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City Orange CA
State California
Address 101 The City Dr S
Phone number +1 714-456-8008
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Where is the UCI Health – Emergency Room?

UCI Health ER Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
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Although this is the hours, please feel free to call the UCI Health phone number to confirm.

UCI Health Reviews

Before you go to UCI Health, you may want to know what the people who have already gone to this Orange emergency room think.

Laura Juliette For your own sake STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE AS YOU CAN!! This is the worst most uncoordinated, unorganized, and unsanitary hospital I have ever been in my life. When I get there to check in the man checking me in says what are your symptoms. I said I was having womans problems and he says louder so what are your symptoms?…..First and foremost no patient should have to ever verbally tell you his or her symptoms. That is private. After that the doctors order for me a bunch of tests. And one was to get my blood drawn and at this hospital you get your blood drawn in the lobby with everyone else. There is no special cleanly place to have it done I had an ultrasound and the ultrasound technician needs me to tell her my whole story before she can perform her job and gets displeased when she thinks there is something I’m not telling her. I got asked the same questions over and over because she thought I knew something she needed to know and when I ask her why she can’t just do her job she says because she has to tell the doctors what her theory is instead of letting the ultrasound do the talking. After that I get neglected for another 2 hours. Then taken for an exam in a conference room with no supplies no sink to wash hands. It was so bad I decided to leave after the “exam” and I am also calling my insurance company to dispute the visit from today. I am not paying for the treatment I did not receive. I came in fatigued ready to get some rest from the long enduring night I had and I was not put some where where I can lay down or rest my head since I am not doing well. They have us in the waiting room like cattle. NEVER GO TO THIS HOSPITAL!!Char Lamping⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedVery kind staff. receptionists, nurses and doctors were all so kind to me.Sweets 03 COME HERE AT YOUR OWN RISK! I was sent to this ER by my Dr after an appointment at one of UCI’S clinics. I have a wound on the back of my thigh and had to sit for 10 hours in the lobby. Although my situation was emergent it wasn’t considered life threatening or trauma. I told the MD I could no longer sit on my leg after about 5 hours. He said I ordered you CT scan and you’re gonna have a surgery consult we’re just waiting on a bed. I continued to wait continplating leaving due to the difficultly sitting. CT finally came to scan me and he said wait… you don’t have an IV I said no they never put one. He said you need an IV for contrast for your CT you’ll have to wait till they give you one and I’ll come back for you. I waited about an hour before they called me and said your getting a bed and a IV Once I was back there I did get pain medicine . I had the CT done. The doctor finally came to see me. He was extremely RUDE AND IMPATIENT and did not physically examine my leg he said your labs look ok so I’m sending you home. I tried to give him my patient history. He said he would only admit me if I had a life threatening infection. He RUDELY said I got 50 patients and stormed out. I began to cry. I asked for the charge nurse. The charge nurse said if I have a complaint on a doctor call this number and I wasn’t there. THIS PLACE IS NOT organized. They do your labs in the lobby and register your private information with other people sitting next to you. IF YOU’RE NOT A LIFEREATING TRAUMA BE PREPARED FOR HOURS OF WAITING.YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.Hiva Bana On 1-31-20 my mom and I rushed my 80-year old grandfather to this ER on Friday night after he suffered from excruciating pain from not being able to urinate as his catheter was blocking his passage of urination. Once we arrived there, the staff kept ignoring us and kept telling us we have to wait longer. As a result of this wait my grandfather got a huge infection and he already had a history of going to sepsis. I had to wait there see him suffer in pain, he was shaking and screaming, but they didn’t seem to care at all! it was such a painful experience. This place doesn’t care for humanity at all. In particular the front-desk Hispanic man by the name of Rick who seemed to be in his 40’s was extremely rude and careless, attempted to call security on me and my mom because we were expressing our concern and pain for my grandfather to him. This place needs some serious evaluation.Bree L⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI have to say that this is the best ever ER that I have been too. It is true that the wait time is long. But this also the case with Kaiser and PIH. So I can’t complain for a long wait time when it equates to quality of care: all tests done, all stones turned to find out what is wrong. Kudos to Dr Fox, Galidi and the nursing team of ED4.Irene It is an unclean, horrible ER! We were sent to this ER by urgent care because of the serious condition of my little kid. If I could read the reviews earlier, I would never come to this place. Though the doctor was nice, the nurse was very rude, impatient and unfriendly. Urgent care called the doctor for us before we arrived. But the nurse left my little kid uncared until the doctor came after a few hours. Instead they cared more about our personal information and took a lot of time on it. They asked me to pay even before the doctor came and took my credit card to other room a few minutes for payment. When the doctor was done, we waited another 1 and half hour just for sign a paper. They were not happy to answer questions and did not give me time to read the paper, but “anyway sign this for me”. Parking is also horrible. Cannot image that there is almost no parking spot for ER but plenty of valet parking.Shawn Cox It’s really a bummer. I came in early in the morning and had good service while I was there. I was in by 6am and I checked myself out by 11am. They sort of forgot about me by the end of my stay but I was just waiting on results for a strep test and an influenza test. I had to head back to Phoenix so I left and they told me to call back in a few hours for the results. I called back about 5 hours later and spoke to Melissa. She was incredibly dismissive and rude and eventually I hung up after being left on hold for 25 min. I then asked my wife to call back for me because I knew that I was upset by the rude service. They transferred her back to the nurses where she was greeted and then promptly put on hold. After 10 min someone answered and said that their was no one available to give me my results. I asked for the direct phone number to call back on and the name of the person to talk to, Helen. As I write this review I am still sitting on hold waiting for Helen, it has been more than 14 minutes. I feel terrible and I would like to know the results of those two tests to determine if I need to go see another doctor now that I am home. Please take this review for what it is, a letter to management who I will try to get a hold of to express the point of view from the patient, and a warning to people looking at these reviews to consider them probably accurate.Melissa If you can, go somewhere else, they have nothing but lost students there. I was having complications from a surgery I just had there 2 weeks ago. I was told by two different ER doctors that my medications would receive a refill, that all I needed to do was pick up at my pharmacy. The next day, I go to pick up my prescriptions and they are not there. I call the ER and two different people there tell me they don’t do that, on both occasions they put me on hold “to get more info” and they end up hanging up on me. Also if you become admitted they will treat you nicely, once they find out the type of insurance you have they will give you the the boot even if you’re severely in pain and crawling… they tell you once, 2nd time you have the the hospital police outside your hospital room harassing you.Daniel Will-Harris ER: ZERO STARS. INEPT. INHUMANE. DANGEROUS. DO NOT GO TO THE UCI ER!!!!! UCI’s ER treatment was negligent, inept, careless, and inhumane. Contrast this with the excellent care I received the next day at the Cedars Sinai ER and it’s clear UCI’s ER has major problems that endanger patients. You do not want yourself or your loved ones to be treated the way this ER treats people. On August 23rd at 11pm, I was struck with severe abdominal pain while leaving Disneyland. I couldn’t stand, and the nurse called for the paramedics who brought me to UCI. Dr. Deng took my information, then wheeled me into the ER waiting room where I was left, despite the fact that I was visibly shaking in pain. I was left there for a long time, with the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in the 62-years of my life. I was literally ignored by the staff as they walked by, even when I called out to them to “please help me, I’m in terrible pain.” Nothing. I was finally so scared I called out, “Someone please help me, I’m in pain,” to which a woman at the front desk chastised me, “Sir, you need to be quiet.” I was finally admitted and had one good night nurse, Pam. Everyone else acted as if taking care of patients was a bother– not just me, but the people suffering and moaning in the next curtain on both sides who weren’t getting the help they needed. It took 5 hours for a CT scan Dr. Xu (a urology resident who I’d never seen before and wouldn’t see again) told me I had a kidney stone and that they’d keep me there for the day and if it didn’t pass, they’d prep a procedure to remove it. One hour later I was summarily told I’d been discharged. At this time I was again shaking with pain, I had to go to the bathroom to throw up. When I said I didn’t feel well enough to go, I was told that I’d already been discharged. Who made that decision? And how did they do it without ever having seen me? And why would an ER discharge a patient still showing severe symptoms? Since I had to wait 4 hours to get back to LA, I asked for a single pain pill. They refused. Their pharmacy is closed all weekend! I was in so much pain I had to go to Cedars Sinai ER the next morning, where they provided excellent care. Then the UCI ER called to say I had to have a stent removed for a procedure I was never informed of or consented to. Then they weren’t sure if I’d had it. WHAT? Nobody at the hospital could tell me. WHAT? Then my own urologist couldn’t get my records from UCI. The timeline they sent me a month later is incomplete and incorrect with substantial gaps. Frighteningly uncaring incompetence from start to finish. AND–INCORRECT WRONGFUL BILLING! Billed insurance separately for the CAT scan, which is wrong, it should have been billed under the ER. THEIR mistake lead to a $250 wrongful billing to me. Luckily BlueShield was able to make the correction, but if you get a separate Radiology bill from this horrific ER, call your insurance and get it removed. (To be clear: I did previously have an excellent experience with a doctor at this facility, so this may be limited to the ER)radine marin⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedMy experience here was nothing like these negative reviews or experiences other people had. (I’m sorry for anyone who wasn’t satisfied, it is an ER, and a wait should be expected) The staff from check-in, to the nurses, doctors and in between were all friendly, welcoming, caring and not trying to rush the whole process. I was probably there 4-5 hours, but it was actually a very pleasant experience. I’m sure all hospitals have their good days and not so good days, but yesterday, was a good day 🙂Elizabeth Abbott Violates basic human rights. Waited over 8 hours for 2 stitches and to be told they ran out of tetanus shots. I saw a baby sit there without medical attention for hours on end and many, many people left without any treatment after waiting for hours and hours. Absolute hell hole and one of the worst, most disturbing experiences of my life. It literally was worse than a third world country.Travis Stewart I have never written a review but the shear amount of time you spend waiting care beyond triage is absurd. I am currently waiting and would have left if I hadn’t already paid. This review might extend my time here but please take mine and several others warning. FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR TREATMENT !!!!!!!Jacob Adams I went back into diabetic AK after they changed my room and left me completely uncared for for 12 hours straight (I’m not exaggerating). I requested blood sugar tests and they straight up refused, I told them I required insulin and they made me wait for one of my meals to give me any (my meal took almost 2 hours to arrive, and it was CEREAL), and by the time they “found out” my blood sugar levels had risen to the point I was in diabetic ak again they had to bring my back to the ICU. NEVER COME HERE, I would give it negative stars if it was possible. I will add though that there was one nurse in the ICU that was amazing, and his name was Henry. He was literally the only reason I didn’t pursue a lawsuit for negligence.Rosie Penaloza Avoid this place at all costs, go to ST Joseph which is down the street. The service is horrible. Receptionist is rude, parking is horrible. There is no ER parking it is all for valet, mind you they charge almost $20. If you have an ill person you’ll pretty much have to either double park or park in a valet area which puts you at risk of your car either being towed or a ticket. Brought my brother for his appendix pain. Took them 3 hours to give him pain medication. They don’t attend you as they should. Horrible service. Just avoid avoid avoid! Been here for 5 hrs and still have not seen the DR. This is ridiculous.Brianna Martinez Waited at this terrible emergency room for 5hrs. No one checked in on me. No one told me my results. No one fed me. DO NOT COME TO THIS HOSPITAL UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR TIME AND MONEY WASTED!!!!Rocio Martinez Brought my daughter to the ER and the staff at Front Desk where SO incredibly RUDE including the TRIAGE NURSE. UCI needs to hire and train their staff on how to show Care and Compassion towards sick people. These staff members should not be working in healthcare. Was shocked on how the employees acted so inhumane towards the Patients was shocked!Kristen Weinberg Staffs in the reception are very unprofessional. Loud ”discussions” of gossiping in Spanish and English. Thoughtless actions and rude. Patients are sick, they need help, aid, and calm moments, not rowdy obnoxious conversations. Its ER, patients have to wait already, and bearing complains of other patients, so no need to add on unnecessary noises. Discuss grad options, degrees obtained from, etc over dinner or lunch, please.Seems like nurse, intern, and receptionist have lots of spare times in hands. what a management of so called well known hospital of educated and profeasional staffs. Not to mention, the nurses are unsympathetic toward patients; money is the key kept them there I guess. But goodness grace, money is important but put your degree from vocational, private institutions, or grad school into work too. You chose to “care” for patients so be it money or not, show compassion or at least pretend to care for patients Your customer services are worse than a waiter at a busy restaurant. Surprisingly, you get paid more. All jobs are the same labor. Busy days, tired to death. My kid was having a severe stiff neck and a high fever so I asked her room nurse for two more blankets because my child is anemic An hour have passed, no blankets. The room is COLD so I have to take out my winter coat to put it over my child. During that hour, I figured our rooms nurse was busy or forgot about us. So I initiated and politely asked a cute and pretty nurse for a blanket since she seems free talking and laughing with the other nurses in the room of paperwork. I thought I would get a blanket soon, but no, this friendly demeanor/ appearance nurse replied, “let me get your nurse.” Okay, great, at least she responded. Oh so I thought she have told my nurse since I saw her went back in the room across to talk to other nurses again. Guess what? Exactly, 74 mins later, my room nurse came back and saw me at the door asking for a blanket again. She apologized saying she was busy with blood withdrawals and then a small break for eating and forgot. I understood cause I figured its the ER. But I was more angry at the cutesy nurse. I just want a blanket —- is it hard to take a walk to help out a colleague and a patient?! Got it, you’re a nurse, high and mighty. I should have checked out her name, but was too occupied worrying about my kid. Oh, forgot, the blanket was nasty, I found a bandage with cotton still present with blood stain How did the nurses or staffs pass the hiring process?! Relatives or connections?! Oh boy, and I thought a University would be much better than other hospitals. Disappointed of the UCIs management system (s) and the so called caring, knowledgable staffs.Jeff Abernathy Would not recommend this place to my worst enemy went in for a eye problem they segregated me from other patients and asked them why and they told me if I wanted to be seen I had to go to the segregated room I came put to see what was going on and they treated me like I was a child and told me if I don’t go back to the segregated room I was not going to be seen and I told them I wanted to speak to a supervisor!!! They told me they didn’t have time to call the supervisor, I then went out t of the segregated room and said i am not going to go back to the segregated room until I talked to someone, then the Doctor came out and I ASKED why am I being segregated ,and she told me in front of 10 other patients that I had lice,I told her she was wrong that I take care of my hair and if I had lice why didn’t she tell me when she looked at my eye, she said nothing to me and walked away, after I was done I went to a beautician to have my hair checked just in case, I had lice, the beautician charged my 15 dollars to check my hair and told me I didn’t have lice I then set a appointment for my primary doctor, to have my regular doctor check just to be on the safe side my doctor told me whoever told me I had lice should not be working in the medical field, because I don’t have it!!!!!!! The emergency room not only breached my confidentiality of ppatient/doctor ,they diagnosed me with something I didn’t have!!!!!!!!This place don’t care about their patients !!!!!!!!!!!!!THE DOCTOR’S AT THIS PLACE DON’T CARE !!!!!!!!°Not to mention that I had to wait close to 5 hours, just to get out of the emergency room! And almost missed the bus home! The staff is very rude, and the communication is really bad and wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy!!!!! The only reason I gave them 1 star, is I had to , to sumitt this review!!!! I wouldn’t of gave them a quarter star!!!!!!!!Veronica V⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedSo far they have exceeded my expectations best medical services provided, very well knowledgeable Doctor’s, nurses the whole personal has been very warming and make you feel safe , ER and Hospital excellent ServicesJennifer Ocampo Have been waiting in the ER for over 6 hours with my very ill mother and still have not been seen.. worst hospital ever …Leah Waited in ER with my daughter for 15 hours before they admitted her for on going seizure activity , our stay for 2 days was horrible room was ghetto and dirty, nurses were friendly, but as for the doctors they are not inclined to do simple task and heads up for parents who have to stay overnight with your little ones their is no cafeteria in the whole building you have to go to the next building called the Douglas Hospital So if you don’t have supervision for your child than you aren’t going to eat so I’d advise you pack a ton of food before going to the E.RJeffery Lee Waited 7 hours IN PAIN. Worst emergency room. DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU’RE IN AN AMBULANCE BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT TREAT YOU. Suffering from back pain that ended up being a kidney stone and did not treat me. Left and went to St Joseph Hostipal, (best hospital ever) diagnosed and solved my issue in less than 2 hours.M Martin⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedThey have saved my mother’s life, thank you very much.Daniel Barron It sucks that i cant give them no star but let me start by saying i took my son (4yrs old) to the ER yesterday morning with a really high fever of 103.6 and he was throwing up we got there they tool him in ONE the nurse took forever to come to us and give him something to bring his fever down TWO the doctor Alisa Wray told me just that my son had a virus just a virus didnt saud what type of virus nor she gave me more explanation about it THREE in hos discharge papers it only says he was there for nausea and vomiting which he was but also the fiber this is by far the worst hospital ever never trusting them with any of my kids again please ppl do not take ur family there they just care about charging ur insurance or medical they dont care nor pay attention for theyre patient even the nusse would give attitude when i ask her for aome cold compressors to help bring my sons fever down which by the way i never got any and to top it off i told the receptionist my parking space number and still got a ticket this hospital and theyre staff is the worst i didnt even get no medicine to help with this so call VIRUS my son still has 103.7 in fever his been having it all day im so mad at my self for going to this hospital and knowing that i could had taking him to harbor ucla in the first place NEVER AGAIN GOING TO THIS HOSPITALJoan Graham I was sent from one hospital to another ICU because of a herniated disk L6 which I managed the pain for over two years, when I got to ICU I was informed that they didn’t have any beds, and that I had to wait in the lobby, I told them I needed something to eat that I was hungry, they said that I couldn’t have anything to eat, I told them the pain was coming back, they said they didn’t care, wait outside if I didn’t like it. I asked how long was the wait they said it will be tomorrow and if I didn’t like it that I could leave of or wait outside, if I said anything they would call security and have me removed, I would like to thank you for the worst treatment I ever received in my life.ME Kocwah BEWARE UCI-ER-TOWERS-3rdFLOOR OUR OWN REAL LIFE HORROR MOVIE DAY One ER Patient encounter. 1) Adult female on chemo treatment. 2)Patient just started new oral chemo therapy. She presents with “Sore throat to the extent the patient can not swallow anything except sips of water or ice chips”. GOOGLE these symptoms!! This is an easy diagnosis!! Obviously UCI ER doesn’t care, listen or even look at their patients history of cancer treatment at their own hospital. Days 1-3 treatment plan: observe patient. Regular diet: example juices, toast, fresh fruit ect (the exact opposite of what my mom needed) During these 3 days my mother’s throat and mouth changed to an entirely open bleeding disaster. The 4th day after our insistence, someone start paying attention to our mother’s pain and came up with a plan to help relive her mouth and throat pain. She received her first pain medication. My mother was asked at least 4 times by doctors if “she was just ready to die”. Hmm, if my mom had been ready to die, UCI/towers floor 3 had definitely given her the time to pass in the first 3 days she was there. She had multiple dr’s, suggesting multiple unnecessary procedures. Yet, there appeared to be no communication between the doctors. I do want to thank most of the nurses. Beatrice, Von, Tess and especially Twinkles! Twinkles was my mom’s nurse for 3 days. Any and every nurse could learn something from her. She can insert a needle into a rolling vein with perfection. She has a gift for nursing that is filled with compassion and care. She connects with her patients like they are part of her family. She is our “Star” and we will always remember her with gratitude. If you are unlucky enough to get “Dinah” as your nurse… and you need help…GET someone else. Unfortunately the night we got her, it appeared that the charge nurse answered to Dinah. In my opinion Dinah (who I was told has years of experience being a nurse) has lost her ability to communicate with patients or family members. She is rude and shows no compassion or common sense. Unfortunately the next day I found out she also can be very vindictive. She passed her incompetence from the night before onto another nurse. “The lidocaine jell, was ordered by the dr. The full instructions were verbally given to the nurse and family members” the dr explained to the family how to use it, to numb my mom’s mouth especially while she ate. Dinah had a meltdown. “Absolutely no lidocaine access for family members”!! When my mom was admitted to UCI I flew in from out of state. I went about 40 hours without sleep and witnessed my sweet mother go through this horror for over a week by the time I met Dinah. I was absolutely emotionally and physically exhausted, not a good time for Dinah to share her unbending and uncaring personality. My mom was released… in my opinion and the Dr’s I have as family members and friends, she was released too early. But, we also knew that keeping her there was absolutely out of the question. I can’t believe UCI is a learning hospital. I don’t understand how a hospital as a whole can be so incompetent. One last note .. they also sent my mom home with a needle still in her “port”.Kiran Kumar⭐️⭐️⭐️We came here for emergency in midnight for my daughter who had a cut a eyebrow when she rolled from the hotel bed. Close to 5 hours we were there they didn’t had medicine and my baby didn’t get immediate attention may be doctors were busy. When they were stiching eyebrow cut they wrapped my baby tightly during the treatment. After two days when we came back to our place we got to know that she had shoulder bone fracture ( broken). We were sure it happened when she fallen from the bed but I suspect when they wrapped the severity might have increased. I know during that time nurses doesn’t know about the fracture.Emilia Farias Securities were really rude, but later on he was very honestly because he told us that not to come here because your gonna get bad service, and he was honestly right, but what was I suppose to do my mom was having an anxiety attack, it was the worst experience, An inspector needs to go over there because it smells really bad the nurses are all over the place they took 3 hours to give my mom medicine she couldn’t handle her anxiety anymore. I WARN EVERYONE PLEASE DONT GO TO THIS EMERGENCY ROOM GO TO GARDEN GROVE OR ANY OTHER EMERGENCY CENTER NOT THIS ONE ITS DIRTY AND YOU RECEIVE BAD SERVICE.Mirna Rees The worst, unclean, unprofessional ER around! I am horrified!Emily M.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedA Nurse by the name of Shannon in the ER helped my sister a ton! she was a kind& caring nurseSandy Tran I graduated as a nursing student and will take my boards in 8 days. I see so many things wrong with this ER it’s scary to think they treat patients here. Hands down one of the worse ER I’ve ever been to. I’ve worked in 3 different ER hospitals during my rotations in OC. This ER has only 5-6 beds so if you are looking to lay down, no way, you are sitting in the waiting room with your IV in you. The IV bag runs without a pump (scary) and the nurses do not watch you when you have fluids in connected to your IV, so this is a disaster waiting to happen in the waiting room. I notified one of the patients that she needs to knock on the door to have the nurse stop her infusion but none of the HCP opened the door. The patient told the lady at the front desk (who is not medically trained) that her IV has run out and the person said that’s okay just sit back down. Scary, because air bubbles could enter her system and cause an air embolism and cause massive damage. Infusions should not be taken so lightly as they do in this ER. It can hurt someone. The wait time is at least 5-7 hours wait time, leaving at least 6 patients that I know if including myself, who walked out during the wait. One of the patients even left with her IV still in her because the staff was so incompetent and slow. The front desk said that it’s the doctor’s decision to decide who is more important and gets seen first, but guess who walks out of the ER, the same doctor mingling with a colleague and making jokes while 20 patients are in the waiting room in pain, crying and hurt. Absurd. Might I add, there is no privacy in this ER aka HIPAA violation, they perform your vital signs in the waiting room and ask you personal questions while you have an audience of 30 people listening in to your very physical needs. I came in for a sprain and you would think they would offer people who couldn’t walk with wheelchairs but nope they give them to people who could walk perfectly fine (saw a few getting up to get snacks, to the bathroom) while I limp around for 4 hours. The staff notified me that there is no manager there so that must explain why they are doing a horrible job at this facility. They have no manager to oversee their incompetent staff and set rules. Trash everyone, no security guard, staff on facebook on their phones at the front desk and of course HIPAA violations. If you love your family member and your friends, you would avoid this place at all cost.Noah Schrader⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Great staff and facility Only complaint is I got stuck for a little bit waiting to get discharged after treatmentAnita Miller⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅ ER RecommendedI received excellent service.Viper IV You can die here waiting for medical attencion.Chris M How can the ER front desk not know where Urgent Care is located (or even the hours). What a joke!!!!justinder malhotra⭐️⭐️am a physician, pretty poorly run ER

FAQ: Frequent Questions

Here you can find information and answers to frequently asked questions about the UCI Health Emergency Room in Orange.

◼️ Open 24 hours this emergency room of Orange?

Yes, of course. The UCI Health is open 24 hours a day for any emergency.

◼️ Is it also open on Sundays and holidays?

Yes, of course. The UCI Health is open on holidays and also on Sundays.

◼️ What’s the address of the UCI Health in Orange

The full address is 101 The City Dr S, Orange, CA 92868, United States.

◼️ What’s UCI Health phone number?

The phone number of UCI Health is +1 714-456-8008. You can click here to call now from your phone.

◼️ What are the GPS coordinates to get there?

If you use a GPS coordinate system to get to the emergency room, you must enter the following; a latitude of 33.788019 and a longitude of -117.8892912.

◼️ How much is it to go to the UCI Health?

The cost of visiting the emergency room of UCI Health may vary depending on the type of emergency you have and also the type of insurance you are with. Feel free to ask or call the center before you go.

◼️ How long should you wait in an emergency room?

The waiting time will always depend on the type of emergency at that very moment. You can contact the medical center before to ensure that you can be attended to as quickly as possible.

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