Swedish Medical Center – Southwest (Littleton)

Type Emergency Room (ER)
City Littleton CO
State Colorado
Address 6196 S Ammons Way
Phone number +1 303-932-6911
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Where is the Swedish Medical Center – Southwest – Emergency Room?

Swedish Medical Center – Southwest ER Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours
Although this is the hours, please feel free to call the Swedish Medical Center – Southwest phone number to confirm.

Swedish Medical Center – Southwest Reviews

Before you go to Swedish Medical Center – Southwest, you may want to know what the people who have already gone to this Littleton emergency room think.

Chareen Law Eric the rad tech was awesome!!!!!! As well as the Medic Matt!!!! Very respectful and great with my son!!!!! Every single time I have came to this location, I quickly regret it! Every Single FEMALE nurse hates their job and it is made known! Last time I was here w my child who was treated very disrespectfully, I decided to talk about the few good staff members and give no review about the horrible experience with the awful staff members. However, since this location is very close to home, I will continue to leave the necessary comments in hopes that management does something about it. Thanks again Eric!!!!J DUB READ THIS REVIEW AND ALL OTHER ONE STAR REVIEWS BEFORE GOING HERE (I wish I did)! ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GO TO THIS ER unless you have no other choice. The care is mediocre at best (they will likely not identify or solve your health issue and get you out in a hurry). The billing is outrageous, not honest, transparent or upfront as they claim. Your bill will be a mystery for weeks while they calculate the tens of thousands they will charge for a two hour visit. They have you quickly sign documents you don’t have time to read or understand and then weeks later extremely high bills come rolling in for the short time you will spend with them. After you leave the ER you will spend months working through the extremely difficult billing situation with your insurance company. My insurance company has had to follow up on a large bill several times and they have yet to respond months later. If my insurance company can’t get to the bottom of this, I don’t know who can. In the end, they need to make it clear what they charge for their services. Every other business can tell you what they charge for their service before they perform it. Certainly an organization of this size could figure that out and share it with their patients. I guess doing the right thing, being clear, up front and honest are all entirely too difficult for this hospital. There’s a reason they have horrible ratings. Stay far far far away from this place. It will make your life very difficult and it solved nothing in my case, it only made things more challenging.Shannon Nelson Giving one star instead of zero just because they got me in quickly. What a bunch of quacks. My husband insisted I go in because I had been up all night with excruciating pain in my jaw, throat, and ear. Basically the whole right side of my head. Doctor Aaron Lessen was on duty, and took almost zero interest. He looked in my ears, throat, and took my blood pressure, then told me I had a sinus infection and sent me home. I showed absolutely no symptoms of a sinus infection, other than pain in my head, which even without medical training, I know can mean any number of things. I was in and out in 30 minutes and most of that was registration! It was clear that he simply didnt care, and we decided to go somewhere else to get a second opinion. An hour later I saw a real doctor and ended up undergoing surgery to have a wisdom tooth removed and an infection cleaned out. This place has really gone downhill. Cant wait to pay a bunch of money for a misdiagnosis! We will not be returning for any reason.Linda Scheld I live close to this facility and have tried to go several different times, every time they either find nothing wrong or have me transferred because they can’t provide the care needed. The nurse Dee comes off as she is nice but then never checks on you even tho you call her. I saw her when I got there and when I left that’s it! So disappointed I would not recommend this facility. I’m going to Littleton hospital right now. I was kind enough to give one star because the doctor and ultra sound tech we’re nice.Andrea Ayotte My mother was sent here from a local urgent care clinic with a severe cat bite. No one took her seriously, making comments about how the urgent care “couldn’t just take care of it,” and the PA was extremely condescending. She also heard them making fun of her at the desk. They put her ear surgeon as her follow up doctor because no one bothered to ask, and they had no vested interest in comforting my mom, who felt silly for seeking care (even though 85% of cat bites require antibiotics). I am a nurse at another HCA facility and I am appalled at this behavior and embarrassed for this ED staff, whom already have horrible ratings. Please listen to the reviews, as we should have, and go anywhere but here.Terri J⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedLittle to no wait time on both occasions I had to be here. The staff is amazing. Great listeners and nurturing. I felt cared for and trusted their expertiseAngie Bartolino⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI am shocked at the 1 star reviews on here. I’ve been coming to this ER since I moved up to Denver from COS in 2008. Me, daughter, friends, etc. I have some chronic medical issues so I’ve been in several times myself, EVERY time experience has been great – considering you’re spending that time in an ER. The staff had always been nice, informative, friendly. Yeah, it gets busy and you have to wait – it’s an ER! But they’ve always moved us through as fast as they could. I always prefer Swedish SW over any here in Littleton. Please keep up the great work, you all are amazing and you’re appreciated!!Lori Hammond⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedThis was the most positive ER visit I’ve ever experienced. Every person I interacted with, from the moment I walked in until I left, was kind and friendly. I was kept in the loop about the tests they were running and told what to expect. It’s obvious that they have systems in place to reflect a genuine desire to serve and help people heal. I highly recommend Swedish Medical Center.Kerri Workman-DeLaRosa⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI have to say that my experience at this facility on Saturday with Heather, RN and Dr. Hinson was extraordinary. I was in a lot of pain and they both were comforting and clearly communicated then treatment plan, let me sleep and rest while the IV meds were dripping and then recommended that I be admitted to Swedish main hospital for continued treatment and monitoring overnight. Over the years, I have had a few unpleasant experiences SWER and regret going there. However, this time the stars aligned and I received compassionate care and attention. Thanks again to Dr. Hinson and Heather, RN.Robert Whalen The nursing staff was great. Other than that SMC gets a one star. The security guard tells the nurses who to treat first. While my wife and I stood there bleeding out, the nurse had to go ask the lady that came in after us about her constipation just to suffice the security guard so we could get stitched. SMC should get rid of that SOB. Next SMC sent my bill to the correct address, but sent my wife’s to the wrong address. We gave them one address and are on the same insurance so why they can’t get that right, I do not know. The only thing they keep sending my wife is threatening letters. My bill was paid, hers would be too if SMC could get their act together. I wouldn’t recommend SMC to anyone.4YOU2TRAVEL La Nise Moore Terrible visit. They gave me a brace that was to big to fit my leg. As soon as i walked out it drop to floor. My finger was bloody and they did not look to see if i needed any cleaning for infection and just through a bandage on it. It felt like they did not want to touch me (yes Im a person of color). I left and went to urgent care near my home and receive proper care for my finger and a better brace.Lia Billington⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedFantastic care every time I have come over the last 10 years with injuries or, most recently a lower GI bleed that was scary to me. I was seen instantly, IV’d immediately, blood work immediately; every part of the evaluation process was seamless and reassuring. Everything was explained to me, and all the staff from the front door to the back were phenomenal. This facility has served our area expertly from the very beginning of its opening, and I would not go anywhere else!Jeff Dorough Went in with my wife having crippling stomach pain. Unfortunately couldn’t figure out why. While the staff at the hospital was great, the billing process was anything but. I have had three different companies reach out to me for payment. One wants me to pay online (Medical Imaging of Colorado) but their website is down. It’s already saying its my final notice and I don’t remember getting a past bill. How many companies do I have to pay for this? $2200 later I’m wondering what else will come in the mail. I already had to call the hospital once as they never billed my insurer the first time. Guess next time my wife has stomach pain I’ll just tell her to suck it up. And yes, I do have insurance. So sick of medical “care” in this country.kim holton I posted a review a couple of months ago, and it is gone…I am guessing that is because I did not have great things to say? Is that the way this works? My father-in-law was here and his care was atrocious! Here and his transfer to Sweedish Main. I am not going to re-post my entire post because it was long and I am not going to waste my time since it will just be erased if you don’t post great things, but just look at the reviews (at this time 2.4 stars) would you put your loved one in a 2 star hotel?? I won’t!! I would give a ZERO star but it is not an optionFrench Gal76 If I could give this place 0 Stars I would. Everyone acts like they hate their job there and the EMT Amy S. was extremely rude not only to us but to the nurse. She kept rolling her eyes at the nurse and my daughter who is only 1 year old opened one of the drawers where the supplies were and before I could grab her Amy grabbed her real hard and pulled her back. She should know better never to touch somebody’s child that way and wouldn’t give me a chance to grab my daughter away from the drawer. My daughter started to cry because she didn’t understand why this lady was grabbing her so hard and when I picked her up to take her back to the seat she said “oh my!” and rolled her eyes. I don’t think she’s aware this could be a lawsuit for touching my child. DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE!Jessica Hall Terrible experience here. Was charged 12,000$ for 4 viles of blood drawn and processed. I was not prescribed anything, I sat in a room for over two hours waiting to see a doctor and an ultasound tech. Had my blood drawn and sent home. $12,000 to walk in, wait, and get blood drawn. Is this a joke? Do not come here! They charge you 1800-2000 just for walking in the door.Karina I’d really like to leave this place ZERO stars. The charge Nurse Ashley discharged me with a tiny(TINY!) little bottle of the mouthwash that is the only thing that has relieved me of any pain. They knew it would be a SPECIALTY order through the Pharmacy and on a WEEKEND they let me leave with a tiny bottle. I called to see if they could fill a little more to hold me over until Monday. They said I would have to check BACK IN TO THE HOSPITAL (pay another 1k!) Just to get something they seem to be fully aware of. What a dog and pony show this place is! DON’T GO TO THIS SCAM PLACE!Lynne Friedlander I had written a stellar review about the service I received, but now I will be posting horrible reviews as I was charged over $4,000 without ever seeing the doctor for a urinary tract infection. This place is a colossal rip off. DO NOT GO HERE.Chad Kack Took my pregnant Girlfriend in because we were worried about a blood clot in her leg. We were there about 2 hours (mostly waiting in the room alone). All that was done was an ultrasound on her leg, and ultrasound to check on baby, and just basic things like blood pressure. Swedish billed our insurance $10,000!!! for what? the ultrasound part was only $1200 so i have no idea where they come up with these numbers. Its so wrong how they can screw over whoever they want. We also got a bill saying they have tried to reach us so now we need to pay $1700 now. Even though we never got a single bill or never heard from them. The staff also did not do a very good job at communicating with one another so we had to tell what the issue was over and over. There were many different “nurses” that came in and now i understand why, each of them were probably racking up the bill for us. They should not be able to get away with this.Jesse My mom just went in with excruciating pain in her back. Not only did they minimize her pain, but made her feel bad that other patients were coming in – like they needed the bed for someone that was really in need. Dr. Scott spent minimal time with her, only took a urine sample as a diagnostic tool and gave her a prescription for over the counter ibuprofen. She was embarrassed and still has no clue as to the nature of her pain. Very expensive and humiliating experience. In the closing papers they cited X-rays we didn’t get and other services never rendered. Not ok. We were disappointed that we didn’t look at these reviews before we went there. Our experience was also less than a 1.Melissa Timmons⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedDr Stader, Dr Stephen, and Nurse Alicia helped me in my visit today. I’ve NEVER been so impressed by hospital staff. They were all so hospitable, friendly, and knowledgeable. There was no wait and I was seen in a timely manner. I can’t express enough my gratitude for the real caring personality of these 3 staff members. Thank you so much.Women IN Action W.IN.A. Please go to an actual hospital!! They have to call in special techs from those hospitals to drive here to perform services on you. The PA Claire was no help nor was the MD. Joe the nurse told me how busy they were, he was called in to help from another hospital. I happen to be slipping through cracks. I walked out and am now at an actual hospital. The MD is caring and understanding and doesn’t think pain management is the answer to what is going on.Katie Clark I am absolutely disgusted with this sorry excuse for an ER. We took my 2-year-old son in back in September. He had a fever at home that suddenly spiked from 103 (which I had called the doctor about and was waiting for a phone call back) to 107, so we sped to the ER. We took off all his clothes and put the windows down and the AC on him, so by the time we got there, his body temp had gone down. During the hour that we were there, the ONLY treatment we got was his temperature taken twice, a condescending nurse who acted like we were idiots (and had the gall to me that my son was just “tired” and that’s why he was lethargic), and a doctor who didn’t do anything but tell me that my thermometer just didn’t work (despite me taking my temperature with it right then and there). My son’s heart rate was between 175-185 the whole time, and he was completely lethargic. They did nothing. They looked in his ears and said there was too much wax so they couldn’t tell if he had an infection. Seriously? Clean it out! They sent us home and acted like we were incompetent parents (never mind you my son’s fever spiked several more times over the next 24 hours). Because we are self pay through a health share company, we had to pay $300 before they would even talk to us. The lady didn’t understand, and our bill was put on “hold” for the last two months because she said we needed financial assistance, which we did not. I finally got a hold of someone a few days ago, who told me that the rest of the bill I would have to pay would be around $500, and that he would send me an itemized bill and that self pay discounts had been applied. We just got it in the mail. Total bill – $1276. NO discounts for self-pay. FOR AN HOUR IN THE ER WHERE ALL THEY DID WAS ROLL THEIR EYES AND TAKE MY SON’S TEMPERATURE. There is no way they did anything to merit that, and they didn’t send me the itemized bill like I requested, which I need to submit to my health share. I don’t even know who to contact to fight this, because everyone I contact doesn’t seem to know what they are doing. Never go to this hospital – especially if you have children. I wonder where they got their doctors and nurses, because they are not professional or good at what they do.Carol Ng I can’t agree more with others. This place is a total scam. my husband and baby both got the stomach flu and husband was throwing up badly, I took them both to the ER. Husband got some IV fluid and some anti nausea drugs and baby got an anti nausea pill. Guess how much our bill is? $6,000 and that’s after insurance! It is beyond anything i can ever imagine and is just plain ridiculous. They are really not there to help you, they are there to make money off you before you die. If you want help that is affordable, don’t go here. if you want to incur medical debt for the rest of your life due to a one time ER visit for a stomach flu, I highly recommend this place.Chris Licciardi Go to a real hospital! You will be billed thousands of dollars just for walking in the door here. The health advocate I’m working with has made dozens of calls to various departments and can’t get an answer to why I was charged for various things on my itemized statement. The billing department insists they don’t know what different charges mean. In the meantime they’ve been flooding me with “FINAL NOTICE” collection threats. These standalone emergency rooms are a scam.Alisha Kane This place is a total scam. I went in because I was sick for weeks with a cold and am in between general practioners. I had an exam and a throat culture. They charged my insurance $4000!!! What I thought was funny was the register who came in and said based off an average ER visit which was $4000 That I should pay X amount up front. When I asked what I was being billed for they said they couldn’t tell me. I think it was pretty simple, a throat culture and an exam. They billed my insurance the “average ER visit” not based on services. total scam.Allen Gentry They will gouge the F out of you, then send you to collections when you protest. $6000.00 for 7 stitches to my sons knee. I had a CAT scan with and without contrast, $1200.00. This is just one of literally thousands of reasons why our health care system is F’d.Nancy Littleford⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Great Experience! Not enough for 5 stars, because well, it is the ER after all and it’s an inherently not great to be there. Dr. Eric Lung was awesome, great with my mom who went in for stomach pain. All of the staff was friendly and attentive and we didn’t feel they did any tests that weren’t warranted given her situation.Katie Riehle During October 2017 I came in with pancreatitis. Was hospitalized but no further tests were run on my gallbladder (non drinker). From 10/2017-7/2018 I had 5 gallbladder attacks. It wasn’t until the Second yo last imaging they told me I had sludge, and I had to have them actually notate this so I could finally have this organ removed (the hospital wouldn’t admit me to do so because “it wasn’t an emergency” and my labs were normal. I lost my job due to the amount of time I had to spend being patched up for two/three weeks before being back in a bed with horrible bedside manner. Secondly, 7/2018 I was peeing straight blood with a history of kidney stones. My stones are never found on an ultrasound and the doctors (Rosenberg being one of them) did not order a cat scan. They sent me home with naproxen, and any doctor worth their salt knows that kidney stones should not have treated with nsaids due to the fact that bsaids are processed through the kidneys. Also, they told me that visit they had no idea why I was peeing straight blood but such is life go home and call your doctor. Just avoid this train wreck of a hospital.Natalie Urciuoli On Nov. 4th, my daughter fell outside and hit her head on a piece of wood on the swing set. Immediately after, her forehead swelled out pretty dramatically. I panicked and took her to Swedish ER (I have never taken my kids to an ER before). I asked them what it would cost me to make sure it wasn’t a serious head injury with my Kaiser insurance, which contracts with them, and of course it was a mystery. I figured how bad could it be if they just look her over, reassure me, and they contract with my insurance? When we got back to the room nobody seemed overly worried. A woman came in, asked my daughter if her limbs were tingling (she’s 5 so I don’t think she would accurately be able to answer that) and then said she’d be back with an ice pack and a popsicle. After 10 minutes passed without her return, I went out and asked someone at the computers for an ice pack MYSELF. When someone finally came back in (with neither an ice pack or popsicle) they gave her Tylenol and put a bandaid on her head. At that point they were onto getting my info and initial payment. Once that was taken care of a woman came it with printed discharge information, which stated she was diagnosed with a concussion. This was news to me since they said she seemed fine after the tingling limbs question and simply looking at her eyes. (With no lights or anything that appeared to be an official concussion check) so then I said, “Well, if now she supposedly is being diagnosed with a concussion, shouldn’t I have some note to keep her out of gym or recess for a few days?” The woman said, “Sure, if you want one,” and then left before returning with the note and a pamphlet on concussions. Anyway, after a less than attentive visit, where vitals were not even taken, diagnosis, if any, was unclear at best, and I had to fetch my own ice pack for my daughter, they billed my insurance $4005 (ER) +$283 (md charge)+$88(service charge with another MD name on it??) I am so regretful that I took my daughter here out of fear from the forehead swelling and am appalled that they can bill $4370+ for a bandaid and Tylenol. At the very least, the people up front should be able to tell you when asked, that as soon as you walk through the door, you are going to get bent over for at least four grand, even if NOTHING is done-no tests, no vitals, no xrays, etc. Tried calling them today and got the run around. Nobody I talked to “has any control over charges.” Kaiser is filing complaint on my behalf so hopefully that will land on someone’s desk who can’t just kick the can down the road. I strongly suggest avoiding this place. 11/30- left message on the voicemail of the number you said to call. No return call in over a week……..Bruce Robson I had planned on visiting this ER because my knees hurt so bad I can barely get up out of a chair. After I read the litany of complaints about the service and especially the cost of going there I decided I would find someplace else to go or suffer with the pain. Your poor ratings from your patients are almost unbelievable.Deb Kirk Zero stars like rated below. I went here for seizure evaluation and was treated worse than an animal. I could hear but could not speak. I was yelled at and talked about in a derogatory manner – I soiled myself and was pulling away. I was more than terrified and could not discern where I was, how I got there and why I didn’t know anyone. They drugged me with an antipsychotic, Zyprexa (the MD told me in the am) then put me in the CAT scanner for which there was no indication: I did not hit my head. My friends told the ambulance crew I did not hit my head and I had known epilepsy. Malpractice? I was told I could leave after being given my insurance card and ID (which they had to have dug out of my purse) and IV was taken out. No papers given to me. I waited for a Lyft in the foyer as I didn’t want to wake anyone up for a ride. My friends thought they had called my son but they hadn’t called anyone. Today I was given a summons by a sheriff stating nurse Andrea and Ashleigh state I kicked someone on purpose when they were tying me down to the bed to put me in the CAT scanner. For Gods sake, go back to school and learn how complex partial seizures work. The part of my brain regulating emotion had a “heart attack”. I had no awareness of what happened for a significant period of time. I can’t even kill a bug, I catch them and release outside. I would never knowingly kick someone- and if I was in a hospital bed the reason the worker couldn’t move out of the way was what? Giving antipsychotics to a known epileptic may be malpractice in its own right as it lowers the seizure threshold. If I was agitated I should have been given a benzodiazepines or other similar drug class. If they would have treated me with dignity, compassion, kindness and respect – I am sure I would have felt less scared and calmed down significantly with just a little TLC. There is no TLC at this clinic. I fear my bill based on what others said and the unnecessary procedures done.Jim Moser⭐️⭐️It was our first tine here – Doctor had a horrible bed side manner, she seemed very bothered that the 1st year resident had interrupted whatever she was doing. She did not give a very satisfactory answer to my wife’s issue and had no empathy. Resident though was very nice and thorough. If you have any other options – I would try avoid coming here if you can!Cortney Casson⭐️⭐️I brought my 14yr old in when I was concerned he broke his nose and had a concussion. The woman at the front was lovely and got us back in 5 minutes. The provider who came in to see us spent all of 3 minutes with my son before confirming the broken nose and saying there was nothing they could do for him. They didn’t even clean him up and his face was covered in blood! I asked about the concussion which he said he did NOT have. We left after 20 minutes and $100, told to see our pediatrician in 2 days. When we visited the pediatrician he said my son had a serious concussion and should be excused from school activities and should not be focusing on any object and should be resting. They also said he should see an ENT for his nose to be set immediately. I am appalled that they could not diagnose a concussion at the ER and would sent a child home with nothing but a rag to clean himself up with. Will never refer or go back again. Children’s hospital is the same distance away and that’s where I will go.Linda Jones Awful Billing! How can the hospital get the insurance information and correct address, but the traveling doctor not have any of the correct information, never bill the insurance company and send it to collections with out EVER sending us a bill? I would NEVER visit place again! Get your communicaiton in order!!!Tawnya Jarvis⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedLast night was a scary night for me. I thought I was potentially having a heart attack and once I walked in the staff immediately responded with kindness and genuine concern. They were attentive to my needs, made me feel like me and my fiances fears were genuine, and ruled out every possible scary reasons for my heart palpitations. The staff in particular, Dr. Awad, Dr. Walshak, Tess, Ashleigh, Rj, Susan and Luke all deserve a personal shout out from me for showing me so much care. They all treated me like they would their own family members. Dr. Awad was about to leave shift and in my entire life I’ve always been accustomed to the doctor just leaving. He instead checked in before he left to let me know that he passed on my information to the next shift doctor, Dr Walshak. Dr. Walshak listened to my concerns about the reasons for my visit but took it a step further to listen to some other things I’d been dealing with and addressed those as well. This hospital and it’s staff are the most amazing people we’ve met and I have never received such quality care from an emergency department. Thank you all for making what could have been one of the worst night’s of my life into a positive experience. I appreciate you all so much.Stefanie Steck⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedThe nurses are amazing. They have 2 IV angels that can get it on the first try and I’m a difficult draw. I love this ER. Recommend it over any otherLeslie Peterson⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedThey were awesome beginning to end! Very friendly and we were out in about 90 minutes! Thank you!!Pauly B This hospital has disappointed me a lot of times. Either they’re not doing their job correctly, or they’re overcharging you for something you already paid for. It would be wise of all of you to just avoid Swedish all together, Swedish is terrible all around, but this one in particular is a definite must avoid

FAQ: Frequent Questions

Here you can find information and answers to frequently asked questions about the Swedish Medical Center – Southwest Emergency Room in Littleton.

◼️ Open 24 hours this emergency room of Littleton?

Yes, of course. The Swedish Medical Center – Southwest is open 24 hours a day for any emergency.

◼️ Is it also open on Sundays and holidays?

Yes, of course. The Swedish Medical Center – Southwest is open on holidays and also on Sundays.

◼️ What’s the address of the Swedish Medical Center – Southwest in Littleton

The full address is 6196 S Ammons Way, Littleton, CO 80123, United States.

◼️ What’s Swedish Medical Center – Southwest phone number?

The phone number of Swedish Medical Center – Southwest is +1 303-932-6911. You can click here to call now from your phone.

◼️ What are the GPS coordinates to get there?

If you use a GPS coordinate system to get to the emergency room, you must enter the following; a latitude of 39.6042081 and a longitude of -105.090283.

◼️ How much is it to go to the Swedish Medical Center – Southwest?

The cost of visiting the emergency room of Swedish Medical Center – Southwest may vary depending on the type of emergency you have and also the type of insurance you are with. Feel free to ask or call the center before you go.

◼️ How long should you wait in an emergency room?

The waiting time will always depend on the type of emergency at that very moment. You can contact the medical center before to ensure that you can be attended to as quickly as possible.

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