St. Vincent’s Medical Center (Bridgeport)

Type Emergency Room (ER)
City Bridgeport CT
State Connecticut
Address 2800 Main St
Phone number +1 203-576-6000
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Where is the St. Vincent’s Medical Center – Emergency Room?

St. Vincent’s Medical Center ER Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours
Although this is the hours, please feel free to call the St. Vincent’s Medical Center phone number to confirm.

St. Vincent’s Medical Center Reviews

Before you go to St. Vincent’s Medical Center, you may want to know what the people who have already gone to this Bridgeport emergency room think.

Stephanie Sousa⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedThe staff was very kind and helpful with my situation. I feel very comfortable and safe there and also was very clean. I recommend my love ones to go there for medical needs. Keep up the great work St. Vincent ❤JoAnn⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedWent to Women’s Imaging Center & the ladies who work there were so kind, helpful & showed concern for my well-being. Only waited 15 mins before being called. Total time 45 minutes. The tests themselves were Very thorough & done with experienced radiologists & other professionals. Dressing rooms are clean along with the exam rooms. If having tests done here they will “Validate” your parking ticket so that parking is no cost to you, it’s Free. Large parking garage & security guards & cameras on site. I highly RECOMMEND having your tests taken here.Happyhearts56 G⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️My husband had surgery on 11/25th. The staff and surgical facility was magnificent everyone was cordial, kind and very professional. I would always suggest using this facility when an option. Thank you to all the staff which includes the front desk and any of the housekeeping staff we came in contact with.Sally Rodriguez⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedNot sure why this place has bad reviews because I had a truly great experience. Went in with severe pain at 11pm on a Friday night and was in a bed by 11:15pm, seen pretty much right away. Clean facility, nice staff, speedy imaging considering it was a late Friday night. I detest the ER and this place was unexpectedly great.Holly Pedreira⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI dont understand the low ratings? My mother had hip replacement surgery a couple days ago. It has been such a wonderful experience dealing with the nurses. The night nurses on the tenth floor need training but other than that the day nurses were so amazing. THANK YOU JOANNA❤ thank you Cathy and Chelsea. You all were amazing! You went above and beyond. I wish all nurses were as perfect as you ladies. So kind hearted and loving. I can go on and on… thank you tenth and third floor DAY* nurses for taking great care of my mother❤ -The Garnett Family P.S Joanna should be in charge, other nurses can learn a lot from her. She knows her stuff & delivers herself so professionally and adequately.Nicole Marie I had to change my positive review to a negative one because I cannot believe how rude and nasty the people who work in the billing/financial department are. If St. Vincent’s allows their employees to speak to patients the way they do especially Janet and huff and puff on the phone for no reason and ask “what is it that you want” when you are asking questions than I refuse to use St. Vincent’s ever again and will be sure to share my experience with everyone I know. I’ve never experience anything like this.Stacie Rivers-Walker On Monday November 4, 2019, I was transported to the emergency room via an ambulance. I got to the hospital at approximately 6:20 p.m. Once at the emergency room, I was wheeled into the emergency room waiting area and was told that I would have to wait because the night was very busy. At approximately 7:45 p.m., I was called to the registration area to register but had not been seen by a doctor. By 8:00 p.m., I was still awaiting medical treatment. As a result of the long wait to be treated, I left the facility without receiving medical attention. I have been utilizing St. Vincent’s Emergency Room for years but this was the worst experience that I have ever encountered. That is why I gave this a one star rating.toya green I currently have a family member in this hospital and it has been very stressful. The nurse normally calls when something is wrong. Everytime they attempt to call and talk to me their phone disconnects in the middle of our conversation. This very frustrating and has been going on for a while. I’m worried to death half of the time when they call and their phones continue to disconnect on me. I really hope that they fix this matter; especially with it being and hospital and your dealing with emergency situations with people family members.Carla Neri My elderly mom with Alzheimer’s has been neglected when needing to use bathroom. Horrible communication! Horrible organization. So frustrating trying to get facts. Different story every time we ask about her release. We will never use this hospital again.Suzan Weiss⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedMy daughter had to go to the ER at st Vincent and had to have an unexpected surgery ,we were surrounded by wonderful groups of Doctors ,nurses, technicians ,dietitians they were all professional and kind hearted Surgical group was lead by Dr Imran Saddiqui most meticulous and precise surgeon I dare to call him an angel from heaven we were so blessed to have ended up with him not knowing what was going on with my daughter ,can’t say enough about our experience with Dr Saddiqui, God bless and keep being you.xxtifbaybeexx1 Would not recommend going to this hospital at all!! The care you will receive is inadequate and not to its full potential at the moment as they are being bought by Hartford hospital !!! They are a messBrian B⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedThis was my first time having surgery but the whole process went perfectly across the board. Everyone was friendly, well spoken and knowledgeable. That’s everyone, from the admissions check in, to the gentlemen who wheeled me out, after I finished surgery. I work in the medical field myself and you can tell that the whole surgery center is top notch. I would highly recommend St. Vincent’s medical center to anyone going in for surgery.Cindy James⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI was very impressed with the care and efficiency at St. Vincent ERContrinia Wholley Horrible experience. If I could give negative stars I would. Do not go to their ER if you have an actual emergency! They’re understaffed, nonchalant, and unclean. I was waiting for over 4 hours with chest pain before I was brought to a dirty room which had a random vial filled with someone’s blood on the table, a tourniquet strap on the dirty floor, and used linens on the bed. Absolutely disgusting and horrendous experience. Do better St. Vincent’s, do better. Response to owner: I know which medical center I visited (2800 Main Street, Bridgeport) and I left the appropriate review for the correct St. Vincent’s. My review still stands. I will never go here again.Utkarsh Jhala I had been there in February as my daughter had high fevers in February and her pediatrician recommended us to go in so all the adequate blood work would be done which the pediatrician could not Order. My daughter was on anti-biotics as the pediatrician was treating her for Pneumonia although the chest X-Ray came out clear because of her cough. We were stuck with an extremely rude nurse who made me pick my daughter up with the IV in her hand from one end to the next end of the ER where the restrooms were. They did not order appropriate blood work and wasted 5 hours and let us go home at the end. I took my daughter to Yale Medical Center in Trumbull, CT after a couple of days as her fever did not go down. The Doctor at Yale ordered certain virus tests for blood and sure enough, she had RSV and then Flu B later based on her results. A Royal waste of $800, which was only my Co-pay. I brought this to their Patient relations and hoped they would reduce the bill at least and they denied that in a letter. All in all, Absolute Waste of Time and Money!!! PLEASE DON”T GO HERE !!!Justin G⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Had my first child here. Great experience. They took great care of us, ensured the baby was doing well and up to par on his vitals. The hospitality was outstanding. I want to thank all the nurses and doctors for their caring and compassionate attitudes. I recommend having a child here if possible.Kesia Rivera⭐️⭐️Extremely BIZZARE Hospital!!!!! I came in thinking i was having a heart attack. They took a CAT scan which showed blood clots in my lungs due to a recent surgery. The doctors are thorough here, at least. The rooms are private and very clean. I had a lovely nurse today, Ashauna. She is very kind. However, it appears to be part prison. I had my cigarettes and lighter confisgated once a nurse saw them in my purse. Last i heard cigarettes were legal. They were taken and locked up. There are bolted windows in your room. They do not open, even a crack. You are not allowed to leave your floor, under any circumstances. If u do you must put in a request to have a hospital security guard escort you and follow you around (maybe they have a high theft rate or something?). You are not allowed to leave the building. You must beg for a tylenol if you are in pain. They act like this is some kind of controlled substance clinic, as if giving you a tylenol is a life threatening event. I asked at 7am when i would be discharged. They said “soon”. 4 hours later i asked if i could go to the gift shop and they informed me since i was going to be discharged i would not be allowed to go to the gift shop. I would like to point out that i was simply a walk in. I was not here for anything drug or alcohol related. I have no criminal record of any kind, aside from motor vehicle violations mostly consisting of unpaid tickets. They have no fans and since there are no windows that open, it is gross, thin, stagnant air always. Unless you like being a prisoner and a patient, i would suggest a place with less of a criminal, claustrophobic, paranoid, unhealthy feeling.Tasha Thompson⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedThe drs are very professional and hepful!!Paige Koehler⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedJust got an appendectomy here, blows every other hospital out of the water. I walked in the ER and was helped in less than 10 minutes , and in my own room within an hour, doctors are extremely knowledgeable, made sure I knew what was going on the whole time. All the nurses were very friendly. Thank you to everyone in the ER And 10 north 9/17-9/19 you really made my first surgical experience so comfortable and less scary.Matt D’Amico⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Had a CT scan done and reviewed here. Long wait but overall good experience in evaluating my head injury and referring me to specialist. Could have payed more attention to my complaints of neck pain (had a herniated disc and whiplash). Better experience here than the ones I’ve had at Bridgeport Hospital. I prefer the staff here over Bridgeport Hospital.Sam Rosado Very disappointed. 6 hours later and I’ve still haven’t heard what’s my diagnosis. I was put in the waiting room with IV in me, freezing unable to put any sweater on. Nurses where talking about medication and medical needs in the waiting room. Finally got my cat scan and was seen by a nurse (not a doctor) asked for water got nothing. Just a terrible expirence might as well have just taken an aspirin and pray you don’t die. Wish I could give 0 stars.Karunakar Patlolla If you want to get ripped for nothing just visit this hospital. Everything sucks especially ER. They charge You for the services they haven’t provided and the customer service is horrible.Alejo Pozas If you want rude and unprofessional nurses to treat you, go to this hospital.Lantz Korponay Horrible Staff. Everybody keeps asking my dad the same questions. Every one gives him different answers. And after his back surgery today in the preop room one particular nurse didn’t care that he was in a excruciating pain and was aggressive twards the family. She also ripped his bandages off violently and hurt him a couple times! This place is cruel! Do not come here!Dorje Chen⭐️⭐️I ended up in the ER and I waited more than 12 hours before I ever saw a doctor! That day, I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch. The hospital provided food, but the portion size was very small (2 other people there also said the food wasn’t enough). I asked the nurse, if I could have some more food, she was extremely rude and unpleasant about it. It was also very cold inside the facility and relatively dirty as well.Nick H. Please do not send anyone to this location, horrible staff. Treat people like they should kill themselves.Monika C⭐️⭐️I went here 5 days ago because my son seemed to be in pain. Staff were not professionally trained to take blood pressures on my almost 1 year old son and the nurse said under her breath that my sons feet were discusting looking. There was nothing wrong with his feet. Also since I have tylenol at home. I asked the nurse whom I thought was a health care provider what is the pain dose for tylenol. She told me to ask my health care provider. So people at the hospital are not health care providers??Karina Adorno My daughter went to the hospital with stomach pain, nausea and dehydrated. We were waiting almost 4 hours for the medication or any attention. If I had not complained, they would not have given her any medicine. Also the waiting room and the reception was very dirty. And the nurses were rude.Crimson B Retrograde I was misdiagnosed the first time. Sent home with the wrong medicine because the doctor looked at my throat for two seconds and sent me on my way with medicine. I came back the next day my throat was closing and I was lucky to be alive. They took me in a swabbed my throat and gave me ginger ale and the proper medicine.Bea Flittner⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI HAD hand surgery on Monday and had an excellent experience everyone was very polite and helpful the nurses were caring and a pleasure to speak too !!!! Hospital was very clean and security was awesome too !!!!!Joseph Martino The first experience with St. Vincent’s Medical Center was horrible. The staff was unprofessional and rude. I was never inclined to write a bad review because this could have been a coincidence and a failure on the part of the functionary staff. The second experience confirmed that this place is indeed a poorly run medical facility from the top down. They are very unprofessional, and they do not know what they are doing. The experience with Yale Hospital was so much better than St. Vincent’s that you would think you were in a completely different country.Vianca Gonzalez⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ER wasn’t beyond crowded when I arrived, I was registered, seen and in and out. Intern that did my stitches for my wound was completely awesome. Conversational, but focused. He was awesome.Patrick Starr This place use to be the best hospital in Bridgeport what happen. I was sent here by a walk in went to the er after 7 hours they said I had a stomach ache,went home and got a lot worse. Went to my regular dr the next morning who is affiliated with St Vincent’s he couldn’t believe they sent me home it turns out it’s a much worse than a stomach ache . Had surgery then some one come in to tell me I am being discharged.This place needs a complete reorganization.I will say all of the aides , nurses , and support staff are great management would be wise to take lessons from them.Rebecca Gredinaro I called and the lady that answered the phone was very rude. I was trying to find out the phone number of the medical center that supposedly is located in Norwalk and she said that there is only one st Vincent medical center and it’s located in Bridgeport. I thought that a hospital was supposed to have friendly and polite people!Juan Carlos Alvarez⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedWe had to stop by at the ER during our trip, the people at front desk was very professional and show us courtesy, we were in quickly, the doctor came in to our room and he was very friendly and professional as well, I really appreciate it guys, thank you.Veevee Medee If I could give 0 stars I would. Went there with my boyfriend for a pain he had on his tooth. They saw him crying, standing up and sitting back down, and didn’t even give him a pill for the pain. Worse service I’ve ever experienced. If you trully have an emergency and need to get checked fast, go to bridgeport hospital! This hospital doesn’t go by how urgent your emergency is! You’ll regret it if you go here!John Dempsey St Vincent’s psychiatry department is the epitome of amateur and unprofessional.Diana Gatti The White Nurse from Milford CT is so racist toward Black and Jewish she even calls her Jamaican Doctor she works with N-word ,,, that hospital needs a lawsuit for racism big timeΣЯΙСК Unknown⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI been going to this hospital since I moved to Bridgeport, I love the staff they are helpful and nice. The doctors and nurses are really wonderful I have no complaints towards them at all. In fact I just good things to say about the doctors, nurses and everyone else. There’s also a female doctor that is outstanding to me.S Perez⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI had an endoscopy here and the staff members are truly lovely.Kiara Lynn These nurses are absolutely lazy!!! The aides do all of the work. I asked a nurse for a bedpan because she was charting at my doorway and she said “hold on i will get your aide I am busy.” I asked her why can’t she help me and she said “that is the aides job.” I am absolutely disgusted. I believe her name was ELANNE BUENO on the 7th floor. I waited over 20 minutes to use the bedpan because a nurse thought she was too good to help me. These Cna’s are amazing though! These nurses are heartless! They just want to pass meds and that’s it they dont really care at all. When my husband was here last month all of these nurses are on thier cellphones and won’t help at all. He asked the nurse to get juice and she said she will send the aide in. This is ridiculous!!! The AIDES DO ALL OF THE WORK! ST VINCENTS NEEDS TO HAVE THESE NURSES HELP !!!!Rebecca Robles⭐️⭐️⭐️I hate Having to give this hospital this review b I have Had several amazing encounters here howeve recently I took my daughter to the er bc her hands nd feet were peeling really bad. Her hands were cracked and exposing raw skin. She had a rash on her belly and a fever. She refused to eat for an entire day as well. I took Her in and waited 3 hours and Dr. Schwartz came in Nd literally told me my daughter was fine and sent us home. He spent Maybe a minute with her. I took Her he next day to her primary and they ran some test and she has hand foot and mouth which is really contagious for kids and She goes to daycare. I cant Believe that this man is a dr. He payed no mind to me and brushed off my concerns as a parent and sent my sick child home.Renee Nelson⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedThe CHF clinic(chronic heart failure) was Awesome!!! They showed us what great medical care looks like!!! They took such wonderful care of my husband, words just can’t explain. The entire team. Dr. Streeter, Beth, Charon, Mrs. Marianne, & let’s not forget Mrs. Diane. They should be commended for the care, the great care & dedication, they give to their patients & their families. The volunteers in that clinic rocked as well. They should all receive pay increases. If anyone in your family has heart failure issues you should definitely go here, b/c it makes a huge difference when the people that care for you love what they do!!!Angel Medina Where to start… No Care, No worry, no urgency mixed with a few professionals, and non-professionals. I had 4-5 really professional people, seemed higher paid than most. They did an outstanding perfect job. Learned how to work the IV machine my self, out of necessity. ER patient, showed me where the wheel chairs were, after the helpdesk had no care. Male intake nurse said, ‘no she needs to walk up its more accurate!’ deep breath, don’t argue, even though she is at level 10 pain. Managed to get stuck on 6th floor in a patient elevator, no clue why i’m allowed in a patient elevator to start. Carpets too dirty for Stanley cleaners normal services. Physically Broken clock. ER bed was moved, the lady sent could not push bed, a family member had to. Upon moving bed, you realize floor has not been swept or cleaned in some time, paper, wrappers, and garbage from other patients all about the rooms floor. Signs crossed out and replaced with Tape and Magic marker Also no security, at all feel free to walk up to any room or floor u like, simply stop at the security desk if you need help in your adventure in terms of a room number. But, No ID or Photos required here. so if this is the place for your loved one.Giovana Nazeozeno My mother was badly treated. She went to the emergency room with an extremely bad head ache, she was dizzy and felt like she would faint. Someone called an ambulance for her. She was medicated, had exams taken. All of her belongings were left in the car including her prescription glasses, shoes, and bag. The nurse said that everything was ok and she could go home, she had to leave the room and sit at the waiting room. She was still dizzy, had a major headache, didn’t have her shoes and had trouble finding her way due to the fact she didn’t have her glasses. She felt mistreated and humiliated. She feels like she was treated like this because she’s an immigrant. They should treat people better, we are all human.johnny sola⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedNurse have been aswome and staff curtious a long wait in er other than that excellent 10 days and countingKhiron Samerotti My mother was brought in for a stroke. It took 7 hours after admitting her to get her a room. It also took an extra day and a half to take an MRI. The department’s have no communication and were double booking other tests. As a result tests were then held off. The doctors are also walking around with a team consisting of 4 or more med students not one or too like other facilities we have dealt with.Makiko Cizik This hospital is the worst. Doctors are rude and unprofessional-no bedside manner. Careless !! No one listens to you either. Avoid this place if possible!!david perez⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedVery fast and courteousreginald warren Wish I could give this place no stars !! So ridiculous. Been sitting here for 9 hrs. Watched the shifts change and still sitting here. They call this emergency. I wonder how long you stay for a regular visit.Claudio Munizaga Recommendations to everyone. If you get sick don’t come to here. Is terrible. Front desk people are very rude and impolite. Poor service on everything. Shame on St. Vincent’s Medical CenterRon Parrs⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedAfter being brought in for emergency surgery in July 2015, I received fantastic care. Whether doctor, nurse, nurse’s aid, meal & cleaning folks, EVERYONE treated me with dignity & the utmost care. I am very thankful for the team that brought me back to health. THANK YOU!Sabrina Campos Terrible, terrible hospital. The doctors were going to basically send my grandma home to die, without presenting us with all the testing options possible. Thank god we called a GI doctor, who wasn’t in the building and the and he recommended a test that could prolong her life. We then come to find out, the GI doctor mentioned this test to the doctors working and they STILL wanted to send her home even knowing about this test. Basically, if you want a hospital that would rather send your family members home to die rather than taking the extra step in further tests, this is the hospital for you.Chris Lora⭐️⭐️Emergency room staff were rude and repetetive. The front desk and nurses who checked vitals were pretty nice. Do not recomend if you actually need medical attention.Joan Sefton I would not give the hospital even one star if I was allowed to post without having to do so. For the past two weeks I have repeated called the radiology department number listed on the hospital website. The recoding gives two options. Check my voice mail box or dial a four digit extension. No option to request a CD of the CT Scan. The hospital operates passes me through to the same number and repeatly says there is nothing she can do. This is terrible patient service.Katharina Zambon⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI want to extend my sincere thank you to the whole emergency team (especially Dr. Jumper & team in the cardiolab), nurses & other staff for their professional & loving care during my short stay at the hospital – and getting me back on my feet so fast – very impressive!kelly cronin⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedGreat experience. Good nurses & physical therapy. My husband had his hip replaced. No complaints.Paul Santo⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedMy Daughter Gianna was Born here 13 years ago. I live in New York and Gianna lives in Arizona. But you definitely did a superb job. She is Beautiful and Smart. Thank You St. Vincent’s.Alexandra Varela 2 years ago the security screamed at me instead saying in another way people these daysZoe DeCosta I sat here waiting for 5 hours on a day that seemed to be not busy just for the doctor to tell me to take a Benadryl. ReallyAndrea Kent I gave 1 star so I can do this review wanted to give zero. I took my father to the emergency room and I was not satisfied with the services at all. It seems they do not care about helping people.Julie CataniaPizighelli⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Hospital. Always treated with respect here. Fast and efficient Emergency Dept. Great nurses.Scott Beit⭐️⭐️I came in with many issues that were alluded to being a blood clot or embolism, OR PANIC ATTACK. Since I’ve had panic attacks they refused to give me any CAT scans (which with other related health issues would have shown some light.) They simply told me other trauma patients came in and had to focus their resources. I sat in the ER for a half a day for them to tell me to relax with ZErO affirmation from medical tests. My heart rate was dangerous, blood pressure highly irregular for my age, and o2 stats that were inconsistent. They refused to do any good help, and I’ve met other hospitals with lower budgets that did much more for me and found answers!Melissa Hanzlik⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedMy father had heart surgery earlier this week with Dr. Squitieri. Our family was beyond impressed with everyone from the nice woman in the surgical waiting room, nurse Dawn who kept coming out to give updates and of course the Dr. As soon as we got up to the ICU, the receptionist came out to make sure we were ok and to let us know my dad was being set up in a room. The attending nurse was amazing!! I wish I remembered her name (Italian with medium length brown hair). She jumped at every request we had with a smile on her face. Every staff member in the hospital was very sweet and I would recommend this hospital to everyone!Beiry Fernandez First impression this place sucks! Only good thing is the free wifi works so I can leave this comment. We had an appointment and were told to go to the 5th floor. We get in the elevator and you need a card to go there. So we go to security to get the card, they send us to registration. We speak to registration and they tell us to sign the sheet, the sheet was full and the guy to us to speak to the person who just to us to sign the sheet… Talk about a run around. Also the people is registration are loud as hell. So much chatting in the background you can’t hear the person trying to register you right in front of you.Patrice Ciardullo I am a student at SHU and my friend got transported because we thought she got roofied because she was incoherent and slaking and her eyes were blood shot. They did not take blood from her or anything they just told us to wait and after 3 hours of doing nothing, they said we can leave. The SAME night my other friend got transported because she drank too much, and they just gave her an IV and left us waiting in the hallway for another 3 hours and wheneve

FAQ: Frequent Questions

Here you can find information and answers to frequently asked questions about the St. Vincent’s Medical Center Emergency Room in Bridgeport.

◼️ Open 24 hours this emergency room of Bridgeport?

Yes, of course. The St. Vincent’s Medical Center is open 24 hours a day for any emergency.

◼️ Is it also open on Sundays and holidays?

Yes, of course. The St. Vincent’s Medical Center is open on holidays and also on Sundays.

◼️ What’s the address of the St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport

The full address is 2800 Main St, Bridgeport, CT 06606, United States.

◼️ What’s St. Vincent’s Medical Center phone number?

The phone number of St. Vincent’s Medical Center is +1 203-576-6000. You can click here to call now from your phone.

◼️ What are the GPS coordinates to get there?

If you use a GPS coordinate system to get to the emergency room, you must enter the following; a latitude of 41.2009949 and a longitude of -73.2018703.

◼️ How much is it to go to the St. Vincent’s Medical Center?

The cost of visiting the emergency room of St. Vincent’s Medical Center may vary depending on the type of emergency you have and also the type of insurance you are with. Feel free to ask or call the center before you go.

◼️ How long should you wait in an emergency room?

The waiting time will always depend on the type of emergency at that very moment. You can contact the medical center before to ensure that you can be attended to as quickly as possible.

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