St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center (Nampa)

Type Emergency Room (ER)
City Nampa ID
State Idaho
Address 9850 W St Lukes Dr
Phone number +1 208-505-2000
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Where is the St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center – Emergency Room?

St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center ER Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours
Although this is the hours, please feel free to call the St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center phone number to confirm.

St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center Reviews

Before you go to St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center, you may want to know what the people who have already gone to this Nampa emergency room think.

Wendy Chapman⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedSo wonderful to be helped by the staff at St. Lukes. The emergency room wasn’t the best experience but they did identify the source of my pain and got me over to the operating room where the surgical team removed a mass from my bowel. The surgeons, operating team, and nursing staff did a great job helping me feel comfortable and taking care of my needs. Thank you for helping me to recover from this unplanned surgery. Thank you to all for your service!Mike Waltman Terrible experience. Took 90 year old father to ER after 2+ weeks of flu like symptoms. Waited 2 hours in a cold, breezy waiting area. Never seen or treated, we left before any other problems could occur (the staff did say they would give us stuff to clean up any accidents). Father needed fluids, didn’t get. Staff had no compassion, tact, respect or obvious professional traits.Nicholas Puderbaugh⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedPerfect lobby super warm and the doctor was super helpful and told me and my mom everything we needed to know in order to get me felling better awesome hospital.MrsBMontes⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI had came in 9/24/19 in so much pain to the ER and was helped right away I could barely stand and they got me a wheelchair right away. I just want to say thanks so much to everyone who helped me . I had to get my Gallbladder out so I had to see a lot of nurses and Doctors and Ultrasound lady , I can’t remember every ones job position or everyone’s name but I really hope they all get to see this review but I just so appreciate every single person who was there , you guys are the best thank you so much for making this really scary experience so much better. Everyone was so nice and I just can’t say enough good things about everyone. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. God bless you guys.Stacy The Emergency Room has the worst service and 90% of the staff are heartless, rude, and flat out don’t seam to care at all… they act like they just don’t want to be at work. NOT ONE smile or staff member that seam to care. I have had many experiences in other parts of the hospital and they were great … But the ER needs all new staff. Horrible ER!Adrianne Illingworth⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedSaltzer Midwife Kathy Watkins and team, along with the staff at St. Lukes L&D were amazing for my pregnancy and birth of my daughter. I have never felt more taken care of with any other medical facility. Kathy offered us exactly what we wanted, but went above and beyond our expectations, especially with this being our first experience not going with an OB. She truly feels like a member of our family. As for L&D, all the women we interacted with were so in tune, knowledgeable, gentle and considerate. We feel like our daughter could not have been in any better hands! The facility itself is beautiful, it offers ample space and was quite comfortable. We we’re offered lots of resources and support in the upcoming postpartum weeks as well. I highly recommend Kathy Watkins for anyone wanting an amazing Midwife and St. Luke’s Nampa for L&D. We love you guys! The IllingworthsCathryn Kulp The worst experience of my life! The Male doctor (Dr. Hand) I had didnt even believe me for one that I was choking on a supplement the was stuck in my esophagus because I could talk a little. Very rude and unprofessional and very condescending!That little emergency room visit left me with a balance of almost 1,000.00 and that’s with GOOD insurance. Never before have I had to pay that much for an ER visit! They wont see me back here EVER, St. Alphonsus all the way from now on! Is this the hospital that all medical doctors and staff go to PRACTICE medicine, Obviously! Billing department isn’t much better! Marie Ru⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI went here after West Valley, did a horrible job on my kidney. Saint lukes immediately got me into surgery, fixed my stone/swollen kidney issue. They were so sweet and caring. They helped me keep the pain under control as well. I will be using this hospital every time. Thank you guys for making my terrible experience with west valley turn around for the better. I recommend this hospital for anyone who needs to be seen. They do an amazing job.Jennifer FireHeart⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI love the ladies in the lab. They take good care of my baby who gets blood drawn once a month. They normally get his veins on the first tryAmanda LeCoure⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI have had nothing but great experiences at this hospital. I’ve had a couple emergencies with 2 of my son’s a delivered my 5th baby there. The staff is amazing, clean hospital and by far the best birth experience I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend this hospital.Taylor Stanerson DO NOT GO HERE. I paid $100 up front self pay no insurance for the doctor to say that she did t know. I left with no diagnosis and to top it off they said they are still going to bill me $100 more but they would knock $49.50 off if I paid it right there in full. They also said if I had a problem with it I can write a letter and mail it somewhere. To summarize: I basically received no care and left with -$200Michelle Gonzalez Dont come to this place for emergency needs they wont think your that important and you will have to wait in the waiting room er for about an hour.Jean⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI have had multiple experiences with Saint Luke’s in Nampa including emergency room, family physicians,general surgery. every time I dealt with them the staff was friendly, competent and prompt. Thank you. You are definitely my goto healthcare facilityKathy Gulbranson⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI have had several appointments lately and am so very impressed with the quality and helpful friendliness of their staff. Thank you, St. Luke’s Nampa!becky langley⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I’ve been there a few times for me and family some days the staff is very good and some days they are very slowl but staff is always friendlyLilian Fierros The staff is terrible. Worst experience ever, these people are dry, and to say they lack hospitality is an understatement. Came in with a serious condition and it took them an hour just to check up on me. Do not come here! St alphonsus is without a doubt way better.eric sol⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedThanks St Luke’s for taking such great care of my twins. The nurses were amazing, the staff was very friendly.Chays Parker Worst service out there DO NOT go to st Luke’s! I was in server pain and they were to busy socializing to get me back also they did not help me with my pain or the swelling. And then I got wrote a prescription I can’t even get filled in the state!!! Never going here again. And the only reason I put one star. Is cause you can’t put zeroHayden Frasier Absolutely horrible service. Occupational health receptionists were incredibly rude and turned me away while refusing to call my workman’s comp representative. Had to go to the emergency room to take up space for people that really need to be seen in the emergency room. So that the ER will bill the same insurance that occupational health/urgent care would take. Staff were so rude, offered no legitimate alternatives to be seen for a serious injury.Lori B The ER staff at the front desk are lacking in proper triage. When someone comes in with an allergic reaction minutes count! They were not busy. Busy socializing perhaps. We were told to take a seat in the lobby and they’d get to us. Seriously? They are going to kill someone because they ignore Emergency patients.Danna J Pettigrew⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI have been using St Luke’s long before the opening of the hospital and have since then have been treated several times in the hospital. I find all staff to be courteous and most caring. I’ve been treated promptly and by staff that were highly skilled. I’m very thankful for all they bring to my wellbeing.Jill Thomas⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI visited the ER at St. Luke’s in Nampa this evening. Not only was the front desk person (Brad) professional, he was thorough and mindful of making sure all of my information was correct. I appreciated that! My nurse, Justin was awesome! He was compassionate, friendly and professional. He smiled and eased my worries right away. He also checked in on me and made sure all of my questions were answered. I was expecting a long wait and really appreciated Dr. Rose getting back to me right away. He introduced himself, listened, and explained exactly what was going to happen. I appreciated that I was well informed from the start of my visit to the end. They did an amazing job and I couldn’t be more impressed. What a team!Dalina Chase My son was seen in the ER on Wed. They did a blood draw, Sat they contacted us stating the draw wasn’t usable, that they needed to take another one. We returned on Sat afternoon and they were to call with the results on Sunday morning. Sunday morning they call saying AGAIN they can’t use the draw and need us to come back in. We return AGAIN, but was told we would have to endure an extra long wait. I decided to go elsewhere. Who knows, they might have screwed this one up too! #getitrightthefirsttimeErika Land The St Luke’s in Meridian is amazing but was very unhappy with the service at the Nampa location. I went here for the first time this past Saturday because my six month old baby got stung by a bee. I raced to the ER at the St Luke’s in Nampa. We got him checked in and sat down and waited. A nurse finally called us back around the desk and weight him and checked his oxygen levels. They left the oximeter probe wrapped around his toe and told us to go sit down! We waiting for about 20 minutes! My child was stung in the neck and could have swelled up to the point of not being able to breathe! Like a miracle the swelling went down and my son was actually laughing while we were waiting so my husband ended up going the front desk and told them that we were leaving. I better not get a bill!Martin Garcia Really terrible service, I took my 8 year old son to the emergency room at 3:00 am for a severe pain in his ear, he was checked and diagnosed middle ear infection and prescribed an antibiotic in addition to ibuprofen for pain. They did not even give him anything for the pain. It was temporarily 3:00 a.m. it would take him a while to find a 24-hour pharmacy for ibuprofen and even more the antibiotic until 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. at least. But to collect the insurance co-payment if they were fast. Angie Hale Unbelievable mistreatment… Never in my life have I witnessed such disrespect and disregard for elderly patient and family. Will be filing an official complaint.Herman Wright⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedMe and my wife had our little girl at this hospital and it was such an amazing experience!! All the staff was amazing and on top or everything the night nurse and lactationer kaite was our all time favorite!! It defiantly made it a perfect time to stop having kids i highly recommend this hospital!Anna Maxey⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedWe have been to the emergency room twice and the staff and doctors are helpful. Professional and very resourceful. Thank you for great service.Jeff Sorenson⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedJust got home after a surprise c section and three day stay at St Lukes. I couldn’t have felt more taken care of! From check in through delivery and check out three days later, particularly the nurses who took care of us in our room but everyone went above and beyond to make our baby’s transition easier. We are so grateful!jeremy franklin Went there last night for chronic pancreatitis related pain and the doctor wouldn’t help me with my pain and treated me like med seeker. Recommend going anywhere else.Joseph M Went into the er in Nampa having a stroke full on can’t walk face drooping and was told to wait. Sat there for 45 minutes before being seen by a triage nurseMichael draper⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Friendly staff and they took really good care of meJake Byrne Had an important appointment and was told once I arrived that my doctor didn’t fill in details with my insurance company. My doctor is in the same building and the front desk lady tells me she tried calling him but wouldn’t answer. So she says I have to try another day. Why not get off the front desk and go find him in the building. Poor effort at that facility.Margo Kinghorn The worst emergency Dept I have ever been to. Took my fiance in with chest pain. Did a CT scan of his heart & x-ray of his lungs .7 1/2 hours he was told everything was fine & to see his dr. Next day he was still having pain. Went to West Valley the next day. Within a few hours we had a diagnosis. The CT scan from Nampa showed he had peritintis & lung x-ray showed pneumonia. These tests were done at St Luke’s Nampa the .niight .& not caught. He Was admittted for treatment. We will never go back to St. Luke’s. Nampa. Poor service. & obviously the Drs don’t know what they are doing.Colin Davis Been a patient for 3 years and most let down by recent actions. Was sent for allergy testing for joint replacement they were to schedule surgery after. I’ve been waiting two months. I went in to renew fmla papers to find out my orthopedic doc doesn’t work there. No could return a call or give the curtesy to callTom Woolf⭐️⭐️My wife and I decided to have a baby and our insurance forced us into the St Luke’s birthing center if we wanted to use a midwife. We did not use a doctor except for consultation but the doctors and midwives were excellent before during and after labor. The support staff is a completely other matter. About half of the nurses in the birthing center are probably adequately trained but if you are unlucky enough to encounter a few personnel they will be forceful, demeaning, rude, and do every unnecesary test on a baby possible, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! We haven’t slept in days and everytime we get our newborn to sleep they smack the door open again to tell us, yep he’s healthy. Ok bye. Have fun with the screaming infant. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if I were on a prank show. Cmon Ashton you are probably behind this. No one is this stupid. Follow-up – Our prescriptions were not sent correctly and we found out that they were drawing an alarming amount of blood, for a low weight infant, according to another expert. It has been a few days and really all I can remember are all of the positive things that happened with our delivery. As frustrating as parts of this experience was many of the nurses and other support staff made our lives much easier with their help and kindness.Chelsea Stuart⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedAmazing NICU team!! Seriously NICU nurses are super hero’s but all of the people at this location just happen to be my favorite super hero’s of all time. I owe them a lot more than money. St. Luke’s for me and my family only.Gary L John⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedWas in the emergency room and was treated very wellMatt⭐️⭐️⭐️We’ve had good experiences and some that are only so-so. Personally I hate waiting around. My wife had surgery. We were told to be there by 7:30 am but she wasn’t taken down to have her procedure done until after 10:30. So needless to say we didn’t get home until around 3 pm. Unless you are the patient the seats in the room to sit on are terrible; extremely uncomfortable. It would be nice to at least care about the person/people with the patient too. Perhaps get some cushions or softer chairs? Possible some that lean back; anything to help. My biggest issue with the St Lukes in Nampa is that every time I walk through the doors I feel sick. It smells like people pee right on the carpet by the doors. It doesn’t matter which door you use. Now if St. Lukes can spend multi-millions on a new wing (which I’m sure they did) they should at least have entrances that don’t smell like urine. Have the cleaning department shampoo the carpets more than they do or get some air handlers that can suck up all that horrible smell.Julie Wood I went to the E.R. with several symptoms, they didn’t address them all. Staff were very rude and condescending. The doctor blew me off and wasn’t communicating at all. The experience left me wondering why I didn’t go to St Alphonsus! I should have! I asked for a sip of water and never got it. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone . Horrible!Sara Shoemaker⭐️⭐️The ONLY reason they get 2 stars is the nurses. The Drs. here are rude and condicending. If you have any sort of chronic illness, go somewhere else. My last time here I left still in excruciating pain, because I was sick of the snide, underhanded comments from the Dr. I ended up at St. Al’s in Nampa. The Drs. there listened to me and gave me the medication that actually works and were sympathetic. I will drive the extra 10 minutes for quality care.martin tittes My daughter just had to wait an hour with an server unknown allergic reaction. And as she sat puking in lobby the nurses and staff handed her a barf bag and went back to talking over their breaks. No one seemed to care about my daughter at all. I will never let any of my family come to this facility again. Even if its life threatening I will drive the extra miles to THE Caldwell hospital which is known as death Valley becuase I know me and mine will get better treatment. If I could put no stars I would.Erin DeRusso⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI just brought my son here last night when his temperature was 102.9 and crying non stop. I was freaking out. I took him to the ER and the wait wasn’t bad, the staff was so friendly and the doctor that saw us, Dr. Mark Briggs, was not only patient with my questions but with my son’s constant struggling as well while he tried to check his ears. It turned out that my son had an inner ear infection and instead of ordering pointless tests, this amazing doctor went right ahead and told me exactly what the problem was and took care of it. I’ll definitely go back there and even ask for the same doctor if I can! Thank you so so much Dr. Briggs, you’ve restored my faith in emergency rooms!LinJim Lambert⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI’m reading some of the negative reviews and I’m blown away. My husband has been to the ER at St. Luke’s in Nampa 6 times in 5 years with 3 visits in the past year and a half and has always received the best care from an amazing staff starting at the reception desk. I would highly recommend this facility. Also, the care he receives from his PCP and the 6 different specialist he sees on a regular basis is beyond reproach. You know they truly care about his well being and we have every confidence he’s receiving quality care from a group of docs that will not give up on him. We were with Saltzer previously and if we had stayed with them my husband would be dead!hector valverde The family birth center .. Needs to have more staffing . There for if you are in labor pull a ticket like Groves and wait for your number to be called . Because of understaffed hospital . This is a going city and only getting bigger .Gears Waited a month for an appointment with Dr. Jesse D Chlebeck. All he did was tell me he didn’t want to do my procedure and charged me $202.Jane Zimmerman⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedHad s Bariatric fill that was conducted by a very gentle and caring P.A. his assistant was equally kind and caring. Very positive experience and had the help of cutting edge equipment!?Amber Avila Absolute worst care EVER! Front desk was helpful and nice, but the rest was a horrible experience. No bed side manners from any nurse we came in contact with. The charge nurse Mel was horrible. I am blown away that a nurse is like that especially when a 6 year old little girl comes in very sick! We came here thinking there would be little wait cause it always has an empty parking lot but we were wrong. There is more nurses and drs standing around the station then there is patients in this building and yet we have still been here for over 3 hrs. Unbelievable! I’m disgusted at the service from this place. They never once asked my daughter if she’s needed anything, if she was ok, NOTHING. I will never come back to this hospital again and I recommend no one else come here either!Jennifer Reeves As we were patiently waiting our turn in line to check in, our focal point was on one of the registrars who was standing over her desk working with an otter popsicle dangling from her mouth for what felt like 5 minutes or more. We understand waiting in line, but to see this was very distracting and in my opinion very unprofessional.David Gehrig⭐️⭐️Girls up front improperly talking about their social media accounts. Very unprofessional.Brian Connelly Vickie Hughes Worst hospital ever. If they don’t get rid of Dr Woo they’re going to have a lawsuit. What a joke that hospital is.Deb Weaver I went to the facility in Nampa with my husband for his doctor’s visit. While he was busy, I went to the main level to visit the “Urgent Care” for a very minor problem – it was approximately 9:30 a.m. I followed the signs toward “Urgent care”. I stepped to the counter and asked if this was in deed “Urgent care”. I was told yes, to wait. I was escorted back to a room and saw a doctor within about 10 minutes. He asked appropriate questions and did a urine test (for a possible UTI). I was in a hurry, as my husband’s visits usually are very brief, and left within about 25 minutes. Before I left, I gave them my insurance card and paid the deductible of $50. on an “Urgent care” visit. I then received a bill for an ER visit – I have asked for a coding review – my insurance company cannot do anything because St. Luke’s insists it was, in fact, an ER visit. So I am left to pay – out of pocket, almost $500. for a 25 min visit and a pee test (not to mention the almost $800. @ month insurance premium). I am not dissatisfied with the physician or care – but PLEASE, let people know where the URGENT CARE is if that is what they are asking for. Also, CHANGE your SIGNAGE – because the “Urgent Care” sign points directly to the place I went. End of rant.Derek Wanders⭐️⭐️Jereked around with paperwork to get a test done that took me having to go to each department and play a game of he said she said.Dion R⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedVery friendly staff. Made me feel very comfortable in the emergency room and also when i went in for an MRI on my lower back. Going there for my MRI brain scan. Wont trust anyone else!chelsey butterworth⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI had my second baby here and I love the rooms and labor and delivery floor. It’s very nice.Ray Paine⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedOutstanding people, beautiful office. Amazing staff. Dr. BOTIMER is so very kind and knowable.Ashlyn Christensen Not a friendly staff of nurses, took forever for several people i observed to go back and be seen and when my husband finally went back the nurse that attended to him wasn’t very nice. I had planned on having my baby here but i may go somewhere else now.Jr Nelson⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedAlways have had great service with two girls and one very active son it’s a great place!Gina Huntsinger⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedWent to St Luke’s Nampa emergency room with appendicitis. Staff was great! Doctors, nurses, and radiology staff were very helpful, and took the time to explain everything that was happening.joe Ruiz I went In with amnesia and found out that I had a stroke and a hole in my heart and was told by the Dr that was seeing me that I would not have to worry about scheduling anything that they would take care of everything and when I called to confirm everything my heart monitors was not orders and no appointments were made my primary care physician was not made aware of my condition and when I asked to talk to the Dr that was seeing me they said that because I had been discharged I was no longer their responsibility I couldn’t get them to do their jobs at all DO NOT GO TO THIS “HOSPITAL”x x $200 to have a doctor tell me my finger was not broke, when I told him upfront it was not broke. Refused to show me the X-rays, gave no diagnoses to why my finger was swollen and painful, prescribed nothing.David Ruddock Save time and money, go to Meridian! Rude ass staff lecturing about appointment time when it’s their hospital under construction and a rat’s maze of signs to find the women’s health. I would understand if there was a line of patients but there was NO ONE and it wasn’t even lunch! Unprofessional and patronizing. Go someplace that remembers they are there to serve, don’t waste your time or money and go to Meridian or Boise!sierra mts I brought my son in to the ER for a medical condition that caused him horrible pain. We were the only ones in the waiting room when we arrived. The lady at the front desk typed everything in so slowly, all the while talking to the other clerk about eating french fries. She even paused to look at some fries that the other clerk brought her to eat. The whole time this took place, my son was practically screaming from his pain, but they never even asked about him or sped up the process at all. They hardly even interacted with me, but just chatted with each other about dinner. They acted so unprofessional and uncaring. It made a stressful situation even worse for us.C R The ER are doctors are horrible. They have no compassion and they are rude. The nurses aren’t too bad. It’s the doctors .Wtf Robert Why⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedThat one review is hilarious. “I waited 7 hours for emergency surgery” this isn’t a hospital and it’s different from one you can’t show up to a gynecologist and ask him to look at your strep throat there are lots of medical fields and everyone at every hospital is certified in a different area. Walmart has superstores. Mini marts. And grocery only stores. Don’t show up at a grocery only for electronics.Teresa Symonds I had an out patient surgery there last week. They were polite and seemed professional. Getting the IV in was a nightmare they stuck at least 8 titimesThe first nurse knew she couldnt get it. The second nurse ignored me when I said the needle was too big. Blew her/my best chance. They gave me opiates to put me down. I told them I cant take them. They must have had trouble. I wasnt supposed to go to sleep but I did. They were yelling at me to wake me up when I came to. I had to pee. They brought my clothes so they could dress me while I was peeing. There were at least 3 people pulling stickers and needles when the Dr came in. I was very stoned (opiates) and distracted by the other three people I couldnt hear him. the other Dr came in at that time also Making it between 5 and 6 people in the room. They brought me jello to see if I would throw up. Then I hurried out the door because tgey really wanted me to. I got to the truck headed down the road and lost my jello (opiates). I looked at my perscription he gave me for pain. Oh gee how fun more opiates. I would have loved to talk to the person from St Lukes who calls to ask about your surgical experience but they havent called back and didnt leave a number.Eric Torres 1 clerk was nice. The brown haired guy. And 1 female doctor was nice (older lady with short blond hair, slim figure). The rest of the emergency night staff was very rude and flew by medical examination. Let me mention the hospital was emtpy, maybe 15 cars in the

FAQ: Frequent Questions

Here you can find information and answers to frequently asked questions about the St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center Emergency Room in Nampa.

◼️ Open 24 hours this emergency room of Nampa?

Yes, of course. The St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center is open 24 hours a day for any emergency.

◼️ Is it also open on Sundays and holidays?

Yes, of course. The St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center is open on holidays and also on Sundays.

◼️ What’s the address of the St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center in Nampa

The full address is 9850 W St Lukes Dr, Nampa, ID 83687, United States.

◼️ What’s St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center phone number?

The phone number of St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center is +1 208-505-2000. You can click here to call now from your phone.

◼️ What are the GPS coordinates to get there?

If you use a GPS coordinate system to get to the emergency room, you must enter the following; a latitude of 43.6182142 and a longitude of -116.5902083.

◼️ How much is it to go to the St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center?

The cost of visiting the emergency room of St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center may vary depending on the type of emergency you have and also the type of insurance you are with. Feel free to ask or call the center before you go.

◼️ How long should you wait in an emergency room?

The waiting time will always depend on the type of emergency at that very moment. You can contact the medical center before to ensure that you can be attended to as quickly as possible.

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