if it was the last one on earth!!!kimberly Carter Iwant to go home …this place is horribleAngie Burns We got here at 12:15am, sat in the lobby for over and hour finally get to the back around 2am. The doctor comes in and says we need to get and xray for my 9 year old once the xray was done now bo sign of the doctor, it’s now almost 4am still no sign of the doctor there should be a law that you cannot milk someone insurance because that’s obvious that is what they are doing.jackie Othman The worst hospital in my experience….came from Cincinnati and friend fainted the ambulance crew had a female lady that was so rude Then we got to the hospital she was left in the hallway for almost 2 hours So awful the service They look at u like garbage so horrible.Kristina Cook I agree with the others. Only come here if you are willing to die. This place is severely understaffed with negligent employees and prison rooms. It’s as if they just don’t care about humans. They will tell you how you feel even though you know it’s wrong. They will say they are going to do something and forget. I spend my time at this place in agony for days and was suddenly released. My bf just spent time there and sat in the ER for 12 hours waiting for surgery when someone came in and told him oops the surgeons thought he was going home! He had to spend the night in ER before he could get a real room. There’s more horror to the story but I wish I read these reviews before trusting my life here. Even if your limbs are chopped off by Freddy Krueger, find out a way to get elsewhere.Tiffany L Currently sitting here watching nurses and doctors walk past a patient shaking and crying in pain. No compassion or regard for patients. This place is trash.G W I came in for a lower stomach and lower back pain issue. I checked and it took them about an hour and a half to get me to the back long story short they I was told to pee in the cup and then I Waited in the room over four hours to give me any results and then the actual doctor got upset and wouldn’t prescribe me any medicines and told me to report to my doctor in four weeks I don’t understand how doctors have attitudes when their job is to care for people I was told I had an inflammation around a cyst on my uterus. And that’s why I have pain. Rewind back around noon a nurse gave me a Tylenol which didn’t work. Around 130pm a nurse came in my room saying “oh I need a blanket” not “are u still in pain, or do you need anything” I instantly got upset and asked for the doctor she came in 15 minutes after that and I told her this isn’t proper care. “Remind u I can’t sit because I was in that much pain” I have good insurance yet I’m getting horrible service. These doctors and nurse are literally here for a pay check. I ended up at providence I had to get 2 shots in my back and a steroid to try to strink the cyst because unlike Sinai grace I had 3 cyst Not 1 and I may need surgery. Sinai grace couldn’t tell me that? They need to revamp these Doctors I can only imagine how they let people suffer on there time. Literally it is NO TELLING HOW MANY PATIENTS HAVE DIED DUE TO NON PROPER CARE” never againTuhin Faiz Not sure if the staff here know what patient abandonment is. My dad has been waiting all night and morning for a doctor to come see him. They give no regards. The nurse will rarely come in here to check. This is neglagiance. Not caring for a patient properly.Deandra Benn They’d it really care about there patients because it’s a killer hospital. You will not make it if you attend Sini Grace hospital! They are terrible!Brian Thatcher Took my 11 year old son there on 7/10/2019 at 1:20 am for a broken hand and at 3:23 am we are just leaving after never having been seen. This is ridiculous that they can leave a child in the er for over 2 hours never to be seen by a doctor.Latonia P. Armstrong⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedVery Professional & Customer Services Excellent?Vanita Jones I have been here since 8 yesterday morning it is now 8 the next morning i have yet to eat a meal and when i asked they said we can give you a sandwich this place is horrible there are a million nurse’s bit they are all just sitting around i wish i had went to anywhere but hereOctayvia Williams It’s been 9 days since I’ve been stuck here and the compassion stops at the day nurses. Literally, I told my nurse no men in my room at night, she pushed my iv meds to knock me out and I woke up to a man standing over me at 4 am NO LIE The people that do x rays and all scans are the most insensitive uncaring people I’ve ever met. I’m 23 with a hip plate now and the midnight xray man thought it was funny to drag my hip across a solid hard table. If I find out I can prosecute this hospital I WILL! My social worker was supposed to help me find a rehab for after and all she provided me with was 2 pages about spinal cord injuries… and I have a hip injury and pins in my foot from a car accident where I was a passenger. She doesn’t even know why I’m here !! And I have full coverage insurance and they continue to treat me like they found me homeless on a park bench. They don’t deserve one starLissa Williams If I could give this hospital no stars I would. This has to be the worst hospital in Detroit hands down. If you can get to the next closest hospital please do so. I’ve had love ones & friends in this hospital & they all say the same thing. Anytime you have patients arguing abt EMS bringing them there you know it’s a problem. My grandfather was in a nursing home & it was noted in his chart NOT TO TRANSPORT HIM TO SINAI GRACE PERIOD!!!!! SINAI GRACE NEEDS TO TAKE SOME LESSONS FROM SINAI HURON VALLEY. I know there are some great nurses& doctors& medical staff there unfortunately there are more rotten apples than good ones thereJulius McLaurine A few days ago I had the worst experience ever! We have to sit and wait for several hours. RANATA is one of the worst people I’ve encountered. She has a rude mouth and Alexandria tried to help me. Ranata blamed Alexandria for bringing me in finally when it was her fault. Never will come here againElijah Miller This place is a death trap. Would never recommend this hospital to anyone unless I wanted them dead. If you have a medical emergency, i don’t care if it’s a gunshot wound or a hangnail, go anywhere but here because 9/10 you will die.Russ M Wish I could give negative stars … My dad got admitted and I’ve been waiting in line for the patient advocate, for greater than 20 minutes, to tell me where he is…. I don’t know if he/she is on break but it is HORRIBLE practice to not have coverage for this especially with 3 other people sitting behind the desk doing nothing…is there nobody crossed trained to address breaks? In an ER??? This makes no sense…C. B. I have never met more unprofessional people in my life. The nurses think toxicity-induced delirium is funny, and a group of men holding down and putting a catheter in a young woman is like a little party. The doctors seem to be confused about their roles and responsibilities.Zack &Star I came in at 2pm.. it was 3 when they FINALLY checked my vitals it’s 4:50 I still haven’t been seen by a doctor. They say there’s people who are having worse pain and can’t breathe. I’m having gallbladder spasms because I have gallstones. If I could’ve went anywhere else I would have. We should be able to give them no stars!Johnathan Dailey⭐️⭐️This was my very first time ever going to Sinai-Grace. I’ve heard the storys from family that have worked there doing security. And family in general. My brother had psychotic break. The EMS came and rushed him to Sinai-Grace even though Providence hospital was closer. (Weird, you would think they take you to the closest hospital) After getting to the hospital the ER runs like any other ER. I arrived about 15-20 mins after my brother was brought in. When I spoke with the front desk. They told me he has “ restricted access“ so I asked when may I get to see him and who can see him. I arrived around 4pm. They would give me no information. I waited in the lobby for several hours will still no information. Once my aunt arrived at about 8pm they let us go back. On 1 condition they we do not wake him. We found out more information the next day. That they spoke to him when he was lethargic, and completely unaware of what he was saying. Through the day they would ONLY let 1 family member see him at a time. We spoke to a social worker by the name of Crystal( short African-American lady)which she was phenomenal and very upbeat. She was able to give us more information and she did her best to answer any questions we had. There was another short African-American woman at the ER desk that was very nice and polite as well. My brother was evaluated and moved to a room called “results room” after a few hours I was able to go back with him and sit with him in that room. A nurse that was there instructed me that I could only stay 10 mins. I instructed her that i either sit with him or I sit in the lobby but I will not leave him here alone. After that she was fine with me staying. All of the staff in that room was polite. Specially a nurse by the name of Amber. Which got into a deep conversation with me and my brother. She was the only one he would open up too. He needed her and that talk. Thank you to amber. They told him he would be transferred to Stoney creak at 1:30. We asked for the psychologist she did not return until requested several times and the EMS was there. We were able to keep him in house after talking about other issues with that facility. After keeping him in house he was moved to the psych ward On 5South. The black bald gentleman with glasses was very polite and Patient and many other staff that were at that desk. When he was at 5South they were rude to him when we were not there. They tried to force him to stay a month even though the admission paperwork He signed sated he could voluntarily discharge after three days. They tried to force him to take medication even though they had lost his chart. And did not speak to a doctor. We tried to call and ask for a head nurse and we were told “I don’t know who that is today and I don’t know there name” after getting the runaround he was suddenly discharged after we asked for administrative numbers and patient advocate. We are very thrilled that he is back home but I would say from my experience. All of the staff must know the reputation the hospital carry’s. Some staff are really nice and to give them a solid chance. Some staff are rude for know reasons at all. I say to them If it was your family like really. Who comes the ER on good terms. I can definitely live without any attitudes and shutting someone off from there family. Oh I almost forgot a family came in the ER Her mother had past at 1am(I thought I had it bad, God put me in check, sorry for there lost) she was not notified until 7am. When she got there she was in the morgue. Why was she not notified immediately earlier. I hope this hospital turns around but whoa alot to take in.lashe lewis I’m wondering if they have any concerns about their reviews, my brother went in there Er and having a stroke,by his stats anyone working there should know 200/180 is crucial! They put him on a psychological hold instead of treating the obvious, when they discharged him,clearly the man need support they discharged him with no follow up, no discharge papers only a prescription. No one should be treated this way. How ever one Nurse stood out and went beyond the reputation of this place. I thank you whole heartedly Ms Linda God bless you Monique Davis They’re unprofessional and very loud. The Doctors assessed patients in family waiting area and asked questions……What about HIPPA violations. I can barely walk and they said I’m good with no restrictions! That E.R is not following protocols because I have so much to tell…..As I sat there all I could say to myself is you never know who the patient is and it’s sad…….Chris Ware Worst hospital EVER! If anything life threatening ever happens to me, dont bring me here! We need better care, faster response times and more empathy in the inner city hospitals especially this one!Tamesha Johnson East 6th floor…dont go…call button dont get answered til 15 min later…you cant get nothing for getting run arounds…they move sooooo quickly to exit your room…never ask how you feel or is their anything i can get you…environmental service cares nothing about the environment…someone playing street music for bout 20 minutes abruptly…just came back on…is this a hospital or what…i have never felt so unpleased to the fullest…it sucks from the moment you start at the front desk til you exit the premises…total discuss…SICKENINGMoe Baydoun⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I was born here. Pretty good experience over all. Warm blankets and baths provided. Highly recommend being born at this hospital!Ashakia Hood My problem I had is when I called back 2 days later & spoke to a young lady in express care..who was rude, & unprofessional, she had a very smart mouth…her total behavior was unacceptable & disrespectful!!! It’s sad that one person can stop you from going to a hospital. When I go to a place of business or call a place a business I expect to be treated with respect. Ms. McIntosh who was very helpful & professional gave me the patient advocate number to make a complaint but! Yes you guessed no answer. One apple!latonya gouch This is a Terrible hospital. This nurse I had in the ER was just down right….just not right. I wish I knew what unit this is I’m on I would report these people. Nae Wilkerson⭐️⭐️I think you kindly Nurse Lisa 5west you the only nurse who really cared for me when I was there, lol once you discharged they want you out or they boss would get mad, I feel like I was talking to the wall every time I needed something from the people I thought I can trustMamahnita Combs If you want to live don’t go here. If you want to die and have your family get a good chunk of change with a lawsuit by all means this is the place. You would be better off going to a cemetary of your choice digging a 6ft hole and falling in before you get any type of decent care at this hospital because they do not care they just want to milk your insurace for as much as they can.maria weathington I would rather stay home and die after what I just experienced. Rude staff, prejudice health practitioners that think everyone is a drug addict, and the doctor that saw me would not provide antibiotics for a nasty infection I had and I was told that “its a chronic problem it’s nothing we can do and you don’t need antibiotics”..i felt so disrespected, helpless and hurt. I don’t understand how this type of treatment has continued to exist for so long, sinai grace staff absolutely abuse their power and continue to not give a dam about sick patients, we need REAL CARE AND COMPASSION we dont need health practitioners prejudging patients and disregarding patients issues like they do. I’m sure the head of the hospital have heard our many many many complaints yet they continue to do NOTHING.Mya Jeffries They kill people . They need to be closedRoger Hill The worst experience I’ve ever had with a hospital. .the gross unprofessional .staff starts with the ems..that brought my uncle to this awful place. ..then the stupid ignorant. Staff…where .were these people trained Dorsey? Its terrible horrible. Awful..I would never never. Never go here .Again…its third class. Treatment for people that should get first class treatment Im contacting .The state of Michigan. To report .How unprofessional .unethical .And terrible. This. Place is…warning do not go here .its a ghetto hospital ..staff has ghetto mentality .hayaat sayied Worse hospital ever. We had our son there and my wife had a C section, they would not provide be dmore then 3 days worth of pain killers. Are you kidding me? I had minor orthoscopic surgery and other places gave me 30 days supply while she had a major surgery and they refused to give more hem 3 days. Never ever again. This hospital needs to close downTiara Roosevelt Well I’ve got checked in at 11:41am today 4 months pregnant came in feeling light headed and nauseous. They took me to the back at 1145 they said they didnt have a room available i had to sit in the family waiting area been sitting in the family waiting area since 1148 its now 1:18pm i had to ask several people what was going on after having to get loud they finally just put me in a room.Jazmine W. Terrible! Don’t go here unless You just ready to die… seriously unprofessional and don’t care at all!Lucious Conway Brittany Willis is a self absorbed wanna be colored nurse working at 5pm in er. Useless. Another colored nurse looked me in my eyes and walked by me without a word when I came to the desk. When I called them on their unprofessionalism and rudeness, they became beligerent. Wow! At sinai-grace there is no care and very little health.Stephanie Richardson I hate this damn hospital. I wish I would’ve stayed at home. I’m 14 weeks pregnant, been here since 10 last night and all I’ve been given is a cold sandwhich and that was this morning. I’m sitting here bleeding vaginally and they don’t even seem to care. I just wanna go home. How is it legal to starve a pregnant woman? They gave me an xray without me signing any consent forms. I feel like, if I lose my baby, it’s their fault. The negligence is just crazy. They said I can’t eat or drink anything, but I’m sitting here drinking juice right now. I know it’d be against medical advice, but I’m ready to check myself out. I can go to a different emergency room. The only good thing about being here is a small percentage of staff are nice and jist doing their jobs.mareona waples Worst hospital ever. How do you call it emergency when ive been sitting there for over 3hours . i will never in my life come back here again . even if i was dying i wouldn’t come here because they’ll probably take 4+ hours just to try and save me .. TERRIBLE!!!!Tiara Givens No stars given to this hospital at all, I took my son there around 9:30 pm because he had cut his arm very bad and we was there for over 3 hrs and no one ever looked at his arm to see how bad was his cut, so now 3.5 hrs later we are at Henry Ford Urgent care and as soon as we got here they didn’t have a bed but they at least at least looked at his cut to see how bad it was properly and wrapped it to stop the blood and after being here for a little over 15 mins we are in a room waiting for them to stitch him up. I’m so upset with Sinai because they told us that they didn’t have a doctor there yet but they could have been told us that before we wasted so much time, 4 others that was there were saying that they had been there for 4 hrs waiting and that is ridiculous

FAQ: Frequent Questions

Here you can find information and answers to frequently asked questions about the Sinai-Grace Hospital Emergency Room in Detroit.

◼️ Open 24 hours this emergency room of Detroit?

Yes, of course. The Sinai-Grace Hospital is open 24 hours a day for any emergency.

◼️ Is it also open on Sundays and holidays?

Yes, of course. The Sinai-Grace Hospital is open on holidays and also on Sundays.

◼️ What’s the address of the Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit

The full address is 6071 Outer Dr W, Detroit, MI 48235, United States.

◼️ What’s Sinai-Grace Hospital phone number?

The phone number of Sinai-Grace Hospital is +1 313-966-3300. You can click here to call now from your phone.

◼️ What are the GPS coordinates to get there?

If you use a GPS coordinate system to get to the emergency room, you must enter the following; a latitude of 42.4179044 and a longitude of -83.1816024.

◼️ How much is it to go to the Sinai-Grace Hospital?

The cost of visiting the emergency room of Sinai-Grace Hospital may vary depending on the type of emergency you have and also the type of insurance you are with. Feel free to ask or call the center before you go.

◼️ How long should you wait in an emergency room?

The waiting time will always depend on the type of emergency at that very moment. You can contact the medical center before to ensure that you can be attended to as quickly as possible.

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