Southern Regional Medical Center (Riverdale)

Type Emergency Room (ER)
City Riverdale GA
State Georgia
Address 11 Upper Riverdale Rd
Phone number +1 770-991-8000
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Where is the Southern Regional Medical Center – Emergency Room?

Southern Regional Medical Center ER Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours
Although this is the hours, please feel free to call the Southern Regional Medical Center phone number to confirm.

Southern Regional Medical Center Reviews

Before you go to Southern Regional Medical Center, you may want to know what the people who have already gone to this Riverdale emergency room think.

Karma Jones The mother baby unit is the best part in the hoapital.I also worked there,never again.They UNDER PAY and OVER WORK!Daniela Guevara Do not come here. Please. This is the worst hospital I’ve ever been to. Unqualified staff, no one cares to help people, the nurse couldnt even plug in an iv. Doctor Smith was pretty much laughing at someone with 3 discs slipped. I cannot believe this is the type of staff that is hired here, everyone’s license should be revoked. Do not come here, rather go to Grady 100% or Northside! You’ll be better off.Angelica Escobar Very very slow, they don’t care if you sick,plus they have roaches. It’s just nasty.Sophia Young If I could give a -0 I would. I was part of what they call”fast track”, and waited 5hrs just to be call back to wait more! I will NEVER come back to this place again! Please save yourself the trip if it’s a true emergency because you’ll die waiting!!Tete Corners So the doctor came in and told me to stop coming to the Er Diabetics are primary care problem even if I dont feel well I’m suppose to wait on my primary care. She was not nice at all.Noelle Green If I could give this hospital a lower rating than one star, I would. The ER department is the worst I have ever seen in Georgia. I brought a friend here at 1 pm. (She was prescribed some pain meds. The meds made her sick. She threw them up ALL day.) It’s after 4 pm, we’re were still sitting in the waiting room! SEVERAL people who were there when we arrived were still waiting too. Apparently, instead of sending individual patients back once they arrive, they wait until there’s enough to send a group back. In any emergency situation, if you can make it to Piedmont Henry in Stockbridge, I strongly suggest you head there. The ridiculous wait times aside, the entire Emergency Room staff is rude & unprofessional. Clayton County should be ashamed!!Isis Branch This place is awful..they will make sick babies sit and wait!Terre Alexander Came in at 5am for my 7yr old son….waited in Fast Track for over 3 hours after triage. I just left and I’m still going to get a bill even though we were never seen by a doctor.Moe T. NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER COME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would not recommend this hospital to anyone. If you have a problem you have a better chance finding out how to cure yourself on google or YouTube! It seems like there are no doctors and only nurses. They just put you in a room and tell you to wait and wait and wait. You sitting it the waiting room for an hour and when you finally get called they sit you in another waiting room for 4 more hours! Don’t even bother wasting your time!Krystal E I honestly believe this is were people go to be misdiagnosed and die. 8/29/18 … My 70 year old Grandmother was rushed here around 9pm after complaints of not being able to breathe. She wanted to go somewhere else but the ambulance insisted. They run some tests, tells her that she has fluid in her lungs, put her on a breathing machine and put her in a waiting room, promising to admit her soon. Family has come and gone. …. Here it is 5am, 8 whole hrs later and NO DOCTOR has seen her to admit her. She’s still in this waiting room. Only nurses with excuses. EIGHT HOURS! That’s a full days work. I get no one is above the rest but for an elderly woman with fluid on her lungs, that should push her up the list.ahtazsha blue They suck They Are Very Unorganized and have you waiting Extremely long . I was there tonight for hours and ended up leaving wasnt even able to get my results due to their confusion and disorganization.Ladi_ Dubose Im asthmatic i came in with complains of chest pains at 2:30pm im still sitting in the waiting area at 5:30pm.. They did triage and sent me for xrays but i have yet to see a doctor…if i were having a serious asthma attack id be dead by now smfh i only came here because it was close to me but im never coming back here… I never saw the doctor i got fed up and left at 9:30pm… If you can go somewhere else go. The staff is rude and they obviously dont know what emergency meansGlenetta 9 hours and still here waiting with my mom…Ridiculous! What kind of hospital is this?? Zero stars! I will drive 50 miles before I come back here. Just close it down skeleton crew staff for emergecy room. Just horrible!!!Ather Javaid Came in with my pregnant wife, pain level was at 10, she nearly fainted waiting at the triage and did faint while vitals were being taken, still sitting here to see a physician, even a PA or NP, it’s been over 4 hours, ridiculous, guess a pregnant woman in pain who fainted in front of staff isn’t a priority *UPDATE* after waiting another hour and speaking with triage multiple times, we decided to leave. Be sure that my attorney will be contacting you. Completely deplorable serviceSeneca C Truly does not deserve 1 star not even a half of a star…major cough…chest pain…high blood pressure…and headache however they decide what or who is more important…so apparently you need to come in half dead to be seen…ridiculous! Awful! Waiting room still full…they take more vital signs than anything! 1st and the last time I will ever visit this hospital.Kita Strutchen I can’t feel my face, neck, nor ear and I’ve been sitting here going on 3 hours!

FAQ: Frequent Questions

Here you can find information and answers to frequently asked questions about the Southern Regional Medical Center Emergency Room in Riverdale.

◼️ Open 24 hours this emergency room of Riverdale?

Yes, of course. The Southern Regional Medical Center is open 24 hours a day for any emergency.

◼️ Is it also open on Sundays and holidays?

Yes, of course. The Southern Regional Medical Center is open on holidays and also on Sundays.

◼️ What’s the address of the Southern Regional Medical Center in Riverdale

The full address is 11 Upper Riverdale Rd, Riverdale, GA 30274, United States.

◼️ What’s Southern Regional Medical Center phone number?

The phone number of Southern Regional Medical Center is +1 770-991-8000. You can click here to call now from your phone.

◼️ What are the GPS coordinates to get there?

If you use a GPS coordinate system to get to the emergency room, you must enter the following; a latitude of 33.5794523 and a longitude of -84.3888289.

◼️ How much is it to go to the Southern Regional Medical Center?

The cost of visiting the emergency room of Southern Regional Medical Center may vary depending on the type of emergency you have and also the type of insurance you are with. Feel free to ask or call the center before you go.

◼️ How long should you wait in an emergency room?

The waiting time will always depend on the type of emergency at that very moment. You can contact the medical center before to ensure that you can be attended to as quickly as possible.

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